Jan 3, 2010

weekly challenge - at the movies ... and a surprise giveaway :)

it is "at the movies" week @ inspiration avenue :) the movies have always inspired me in many ways. the richly crafted characters, the intriguing storytelling but most of all, the visual feast! i've always been a visual person, so it's not surprising that stage and movies inspire me most.

having said that, i must confess that initially, i had no idea what i wanted to do for this week's challenge. my brains have gone a little mushy with all the holidaying and FOOD! man ... i must have put on like 5 kgs in these 2 weeks. i've actually been living on drawstring sweat pants for a while now, and when even your utterly loyal drawstring sweat pants keeps falling to your hips ... not becos it's a hipsters, but becos the expanded and flabby tummy is pushing it down ... *crap* need i say more ...

anyhow i've gone a-rambling... so back to the movies! i came up with the idea for this week's theme only as i was doing product shots for my latest pendant collection called black bohemian. there's this one particular pendant that had really vivid reds, it made me think ... wow! this would be a really nice gothic pendant ... and then this light bulb appeared in my head!

i won't tire you with all the thought processes that melded together to create this digital piece. so here goes ... and dun die from laughing ok ...

what better way to express "at the movies" than with a movie poster!

ok ok ... allow me the indulgence of having my face there ... in the real world that would never happen, especially not with the delicious and spectacularly talented paul bettany by my side ... sigh ...

and to my team mates @ inspiration avenue, please excuse me for borrowing some of your names for the credits at the bottom of the page :) it was all for good fun :))

this digital piece was created with my GIMP 2.6 software. there must be like 20 odd layers there! it was such a long and absorbing creative process but i enjoyed it so very very much!

right ... here comes the surprise giveaway :)
you must have noticed that the movie poster has a tagline, but no title! well ... i've intentionally left the title out. this is how you can play in my giveaway. leave a comment on this post and come up with a title that you think is most fitting to the mood and the tagline in the movie poster. on thursday, at 12 noon EST, i will choose the title that i like most and the person who had come up with this title will win a little surprise from me. and becos it's called a 'surprise giveaway' ... you will not know what it is until you receive it :) take it as a belated christmas gift from me :))

happy pimping! :)


  1. Wow, Luthien, I LOVE this, I'm gonna have to think on ideas for the title tho, it's too wonderful to just throw something out! And thanks for including me in the creadits :))

  2. Luthien...you are just SO creative!

    When I saw this I immediately thought "Where Evil and Beauty Collide".....how's that for a tag line?

    Well done dear one!!


    p.s. Paul Bettany *swoon*

  3. Luthien - this is so good, I am sitting here with a grin splitting my face in two and laughing my socks off. What a wonderful entry - am I allowed to say it was my favourite this week?

    As for the movie title... How about "Blood Bride" ?

    Absolutely wonderful!!


  4. Oh this is just fabulous - I love it!! Luthien you look so glam and like you belong on there with Paul! Suggested title - "Bohemian Fantsay"

  5. I think my comment just got lost, so if you see two from me, pick the one you like best :-)

    AWESOME poster, luthien! Really cool! And don't you just LOVE Paul Bettany? How excited are you for "Legion"? I can't wait.

    My suggestion for movie title is "In The Rising Darkness". No idea where it came from, it was just the phrase that popped up when I looked at the poster.

    And thanks for the "director of photography credit" ;-)

  6. What an inspired, totally unique, creative and perfectlly executed answer to the challenge. I think you win it this week. I need to think for a bit for a title...I love LuLu's.
    Hmmm think, think, think.

  7. Wow, you are so creative! I mean, beautiful art *and* really cool graphic arts stuff? You're so talented, Luthien!

    How about a title like "Iniquitous Passion" (yeah, I pulled out the thesaurus there, lol!).

  8. "Be Careful What You Wish For"

    Beautiful work, I love it!

  9. Gorgeous poster, Luthien, you look amazing! Very goth/vamp-looking, which I love. The title that comes to my mind is "Scarlet Whisper".

    Thanks for the opportunity to win a mystery treasure! :)

  10. Luthien, you hit a home run with this one!! Such beautiful layering of the images, and you look GORGEOUS!

    Ooh, it will be fun to come up with a title; I would say Beauty and the Beast, but alas it's been done already!

    How 'bout Exotic Nights?

    Thanks for listing me under 'visual effects'. I wish!!

