Jan 15, 2010

i am gothic ...

recently i acquired a couple of new toys ... namely a hammer and a bench block! you cannot believe how difficult it was for me to find a bench block here. i didn't want to buy it online cos i know the shipping would cost me a bomb. finally a friend told me that a shop in chinatown sold bench blocks and YAY!! i got mine for RM35 (about 10USD) it's small about 3 x 3 inches but it's sufficient. it's better than using another hammer ... yes, that's what i did, i got another hammer and laid it down on its side and used the flat sides as bench block... AY ... the things you do when you're desperate!

and so, i was hammering away on my fat aluminum wires, making curls and swirls like a real happy contractor :) little did i know that these hammered wires could turn into my bohemian gothika collection!

raven indigo
gothic inspired jewelrythese would probably not neccessarily be a lot of people's taste ... but i do love them!! i'm a goth girl!!
maya enigma
gothic inspired jewelryooo ... and dun you just adore the goth names?

essentially mixed media pieces ... i combined my polymer imprints, filigrees, aluminum wires, artistic wires, glass beads and leather (yes, there's leather behind mainly to protect the skin from any sharp points) ... as for the cord, i combined some fiber, normal black necklace cord and metal chain. it's longer than all my other pendants ... raven indigo hangs to the sternum and maya enigma hangs ... ahem ... just in between the boobies :p

well ... i sure hope at least some people would find these nice :) cos these are going into my etsy at 12 midnight tonight ... my time ;)

happy pimping! :)

p/s dun forget my giveaway is still on till saturday ... HERE!!


  1. This is So great creation of you,i like this design very mach!-)Neklace is beautiful!-)))


  2. These necklaces are gorgous, Luthien! I love longer necklaces, since I usually have a scarf around my neck. Maya looks like it has black hair mixed on the cording...too cool!

  3. always growing, ever changing, and yet so very you! congrats on getting the bench block - hammering is the best!

  4. Wow, luthien, these are gorgeous! Really amazing. How do you come up with these stunning, unusual pieces? Every time I come over here there's something new and sparkly!

  5. BEAUTIMUS wow Love them. love the unique work
    Congrats on the bench block too

  6. oh oh so beautiful want want want want want.....

  7. really love these! everything-great composition and palette. go YOU!

  8. i think they're great, love all the elements you used.

  9. If anybody doesnt like these necklaces than they are just plain CRAZY!!!Just amazing!!!Warmest Regards,Cat

  10. Hi Luthien,
    Wow, these are very different. I've never seen anything like these before.
    Where do you get your ideas from?
    You must have wonderful dreams!

  11. You never cease to amaze me, Luthien. You are such an inspiration and always coming up with something new but they all have your signature look. I love this. How fun!

  12. I love, love, LOVE this new series! Will you please stop posting such beautiful things, I am *supposed* to be on a budget, and you know how your work tempts me!

  13. omg ladies!!! thank you so much for loving these goths!! i thought for sure i was gonna be alone in this one :)) wow!! this is really overwhelmingly awesome .. to hear such wonderful and encouraging comments from all of you :)) thank you!

    and man! guess what ... raven indigo is sold! woohoo!! i am a happy camper! and you all rock!! MUAX!!

  14. Those are so unique! I'm not generally one for gothy things, but those are so awesome! :)

  15. *THUD... D shovels Sharon up from floor*
    Ooohhh Myyyy Gaaawwwddd Girl!!! I absolutely adore your newest creations, they're jaw dropping gorgeous!! Hey and you got a great price on that block, they run about $20 here - good deal! ;-)

  16. Hi Luthien! WOW...you made those? I love everything about it!!! Thank you so much for visiting with me! Anita

  17. These two are just too FAB, Luthien! I simply adooooore them! I certainly LOVE your gothic creations!!!:)
    Lots of love, Sanda xx

  18. Whoa !!! This piece really amaze me !!
    Wish I can learn from you too :)

  19. I come in here four time already, still don't know what to say..it's so beautiful. Well done.

  20. I love them too.
    They worked out beautifully.
    You did a great job on them.
    Have a great sunday.


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