Jan 12, 2010

i'm in the mood for another giveaway!

no apparent reason ... just wanna share some love :) hope everyone's up to it :))

here's a pendant from my random beauty collection ... and for no apparent reason again ... i'm gonna name it neytiri ... if you've seen avatar, you'll know which character i'm talking about :) ooo ... dun you just love that movie! it's a work of art!

here's how you can play ...
(1) leave a comment on this post, and you shall get 1 little paper with your name written on it
(2) follow me ... or if you are already a follower ... 2 little papers with your name in the bowl :)
(3) blog about it or just grab me badge ... 3 little papers all for you :))

i shall close this giveaway on saturday 12 noon EST :)) and if her schedule permits, i shall invite my in-house celebrity to do the honors of drawing the name from the bowl ...

she's real busy you know ... my celebrity ... she's either performing at sell-out concerts, doing recording sessions or making mtvs. and man ... i dunno who her image consultant is, but she seems to inhabit a different persona everytime i see her! i remember last year she was lady gaga, and then pussycats dolls and this week ... she insists that she is evanescence!

anyhow ... i'm sure she'll make time to do the draw if i entice her with a bit of play-doh and perhaps, some strawberry ice cream?

happy playing ...
and happy pimping! :)


  1. I love that pendant. My daughter is already begging for it.

  2. please add me to your pot

  3. It's great sharing your house with a little celebrity, they bring such fun to the home!

  4. I love this pendant too !!
    Btw, I also love your blog. So beautiful and creative you.

  5. Oh my gosh!! That is lovely~ and of course, I'm a follower of yours!

  6. I would soooo love that piece! You do such nice work!

  7. Oh how lovely, please count me in twice (I am your follower).
    That is such a sweet pendant.
    I don´t know Avatar yet, but I am going to see it soon.
    Have a nice week

  8. OOOOOO, put my name in the hat, I love this and I LOVE neytiri too!

  9. I just posted a link on my blog:)

  10. Ooh, put me down for a piece of paper Luthien! I want to be in the drawing!

    Your daughter is so adorable! How can she be so grown up already? Seems the last pic I saw she was more of a baby! Now...well...she's a glamorous celebrity!!

  11. I love Neytiri, am a follower and got your badge on my blog somewhere out there. Cheers! xoxo Mel :)

  12. wow!!! thank you for playing ladies :))) really appreciate your participation ... and to those who helped spread the word ... MUAX!!!!

    maggie ... you are so right ... they grow by the minute! i swear everyday i come home, she's a little bigger!!

  13. Hi Luthien,
    Oh, yes please. Love the silver and Pink together!
    Ah, that's two for me, I've been a follower for some time now.

  14. Count me in too! LoVe,lOvE,LoVe your pendant.
    Your daughter is so precious. What a beauty she is! Enjoy this age.....They grow up sooo fast.

  15. Oh, the pendant is so lovely Luthien!
    I want to win! Please put my name in.
    I hope your adorable little celebrity picks me! :)

  16. What a lovely gift to giveaway Luthien! I'd love to be entered in this!
    You've also got me wanting to see Avatar now!

  17. ooh lovely blog and what a lovely giveaway.
    Off to tweet about you!

  18. Love the pendant it's gorgeous! now following on twitter too :-)

  19. You are so generous Luthy! I don't want you to have to ship all the way over here tho! Someone's going to be really happy Saturday, it's a beautiful piece!
    Kiss the baby! xoxo

  20. Oh wow what a generous Giveaway!!!I would be so honored to win such a treasure.Please count me in!!Warmest Regards,Cat

  21. woohoo!! thank you all for playing in my giveaway :)) it's officially closed now ...

    good luck everyone :))) HUGS!!!


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Luthien :)