  11. wow ladies :))
    thank you soooo much for all your wonderful comments and all your very creative titles ... hmmm... already having a problem choosing the one i like best cos they all sound really cool!! :))

    vicki :)
    thank you for the suggestion ;)

    stephanie :)
    i shall wait for your title :))

    lulu :)
    oooooo .....
    and yes! yes! yes! ... paul bettany *swoon*

    lisa :)
    i knew i would make you laugh :D btw .. what a fab write up on the submissions @ IA :)) i loved it!

    angie :)
    awww.... i wish i wish i wish ...

    chris :)
    OMG!!! i can't wait for legion ... 22 jan :) *pant pant pant*

    priti lisa :)
    awwww.... thank you luv :)) i shall also be waiting for your title :))

    merily :)
    wow!! now i have to go look that word up :)

    marbella :)
    *closing eyes and concentrating* ... i wish for paul bettany, robert pattinson, viggo mortensen, zach quinto ... and erm ... ok, sam worthington too ...

    sara :)
    thanks for playing with us :)))

    maggie :)
    hahaha!! turns out he's the beauty i'm the beast ... at the end of the movie, you'll know :D hahahaha!!!!

  12. Just got home from an outing with Husband ans WOW this is soo awesome. with a capital AWE!!!
    I will be thinking... U ROCK

  13. OMG!!!! Ok, first off, I adore you!!! You're just the best and I'm literally smiling from ear to ear!! I REALLY hope everyone clicked on the larger version of the image to see all the names and titles you included - WOW!! Of course you're drop-dead gorgeous so you can star on ANY poster!! (Oh and I can TOTALLY relate to the weight issue, ugh!!)

    Anyways, I honestly can't think of anything better than "Inspiration Highway" as the title because, heck... that's "what happens when dreams come true"... you find yourself on "inspiration highway" lol!

    Oh, and I'm sending you an email to ask if I can add your poster to my new blog as a "shout out". *winks*

  14. you are so cute!
    Ok, I have to admit that I did have some laugh on the story and the poster..boy...you are so funny.
    Creative as always..

  15. Hollywood Glamour Earrings in my shop would be good for the challenge. http://www.dryan327.etsy.com

  16. Hi Luthien,
    What a fabulous poster. Love that you gave us credit. lol
    How about,"Be Careful What You Wish For" as the title.

  17. OMG! This is awesome! You really did a wonderful job here...best entry in my opinion.
    I love it. This whole concept of having a contest to name the movie is just sooo creative.

    How about......
    "Haunted Desires"


  18. Hi it's me again.
    I just now noticed you listed me under costume design. Perfect!

  19. Ok here is mine

    "When Time stood still"


  20. Ok, I've been thinking and drumroll please...
    "Hot Fires of Forbidden Desires"

  21. wow!! ladies!! thank you so much for all your lovely comments!
    i see that the brain juice is flowing :)) i'm loving all the title names coming in :)) keep it coming!!! whoot!!

  22. Oh Luthien! I'm an Editor!!!!!!Thank you for giving me a part in this! How fabulous!
    Man, oh man, you totally amaze me with your creative ideas...no, not ideas alone, but you make them real! So very real!

    The title that came to my mind is (don't laugh)
    Lust in the Shadows
    Happy New Year sweet thing!

  23. Wow, Luthien ... what a stunning (and fun) poster ... a stunning pendant ... and a STUNNING you! Your creativity always amazes me ... you are so talented!

    Okay, "Art Ist" and I have been looking at this, trying to come up with names. Here's my input (he's on his own ... lol):

    "Beyond The Sunset"

    Thanks, Luthien ... and luck to everyone!

    Small Footprints

  24. Nicely done, Luthien!

    "Small" is typing up her entry so I'll see if I can beat her to the punch with my two-fingered typing (lol).

    My entry:

    On The Other Side

    BTW ... Happy New Year!

    Art Ist

  25. thank you everyone for playing in my little game :) hehehe!! i had fun!! i hope you all had too :))
    SF and art ... you guys made it just on time!! whoot! ... i was just coming in to officially close the giveaway :))

    wokie ... it's officially close now :)) i shall now go into my cave and do some deep meditation and deliberate on all the brilliant titles that came in ... ommmmmm ...

    LOL!! will post the winning title soonest! stay tuned :))

    luthien :)


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