Jan 30, 2010

"A" for awards ... new and old ...

ahhh ... i've been lazy. i dun even feel like taking pics and listing my new rings on etsy. somedays you just wanna sleep ... and dream of paul bettany. yes... i liked legion, whatever the reviews say.

but you know what? it's time to get out of bed and party becos i've got some awards to talk about :)) several old ones and a new one ... YIPEE!!

stephanie of dragonfly design studios, a most talented and intricate artist passed me this wonderful KreativBloggger way back. thank you so much stephanie!

not just a fine artist, stephanie is a fine lady and i am proud to call her my teammate at inspiration avenue :) constantly looking out for not only our teammates, but other artists who fascinate her. i know i really enjoy her frequent features of etsy artists and their work at her blog. and if you are a lover of fine art and flowers, you must visit stephanie. the first time i set my eyes upon her work, i was gobsmacked and still am each time she comes up with a new piece. just look at details and heart that she puts into her art work! simply stunning!

the second award You've Got Style was passed on to me by sanda of sanda's hobby blog. thank you so much sweet sanda!

sanda hails from ireland and is an artist whose love lies in anything beautiful :) i think she's probably tried and excelled in every art medium known to man, whether it be mixed media, painting, clay mosaics, candles or cards! and all her work and i mean all ... turns out beautifully! i especially love the concepts of her handmade cards and the colors she uses on them ... beautiful, elegant and filled with joyful, positive energy :) do you not agree? :)

finally for a new award :) i'm sure most of you on bloggie land are currently either flying on a carpet or receiving this SunshineAward, or perhaps ... having the best of both worlds :D

3 wonderful gals passed me this award :)

the first being ... elaine from chat elaine jewellery, a fascinating jewelry artist who makes one of a kind pieces and a constant participant at inspiration avenue's weekly challenges. thank you elaine! and what's more, her latest passion is playing with fire. can you already guess? yes! she now makes her own lampwork beads for her jewelry! now, that's talent! in her own works ..." i love to play with beads, wire and fire!" check out her work!

the other pretty lady who passed me the sunshine award is charlie from art happens, another of my wonderful teammate at IA ... thank you charlie! charlie paints beautiful whimsical paintings of ladies in fantastical backgrounds, she makes jewelry from broken china (and i'm always intrigued at how she solders so perfectly!), makes digital art, mixed media art and handmade cards from her artwork. another artist who excels in everything she chooses to put her hands on. charlie is one of the gentlest people i've ever met and so honored to call her my teammate :)

finally, yet another teammate from IA tells me that i am her sunshine (or so i hope ;p)! thank you shel :) shel from pics by shel , a wonderful photographer who makes everyday items and scenery that you won't even notice, magical and inspiring. she transports you to a different realm with her images and her editing work. each time i look at her images it makes me feel ... this can't be here on earth! and lately, my sweet fren has been dabbling with mixed media and making all sorts of lovelies ... hmmm ... i sense an addiction coming :) here's one of my latest fav image of hers ... so lost in time, so much romance ...

thank you so much sweet ladies for passing me all of those lovely awards!!

happy pimping!


  1. Congratulation for those award. Good for you!^^

  2. What an interesting post! Fun stuff to look at. And congrats!

  3. oh so many beat me to it!!! please stop by & pick up another if your pockets not too heavy!


  4. AAAH thank you Luthien One of my very first blog friends.
    Your words are so sweet and encouraging! I might have even blushed
    :) Shel

  5. Some lovely well deserved awards! 80))

  6. Look at you with all your awards! You are definitely well deserving of them all!!
    I know this feeling of laziness you're talking about... we all get there at times, and it's ok, cause when you snap out of it, you'll only be more energized and pumped up to create ;)

  7. Thanks for featuring a photo of my painting- you're the BEST! And as for the awards; who could deserve them more you- you are such a great person and I'm proud to be a team player with you!

  8. Congrats to your awards, they are well deserved.

  9. Congrats to you! Yay! you deserve all the awards and some downtime too. I haven't seen Legion yet, but I want to.

    What talented people you are featuring here!

  10. Hi Luthien! Wow, all those awards, but thoroughly deserved!! Thanks for all those gorgeous pictures to drool over too!

    I've dropped by to give you another award, but I see you already have it - the Sunshine Award! lol!

  11. thank you ladies for your sweet words :)) and pat & catherine ... thank you so much for passing me the award :)) i am so touched and honored that so many of you think i am worthy of the sunshine award :)) *blush*

  12. Oh I didnt realise I forgot to thank you for the lovely words as well as my piccie of my heart too. ♥♥♥ Just dashing about in a made frenzy these 2 weeks!! Elaine x


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