Jan 8, 2010

the reveal ...

the time has come for the final reveal!

in my last post, i created a digital piece resembling a movie poster for inspiration avenue's weekly challenge themed "at the movies" . besides being an entry for this challenge i have also made it such that this 'movie poster' had no title so that my frens on bloggie land can come and play in my surprise giveaway which involved leaving me a comment and a suggested movie title for the poster.

i can tell you ... i had a real tough time choosing the title! i wish i could like put all of your titles into that poster. the titles which came in were WICKED!! i LOVE them ALL! thank you all who played along ... MUAX :)) i had a lot of fun and i hope you had too :))

still ... i had to choose just one ... and here is my final choice :)

(if you look closely at the credits at the bottom of the poster, chris also happens to be the DOP of the movie ... hehehe!!)

chris is a talented photographer who captures mesmerisingly beautiful nature images ... and if you like flowers, it is a must you visit her :) you can also find her stunning work in her etsy shop ~ chris finck fine art photographs. so chris :)) need your address so that i can send you the 'surprise giveaway' :)) ... pls send it to my email ... happypimping@gmail.com

right ... i would also like to take this opportunity to give a shoutout to my fren and teammate sharon, who officially launched her new blog plumrose lane and etsy shop , where you will find an array of the most beautiful blog layouts, banners and other digital lovlies. her blog is also filled with tutorials, tips and tricks on how to dress up your blog and get noticed :)

so dun forget to head over to chris' and sharon's place ... 2 talented ladies, 2 inspirational blogs and 2 dear friends :))

happy pimping! :)


  1. Congrats, CHris! Love your title! And congrats too, to Sharon!

  2. Aww, now I'm blushing. Thank you for the beautiful write-up. And I'm so glad you liked the title!

  3. congrats to the winner, beautiful poster!

  4. a very fitting title...you look beautiful,too.

  5. wow very cool Love it
    Good Job Chris

  6. Congrats to Chris ... the title was very appropriate. If it were a movie ... I'd watch it!

    What fun ... and Luthien, you are so generous!

    Have a great weekend!

    Small Footprints

  7. Congratulations Chris! Lucky girl!
    It's a perfect title!

  8. Well first off a HUGE congratulations to Chris, woohoo!! I'm really happy for her and love the title she chose (time to change out the badge, lol!) and second, thanks so much for the awesome shout out - you're an angel!!

  9. What a great poster and the title is awesome, well deserved Chris. Sorry I missed it! Elaine


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