Jan 30, 2010

"A" for awards ... new and old ...

ahhh ... i've been lazy. i dun even feel like taking pics and listing my new rings on etsy. somedays you just wanna sleep ... and dream of paul bettany. yes... i liked legion, whatever the reviews say.

but you know what? it's time to get out of bed and party becos i've got some awards to talk about :)) several old ones and a new one ... YIPEE!!

stephanie of dragonfly design studios, a most talented and intricate artist passed me this wonderful KreativBloggger way back. thank you so much stephanie!

not just a fine artist, stephanie is a fine lady and i am proud to call her my teammate at inspiration avenue :) constantly looking out for not only our teammates, but other artists who fascinate her. i know i really enjoy her frequent features of etsy artists and their work at her blog. and if you are a lover of fine art and flowers, you must visit stephanie. the first time i set my eyes upon her work, i was gobsmacked and still am each time she comes up with a new piece. just look at details and heart that she puts into her art work! simply stunning!

the second award You've Got Style was passed on to me by sanda of sanda's hobby blog. thank you so much sweet sanda!

sanda hails from ireland and is an artist whose love lies in anything beautiful :) i think she's probably tried and excelled in every art medium known to man, whether it be mixed media, painting, clay mosaics, candles or cards! and all her work and i mean all ... turns out beautifully! i especially love the concepts of her handmade cards and the colors she uses on them ... beautiful, elegant and filled with joyful, positive energy :) do you not agree? :)

finally for a new award :) i'm sure most of you on bloggie land are currently either flying on a carpet or receiving this SunshineAward, or perhaps ... having the best of both worlds :D

3 wonderful gals passed me this award :)

the first being ... elaine from chat elaine jewellery, a fascinating jewelry artist who makes one of a kind pieces and a constant participant at inspiration avenue's weekly challenges. thank you elaine! and what's more, her latest passion is playing with fire. can you already guess? yes! she now makes her own lampwork beads for her jewelry! now, that's talent! in her own works ..." i love to play with beads, wire and fire!" check out her work!

the other pretty lady who passed me the sunshine award is charlie from art happens, another of my wonderful teammate at IA ... thank you charlie! charlie paints beautiful whimsical paintings of ladies in fantastical backgrounds, she makes jewelry from broken china (and i'm always intrigued at how she solders so perfectly!), makes digital art, mixed media art and handmade cards from her artwork. another artist who excels in everything she chooses to put her hands on. charlie is one of the gentlest people i've ever met and so honored to call her my teammate :)

finally, yet another teammate from IA tells me that i am her sunshine (or so i hope ;p)! thank you shel :) shel from pics by shel , a wonderful photographer who makes everyday items and scenery that you won't even notice, magical and inspiring. she transports you to a different realm with her images and her editing work. each time i look at her images it makes me feel ... this can't be here on earth! and lately, my sweet fren has been dabbling with mixed media and making all sorts of lovelies ... hmmm ... i sense an addiction coming :) here's one of my latest fav image of hers ... so lost in time, so much romance ...

thank you so much sweet ladies for passing me all of those lovely awards!!

happy pimping!

Jan 25, 2010

where there is dark ... there must be light ...

this past week has been like a roller coaster ride ... and i'm feeling just a little blue and worn after the ride. one of those times when you dunno why you feel this way, you dunno why your positive energy is waning. is it becos i've been creating "dark" adornments and unknowingly this has had an uncanny effect on me? i have this weird way of immersing myself into the worlds of the creations i'm working on, and surrounding myself with imaginary characters, creatures and places from those worlds ... ugh!

hmmm ... too many gothic nights with edward cullen ... let's get out into the light! or attempt to ...

so, where there is dark, there must be light ... the world is made out of balance, of yin and yang. in an attempt to get out of my moodiness, i drifted into the world of elves, of light ...

meet Anarae ... the giver of light ...

elven inspired jewelryelven inspired jewelry

who lives in the forest under the light of the moon ...
Eryn Ithil

elven inspired jewelryelven inspired jewelryperhaps she can help me return to the light ...

or perhaps i just need a break ...
and perhaps i can also enter these into inspiration avenue's weekly challenge themed "pure" ...

happy pimping! :)

Jan 19, 2010

weekly challenge - mystique

aha! i'm in luck :) i finished an adornment this morning and it fits perfectly to inspiration avenue's weekly challenge this week ... "mystique" ...

here's another addition to my bohemian gothika collection :) (ooo... btw, both my gothika pendants have been sold!! woopee!!)

