Feb 11, 2010

elven magic, heART and hope

guess what, i miss bloggie land :) ... i took some leave off writing and visiting blogs cos i wanted some time to myself just to settle some things and muck around a bit. during my absence i drifted back and forth lothlorien, and enjoyed some quiet time with my elven frens. together, we even managed to make some magic!

ainu valinor
elven inspired jewelry"messenger of valinor" ... where valinor is the undying lands (in tolkien’s lord of the rings). also known as the ancient west, it is a land where the elves would return to, upon the dawn of the age of men. ainu valinor is already on it's spiritual travel to another foreign land call USA to further spread the word of valinor and of love and hope :)

*i must confess, i was still thinking of the archangel at this point :) to the amusement of my elven friends ;)

elven inspired jewelry once again, hope is the essence of this piece. hope for a better future and a better life ... here's to angel faces :)

and guess what :) i think i shall enter this piece for inspiration avenue's challenge this week - heART
yes lisa?

iaur erynelven inspired jewelry
the last piece in my elven escapade ... this piece was inspired by the ancient trees of lothlorien … where the oldest beings live and play … where the trees are covered with ancient moss and vines … where elven lights that hang off these ancient branches become the only source of light and hope in times of mordor’s looming darkness. yet … there is always hope …

hence, iaur eryn … which loosely translates to "ancient woods".

this was a therapeutic journey for me ... i think my elven frens would agree to that :) i didn't actually realize that every piece here is somehow related to hope ... until i wrote this post. i am seriously amazed by this! it is no doubt a manifestation of my inner thoughts at this point in time ... isn't it glorious how life can manifest itself in art?

happy valentines!
happy chinese new year!
happy pimping! :)


  1. oh luthien - you have turned into quite the mixed media artist! the final piece is gorgeous - they all are... but what i am marvelling at is your evolution from making those lizard refrigerator magnets (which were very cute) to pieces that look like metal working... your style has such a beautiful femininity to them...
    art therapy always works for me! so interesting when we find out what we were really working thru on the inside, isn't it?

  2. This is divine, very feminine and rather angelic I think! Love the lacing, lovely touch! x

  3. Welcome back to blog land :)
    Great creations indeed!! And happy Chinese New Year, and enjoy V-day on Sunday :)

  4. woo! So beautiful and magical. Lucky you spending time with the pretty elves. I hope you behaved yourself!

  5. Mairedodd said you've turned into a mixed media artist and that was the first thing I thought of as i looked at your new pieces.Your adding so many textures and layers of materials all put together in perfect harmony.iaur eryn is simply amazing.So much detail..Bravo friend!!

    Wow it is awesome
    Agree with Tali indeed.
    your creation aew so unique i love em!!

  7. Yes, YEs and YES!!!
    So nice to see your new art.
    I am partial to that heART!
    But that last piece is a knock-out!

    Happy Everything!!

  8. Hi Luthien,
    Gosh, what wonderful/beautiful creations are coming out of your studio.
    Now if I could just see them up close and feel them, I'm sure I'd feel the love.
    Have a loving weekend.

  9. Oh,dear Luthien!-)***

    I admire you work again!

    It's as an Angel in my life you creation,
    Thank you very very much for share!-)

    With love and care,


  10. Cool pieces !! Especially the final piece, I love it so much :)

  11. your new pieces are just breathtaking :D

    very beautiful!


  12. Sweetie this is great! Happy Chinese New Year to you.
    Your art just keeps getting better and better.
    I've been missing in action in blog land too so don't feel so bad. Just go with the flow.

  13. maire :)
    thank you my sweet fren! i remember those little sculptures too :) it seems like a long time ago ... that day my fren asked me how long i've been at this ... i couldn't remember. then i checked .. i started clay only august last year!! i was quite shock ... it feels so much longer!

    angie :)
    thank you sweets :) i know you are a "hearts" girl :) i love the lace too ... it's like anything broken can always be mended ... altho it won't look perfect but it adds to character :)

    tali :)
    awww... thank you sweets :)) i see you're active again too .. that's so good! happy v day to you too .. i know you're gonna have a fab one ;)

    lisa w :)
    thank you my fren :) ahem ... on the second part ... shhhh ...not too loud!!

    cat :)
    thank you so much! i've always been partial to mixing up stuff. i think it's becos i use to make costumes and headgears for my dance group. we didn't have a lot of budget, so i had to think of replacements and ways to make the costumes look pretty with anything i can find. i guess i've gone a full cycle ... cos when i made iaur eryn ... it felt like costuming days again :)

  14. oops... had to go open some mandarin oranges boxes :)

    shel :)
    thank you very much!! really appreciate your support love!

    p lisa :)
    thank you sweets!! lol!! i knew you're gonna be impartial to the heART :)

    anna :)
    wow! thank you :) lol!! i like to touch and feel stuff too! looks like we have something in common :)

    violetta :)
    aww... sweetheart ... what a sweet sweet comment! thank you very very much!

    lay hoon and kudzu :)
    thank you very much!!

    charlie :)
    thank you! and a very happy v day to you :)

  15. Wow, Luthien, you have been creating such beautiful pieces, and I think the necklace is perfect for this week's challenge! GORGEOUS!

  16. Your neclaces become more and more outstanding.
    Have a great weekend

  17. Hello there Luthien, oh I am sorry for neglecting you for so long. I see that you are making even more wonderful works of art. These are gorgeous!
    Happy Chinese New Year! Happy Valentine's Day!
    Hugs :)

  18. Wow Luthien, your work just amazes me more and more each time I see new creations, I'm just bowled over!! Although I don't like to pick them I have to say that "iaur eryn" is my favorite. I truly believe it's only a matter of the right person seeing your work before everything takes off for you, simply exquisite my friend!♥♥

  19. Oh Luthien! These pieces are stunning!! Time well spent with the elves!!! Happy Valentine and Chinese New Year to you too!!

  20. I love the first and the last !!! really beautiful pieces

  21. They are all simply breathtaking!! I love them all but especially the last one with all its fine details and they way it hangs around the neck is devine. Hope you had a lovely weekend. E ♥

  22. The beauty of all of this is amazing! Love love this pieces!

  23. Such amazing talent and awesome work. Absolutely gorgeous. Thanks for visiting my blog and yes I used a glaze from anniehowes on Etsy. Have a great evening.

  24. awww ladies :))) thank you so much for all your wonderful comments!!!

    sharon :) i sure hope you're right! waiting for that day to come!

    nancy :) thank you for the info. i'll go check her out!

  25. Exquisite work! Very creative designs ; a treat for the eyes! Hugs!


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