Feb 28, 2010

art auction for angel faces

inspiration avenue is holding an art auction starting from the 7th march and will run a week until the 14th of march. the auction will include handmade artwork/crafts/jewelry/etc by our members at inspiration avenue and we will be be donating 100% of our proceeds to an award winning charity organization called angel faces

photo courtesy of angel faces

angel faces ... a place where adolescence girls with facial disfigurement due to burns, can just be themselves without being judged by society. these girls who have undergone counseling and therapy, mainly in the form of art, come out with amazing transformations and confidence to once again step into the society and claim their place. *please click on the link to go to their website and read more ...

i would be writing another post which will go live on the 7th of march detailing how this auction will be run. please help us spread the word by grabbing this button and putting it in your blog. there are also retweet, stumble & facebook sharing buttons at the bottom of this post that you may use to help in this cause.

Inspiration Avenue Charity Auction Event

every little help would be much appreciated :)

happy pimping! :)

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  1. Hi Luthien,
    I will grab that button and put it on my sidebar.
    That´s a very good thing indeed.
    I celebrate my blogaversary,
    if you like you are very welcome to join the giveaway and to grab the award.
    Cheers buddy


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