meet aishe adara ...

gothic jewelry a child of the land ... aishe adara is a gothic gypsy ... traveling from place to place, the world is her home.

gothic jewelryadorn in shiny beads, rustic wires, leather cords and vintage chains ...

gothic jewelry yet constantly shrouded in mystery ...

essentially an asymmetric choker, you can wear it straight or i prefer it a little lopsided :) the focal bead is polymer clay, imprinted and painted, then wrapped in a beautifully detailed filigree. the wires are actually aluminum, so it's really light, but hammered to make it sturdier. however it is still shapable so that you can shape it according to your neckline.

well, i think this cuts it for "mystique" week :) i'm gonna call it a night ... it's 4am and i think i'll go to bed now ... so i'll list this in my etsy tomorrow :)

happy pimping! :)

Jan 17, 2010

and the winner is ...

the time has come to unveil the winner of neytiri ...

the celebrity has taken time off from her ever busy schedule ... altho she could only spare me a minute before having to rush off again ...

everything was set up ready for her ...

so she came ... stuck her hand under the fur covered bowl (she wouldn't do it unless it's fur her agent says ... *sigh* celebrities!! )

holding up her composure and giving the camera her best smile even as she struggles to open the little paper ...

drumrolls please!! ... as she finally does manage to open the paper ...

with her 2 buck teeth (which one is chipped) she presents ...

elenka of downeast doing stuff
as the winner of the pendant neytiri!!!

and with that, her agent with super lightning quick abilities, ushers the celebrity off for another important engagement ... milky time!!

* elenka :)) i need your address ... pls email to happypimping@gmail.com :))

and thank you all for playing :))
happy pimping! :)

Jan 15, 2010

i am gothic ...

recently i acquired a couple of new toys ... namely a hammer and a bench block! you cannot believe how difficult it was for me to find a bench block here. i didn't want to buy it online cos i know the shipping would cost me a bomb. finally a friend told me that a shop in chinatown sold bench blocks and YAY!! i got mine for RM35 (about 10USD) it's small about 3 x 3 inches but it's sufficient. it's better than using another hammer ... yes, that's what i did, i got another hammer and laid it down on its side and used the flat sides as bench block... AY ... the things you do when you're desperate!

and so, i was hammering away on my fat aluminum wires, making curls and swirls like a real happy contractor :) little did i know that these hammered wires could turn into my bohemian gothika collection!

raven indigo
gothic inspired jewelrythese would probably not neccessarily be a lot of people's taste ... but i do love them!! i'm a goth girl!!
maya enigma
gothic inspired jewelryooo ... and dun you just adore the goth names?

essentially mixed media pieces ... i combined my polymer imprints, filigrees, aluminum wires, artistic wires, glass beads and leather (yes, there's leather behind mainly to protect the skin from any sharp points) ... as for the cord, i combined some fiber, normal black necklace cord and metal chain. it's longer than all my other pendants ... raven indigo hangs to the sternum and maya enigma hangs ... ahem ... just in between the boobies :p

well ... i sure hope at least some people would find these nice :) cos these are going into my etsy at 12 midnight tonight ... my time ;)

happy pimping! :)

p/s dun forget my giveaway is still on till saturday ... HERE!!

Jan 12, 2010

i'm in the mood for another giveaway!

no apparent reason ... just wanna share some love :) hope everyone's up to it :))

here's a pendant from my random beauty collection ... and for no apparent reason again ... i'm gonna name it neytiri ... if you've seen avatar, you'll know which character i'm talking about :) ooo ... dun you just love that movie! it's a work of art!

here's how you can play ...
(1) leave a comment on this post, and you shall get 1 little paper with your name written on it
(2) follow me ... or if you are already a follower ... 2 little papers with your name in the bowl :)
(3) blog about it or just grab me badge ... 3 little papers all for you :))

i shall close this giveaway on saturday 12 noon EST :)) and if her schedule permits, i shall invite my in-house celebrity to do the honors of drawing the name from the bowl ...

she's real busy you know ... my celebrity ... she's either performing at sell-out concerts, doing recording sessions or making mtvs. and man ... i dunno who her image consultant is, but she seems to inhabit a different persona everytime i see her! i remember last year she was lady gaga, and then pussycats dolls and this week ... she insists that she is evanescence!

anyhow ... i'm sure she'll make time to do the draw if i entice her with a bit of play-doh and perhaps, some strawberry ice cream?

happy playing ...
and happy pimping! :)

Jan 11, 2010

sculpting frog ...

