Mar 5, 2010

art charity auction at inspiration avenue

the time is now!

the gals at inspiration avenue have worked tirelessly these couple of months organizing an art charity auction for the organization angel faces. if you have read about this event in my earlier post, you will know that the organization angel faces is a place, a sanctuary for adolescence girls who have facial and body disfigurements due to burns. angel faces empower these girls through counseling and therapy (mostly in the form of art) and help them find their confidence and their place back in the society.

in support of this cause, i have donated a piece of handmade neck adornment aptly named estella ... which means hope. goodness knows we all need hope, but most importantly, we need to give these girls hope for a better future.

essentially a mixed media piece, this heart pendant is made from blended polymer clay, hammered aluminum wire, nylon coated artistic wire and acrylics. the cord is a mix of metal chain, fiber, artistic wires, findings and glass beads.

the concept, color, composition, have all been designed to inspire hope and light.

"the heart that was once broken is once again mended, and though it might never be what it use to be ... that does not mean that it cannot take a different form, a more positive form that is richer, stronger and perfectly beautiful inside out"

the starting bid for estella is 16USD

- this auction will go live from the 7th march and end on the 14th march at 12 noon EST

- the bidding will take place on the inspiration avenue blog
CLICK HERE to go there
*please DO NOT bid on this blog*

- your bids should be in US Dollars only, with a minimum of 1USD increments (cents will not be entertained)

- all bids are to be made in the comments section of the post of your chosen item (at the inspiration avenue blog)

- please leave your name and email address in your bidding, so that we may send you a paypal invoice should you win the item

- please go back to your bid item often to check if anyone has made another bid, and re-bid if you wish to

- the winners of the items are given 72 hours to pay, otherwise the item will go to the second highest bidder

there will be other items made by the varied but talented members of inspiration avenue on auction as well. please scroll down on our team blog and have a look. your support is very very appreciated. i thank you in advance for your wonderful support for this cause.

** if you do not see the auction post on inspiration avenue yet, please go back there on the 7th march to check **


  1. ~H♥PE is such a beautiful word...something we all need to carry within us...your writing of this and the piece you have created is from your heart...this is a lovely piece and will surely warm the soul of the one who receives it...what an honor to be apart of such a an event...brightest blessings~

  2. Beautiful! and what a wonderful charity to donate it to. Your style is so original and unmistakeably you!

  3. thanks for stopping by to visit on my first day back!!! this is so beautiful & so you! lots of luck with the auction cause angel faces is a wonderful cause!

  4. You already know I think this is stunning Luthien! Great post hon! x

  5. I became a follower of inspiration- avenue too. It´s a real good thing.
    Have a great week

  6. Luthien that is a truly beautiful heart that would provide inspiration and hope to any woman. Best of luck with the auction. And you are wonderful to offer your work for such an event...

  7. A beautiful piece of work with a beautiful thought behind it!!


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