Jan 11, 2010

sculpting frog ...

this is special request from a buyer in etsy ... she asked if i could make katak (frog) & cicak (gecko) for her as fridge magnets instead of incense holders. so here i am sculpting again ... this is katak ... i'm using studio by sculpey. very soft and easy clay to work with and has a suede-like finish after cure. apparently extremely durable as well and comes in the most mouth watering colors!! but i'm sticking to a dark and natural color here so that the pearl-ex powder comes out better.

oops ... missing one leg ...

is it me or does the anatomy of a frog look uncannily like a human being's? gives me the creeps each time i come to this stage ... however, after watching avatar ... i'm sorta getting use to this ... teehee ;) ... *imagine jake sully* *imagine sam worthington*

right, just wanted to get off work a bit, hence this short and impromptu post :)) shall get back to my clay now ... there's still the gecko to go :))

this is how they would look ... minus the holes when done :) hopefully... :p

happy pimping! :)


  1. aww wow! they're going to look awesome! :o) hehe, you're right about them looking humanish.. strange..

    Avatar is Fantastic though! I reeally wouldn't mind being big and blue =P

  2. i like the finished pieces too, before the color they are a bit eerie :)

  3. you do such beautiful sculpting! i love 'avatar'!! my daughter just did her hair color in a scheme inspired by the movie...

  4. They are beautiful!
    And the frogs back and bum do look human!

  5. these are just beautiful, both the finished ones and the ones that are in progress. I would love to see a video of you sculpting! Have you got one?

  6. chloe :)
    thank you!! oooo... i think we're in the same wavelength here ... big and blue? oh yea baby!!

    marbella :)
    thank you :)) ... i know what you mean, it's brown and sorta slimy becos of the texture of the clay and the lighting ... eww ...

    maire :)
    thank you my fren :)) oh man!! blue?? that's way cool!!

    kathy :)
    thank you :)) hahaha!! oh yea ... i think it's the bum ... i should try and use the same technique and see if i can sculpt a human! i'm always nervous with human anatomy, whether it be painting or sculpting ... i can never get the proportions right!!

    jaime :)
    thank you :)) oooo sorry... but i haven't attempted to make any videos of me making art yet ... hehehe... pretty self conscious about it ... i'll probably screw it up big time :))

  7. These are wonderful- especially finished with the colors!
    I loved Avatar too, btw!

  8. These are great! Really interesting to see them in progress and I agree that you should definitely sculpt a person at some point - I bet you'd be amazing!
    Angie x

  9. Wow....your gecko's are so cute. And too funny about the hiney on your little gecko! It does look human. hehehe!


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