Jan 19, 2010

weekly challenge - mystique

aha! i'm in luck :) i finished an adornment this morning and it fits perfectly to inspiration avenue's weekly challenge this week ... "mystique" ...

here's another addition to my bohemian gothika collection :) (ooo... btw, both my gothika pendants have been sold!! woopee!!)

meet aishe adara ...

gothic jewelry a child of the land ... aishe adara is a gothic gypsy ... traveling from place to place, the world is her home.

gothic jewelryadorn in shiny beads, rustic wires, leather cords and vintage chains ...

gothic jewelry yet constantly shrouded in mystery ...

essentially an asymmetric choker, you can wear it straight or i prefer it a little lopsided :) the focal bead is polymer clay, imprinted and painted, then wrapped in a beautifully detailed filigree. the wires are actually aluminum, so it's really light, but hammered to make it sturdier. however it is still shapable so that you can shape it according to your neckline.

well, i think this cuts it for "mystique" week :) i'm gonna call it a night ... it's 4am and i think i'll go to bed now ... so i'll list this in my etsy tomorrow :)

happy pimping! :)


  1. Aha! I figured since you finished first I'd be first to comment, lol!

    Love, Love, Love your newest creation Luthien - these are all SO beautiful! It's as though you created them right from my heart!;-)

  2. wow very nice and perfect for this week!!
    Looks like a ot of work went into this piece!!

  3. Well I can certainly see why both your pendants sold! This is another amazing piece - the richness and depth of the colours is to die for! Gorgeous and my new favourite :)
    Angie xxx

  4. Oh wow, wow, wow Luthien! That choker is just gorgeous! You are so clever!! I love it!! xx

  5. OOOOO, this is perfect for the challenge! So pretty!

  6. OH well done Luthien!!! Magical indeed. I love its curves and colours.

  7. Holy Moly! That is just breath taking. How can you bare to part with such beautiful things??? I would love to see your creations that you actually keep for yourself :)

    Now, if I only had the neck to go with that! I have the neck of a troll.

  8. OMG OMG OMG what a dream of a necklace. Wonderful colors and beads. I love it.

  9. OOOhhhh, it's gorgeous. I loved the last ones you posted too, but they were sold so quickly.....

  10. Your necklaces become better and better.

  11. This necklace is really very Mystigue!-)
    And very nice,and also dificult to make them...i think!


  12. thank you so much for all your lovely comments ladies :)) you all made my day!

    sharon :)
    hehehe ...you are indeed the first ... how did you even know that? my comments are not published until i click publish ... hmmm... mystique ...
    ... this one did come from the heart :))

    angie :)
    you're so sweet ... i think it's just luck that they sold so quickly :)

    jaime :)
    LOL!! i part with them with loving thoughts that the new owners will love them i like did :))

    ai :)
    you are too kind :)) i've never sold a jewelry so quickly!! truly delighted i was :)

    catherine, stephanie, michelle, sandy, janine :)
    thank you sweet ladies :)) MUAX!!

    shel, violetta :)
    thank you :)) it did take quite a number of man hours, this one :) but i enjoyed every single man ... hour :))

  13. She doesn't sleep, she likes gothic adornments and the mysterious... is she perhaps a too close friend of Edward Cullen??

    I love this as I loved the others. Next time someone asks me what I want for my birthday I know where to send them!

  14. Luthien, this is stunning and oh so mystical-looking! I can see it being worn by a very mysterious and beautiful lady who is rumored to have magical powers! Perfect for the challenge this week!

  15. I Love this one...wait... I love them all!!!I'm so happy for you that the others have already sold!!Congrats to you Sweet Luthien!!Hugs-Cat

  16. I absolutely love your Bohemian collection...And you sold them all?? Well I certainly can believe it! Your craftsmanship is perfect.
    I haven't come up with anything for this weeks challenge yet...i may sit this one out.
    Unless something magical happens.

  17. Congratulations! Its very pretty! You are really talented!

  18. Luthien...this is drop dead gorgeous :)

    LOVE IT!!


  19. i just love your work luthien! i want to be the woman maggie speaks of...can i hubby? please! (as he is looking over my shoulder....) omg, he said sure!

  20. lisa :)
    LOL!! edward and me? we're on first name basis ;)

    maggie :)
    oh yea ... a mysterious beautiful gypsy lady who looks into the future ... oooo ...

    cat :)
    awww... thanks! that's so sweet :))

    lay hoon, charlie, cynth, lulu :))
    thank you my sweet ladies :))

    pat :)
    LOL!!! thank you so much pat :))


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Luthien :)