Jan 25, 2010

where there is dark ... there must be light ...

this past week has been like a roller coaster ride ... and i'm feeling just a little blue and worn after the ride. one of those times when you dunno why you feel this way, you dunno why your positive energy is waning. is it becos i've been creating "dark" adornments and unknowingly this has had an uncanny effect on me? i have this weird way of immersing myself into the worlds of the creations i'm working on, and surrounding myself with imaginary characters, creatures and places from those worlds ... ugh!

hmmm ... too many gothic nights with edward cullen ... let's get out into the light! or attempt to ...

so, where there is dark, there must be light ... the world is made out of balance, of yin and yang. in an attempt to get out of my moodiness, i drifted into the world of elves, of light ...

meet Anarae ... the giver of light ...

elven inspired jewelryelven inspired jewelry

who lives in the forest under the light of the moon ...
Eryn Ithil

elven inspired jewelryelven inspired jewelryperhaps she can help me return to the light ...

or perhaps i just need a break ...
and perhaps i can also enter these into inspiration avenue's weekly challenge themed "pure" ...

happy pimping! :)


  1. I think you are tuned into our minds Luthien which is why you are always creating 'just ahead of our thinking'. I've got my next theme in mind already.... I wonder if you can guess...
    These are lovely creations btw and yes, definitly pure!

  2. very very beautiful, luthien... you have captured the ethereal feeling of rivendell... i feel i am looking towards light as well -

  3. I so admire your creativity, this is just beautiful. Havea a wonderful positive day.

  4. I feel ya girlfriend...sometimes you just have to climb in bed and pull the covers over your head. You'll ride it out and be back stronger!
    I love the new "light" whimsical jewelry as much as your "dark" yin and yang for sure!

  5. appreciating the beauty of the dark and light, but keeping the balance. a lovely way to move through the world.

  6. I just love your new creations and they are really pushing positive energy around you.I agree with you,sometimes you need a change,it resets the mind.Blessings to you sweet Luthien!!Warmest Regards,Cat

  7. Your jewels become better and better.

  8. lisa :)
    thank you :)
    LOL!! perhaps i am zapping into all of you! ooo... you're on next week ... hmmm... i dunno about getting 3 out of 3 right tho .. let's see shall we :)

    maire :)
    thank you sweet fren :)) it's good to return to rivendell ...

    bunny :)
    aww... thank you :)) and a positive day to you too my fren :)

    lisa :)
    thank you :) i wish i could do that ... too many things happening this week too ... covers will have to wait till next week ;)

    mermaiden :)
    indeed ... there should always be balance. and it's particularly difficult for a piscean such as i ... cos the 2 fishes ... they have their own minds!

    marie and janine :)
    thank you very much!!

    cat :)
    thank you :) yup ... delving too much into one plain is really not a good idea. i dunno how many agree with me, but i do believe the energies that we delve into ... do manifest in strange ways ...

    wow I love looking close and seeing all the work you put into it. My daughter is trying to make skeletin key necklaces with wire and wow that is a hard thing to master. We are looking for totorials.. hint hint
    Much Love

  10. This is fantastic art! You're a very talented lady!

  11. This is really beuty,Luthien,I love you new creation!-)***SO nice!!!

    With love & Lith,


  12. Fantastic creations!! love them!!


  13. You know, I can see the influence of the work you admire so much in others, in your own creations. This is simply elegant and gorgeous Luthien, beautiful work!♥

  14. Incredible. I love the opposites-effect of these versus the darker ones. And the intricacy is amazing. Bravo!

  15. amazing work! how do you do it?

  16. OMG this is stunning.
    What a beautiful necklace. Love them. Very inspiring.

  17. shel :)
    thank you :) how does a skeleton key necklace look like?

    julia, violetta, linda, sandy :)
    thank you so much sweet ladies :)) i so so appreciate you guys coming to visit and leaving such lovely comments that make my day :)

    sharon :)
    thank you :)
    yes ... some works really stay with me, esp those magical ones :) you know what i'm talking about :)) and i dunno when some of the influences will pop out until i'm done and i take a look at it as a whole :) weird!!!

    chris :)
    thank you :)it's amazing how dark v light is such a universal theme and appears in every fantasy book i read ... yet, sometimes, it just slips away completely from our consciousness.

    marbella :)
    thank you :) i dun really know how i do it, it just manifests when i'm playing around. i dun think i've ever methodically planned any of the stuff that i make. even if i did, they'll turn out quite different!

  18. Well these are the yang to balance the dark yin of your other pieces! You should feel better now! It's all balanced. These are amazing Luthien! Such soft colors and such intricacy! So light and airy! You are a true artist!

  19. Dear Luthien, Light or dark, your pieces inspire me. I understand how easy it is to become under your own spell with your art or even your creative thinking. Maybe a break would leave you refreshed and exhilarated, but don't take too long! We all would miss you terribly! ;)

    thanks for stopping by my blog the other day and commenting. ~Jaime

  20. oh luthien...this is kinda spooky! i don't mean anarae...she's absolutely beautiful & yes "pure". what's a little spooky is your ability to see in the future or mind read & not even know it. yes lisa, lets watch out!

  21. My words can not describe how beautiful your work is! You are incredible! I love how you immerse yourself into your creations.....so very creative.
    The photographs of your work is exquisite in itself.
    These will be perfect for the next challenge.
    I'm still thinking about what I can do. Gotta get busy:)

  22. Oh totally stunning Luthien! Yes so pure and totally speechless! Gorgeous work and very inspiring indeed. ♥ Elaine

  23. Hi again Luthien

    I have also given you an award so please pop in on my blog to receive it. I will be back soon to catch up with all your writings!! ♥ Elaine

  24. Hello my dear friend...
    Your beautiful art is such an inspiration to me, I had to nominate you for the sunshine award.
    Come by my blog to pick it up.

  25. Hi Luthien,
    I love your new light pieces. I too have been bitten by the blue bug for the last 2 weeks. I am trying to leap out of it. I love these pieces. They are so beautiful and I love the pearlesent look you give your jewelry. You are a pretty amazing artist, my friend. Pretty amazing! Sending sunshine your way and lots of love!


  27. OMG!! sweet ladies (and gentleman :) thank you so much for your lovely comments! i am so truly touched by all of them... you guys are my strength and my inspiration to go on :)) i can't thank you enough :)

    and for those of you who have passed me the award ... thank you very very much! i am deeply honored :))

  28. These are absolutely stunning! Perfect way to lift up the spirit! Smiles!

  29. Luthien this an an excellent submission for pure - your work never fails to take my breath away! Sorry you've been feeling low hon, maybe it's just this time of year - always a bit "ugh" for me too! I hope creating all this light and purity has lifted your spirits :)

  30. Oh WOW, how did I miss this!?!? I love the way you caught the light and the movement- so beautiful!!!

  31. Beautiful necklace, Luthien. So captured the elvish love of light. I hope it helped you get out of the darkness. I know how you feel about the winter blues. Cheer up, Spring will soon be here with lots of light and color.

  32. ~enchanting enticing and exquisite pieces you have created...i am in awe of your talent...truly beautiful! brightest blessings~


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