this is special request from a buyer in etsy ... she asked if i could make katak (frog) & cicak (gecko) for her as fridge magnets instead of incense holders. so here i am sculpting again ... this is katak ... i'm using studio by sculpey. very soft and easy clay to work with and has a suede-like finish after cure. apparently extremely durable as well and comes in the most mouth watering colors!! but i'm sticking to a dark and natural color here so that the pearl-ex powder comes out better.

oops ... missing one leg ...

is it me or does the anatomy of a frog look uncannily like a human being's? gives me the creeps each time i come to this stage ... however, after watching avatar ... i'm sorta getting use to this ... teehee ;) ... *imagine jake sully* *imagine sam worthington*

right, just wanted to get off work a bit, hence this short and impromptu post :)) shall get back to my clay now ... there's still the gecko to go :))

this is how they would look ... minus the holes when done :) hopefully... :p

happy pimping! :)

Jan 8, 2010

the reveal ...

the time has come for the final reveal!

in my last post, i created a digital piece resembling a movie poster for inspiration avenue's weekly challenge themed "at the movies" . besides being an entry for this challenge i have also made it such that this 'movie poster' had no title so that my frens on bloggie land can come and play in my surprise giveaway which involved leaving me a comment and a suggested movie title for the poster.

i can tell you ... i had a real tough time choosing the title! i wish i could like put all of your titles into that poster. the titles which came in were WICKED!! i LOVE them ALL! thank you all who played along ... MUAX :)) i had a lot of fun and i hope you had too :))

still ... i had to choose just one ... and here is my final choice :)

(if you look closely at the credits at the bottom of the poster, chris also happens to be the DOP of the movie ... hehehe!!)

chris is a talented photographer who captures mesmerisingly beautiful nature images ... and if you like flowers, it is a must you visit her :) you can also find her stunning work in her etsy shop ~ chris finck fine art photographs. so chris :)) need your address so that i can send you the 'surprise giveaway' :)) ... pls send it to my email ... happypimping@gmail.com

right ... i would also like to take this opportunity to give a shoutout to my fren and teammate sharon, who officially launched her new blog plumrose lane and etsy shop , where you will find an array of the most beautiful blog layouts, banners and other digital lovlies. her blog is also filled with tutorials, tips and tricks on how to dress up your blog and get noticed :)

so dun forget to head over to chris' and sharon's place ... 2 talented ladies, 2 inspirational blogs and 2 dear friends :))

happy pimping! :)

Jan 3, 2010

weekly challenge - at the movies ... and a surprise giveaway :)

it is "at the movies" week @ inspiration avenue :) the movies have always inspired me in many ways. the richly crafted characters, the intriguing storytelling but most of all, the visual feast! i've always been a visual person, so it's not surprising that stage and movies inspire me most.

having said that, i must confess that initially, i had no idea what i wanted to do for this week's challenge. my brains have gone a little mushy with all the holidaying and FOOD! man ... i must have put on like 5 kgs in these 2 weeks. i've actually been living on drawstring sweat pants for a while now, and when even your utterly loyal drawstring sweat pants keeps falling to your hips ... not becos it's a hipsters, but becos the expanded and flabby tummy is pushing it down ... *crap* need i say more ...

anyhow i've gone a-rambling... so back to the movies! i came up with the idea for this week's theme only as i was doing product shots for my latest pendant collection called black bohemian. there's this one particular pendant that had really vivid reds, it made me think ... wow! this would be a really nice gothic pendant ... and then this light bulb appeared in my head!

i won't tire you with all the thought processes that melded together to create this digital piece. so here goes ... and dun die from laughing ok ...

what better way to express "at the movies" than with a movie poster!

ok ok ... allow me the indulgence of having my face there ... in the real world that would never happen, especially not with the delicious and spectacularly talented paul bettany by my side ... sigh ...

and to my team mates @ inspiration avenue, please excuse me for borrowing some of your names for the credits at the bottom of the page :) it was all for good fun :))

this digital piece was created with my GIMP 2.6 software. there must be like 20 odd layers there! it was such a long and absorbing creative process but i enjoyed it so very very much!

right ... here comes the surprise giveaway :)
you must have noticed that the movie poster has a tagline, but no title! well ... i've intentionally left the title out. this is how you can play in my giveaway. leave a comment on this post and come up with a title that you think is most fitting to the mood and the tagline in the movie poster. on thursday, at 12 noon EST, i will choose the title that i like most and the person who had come up with this title will win a little surprise from me. and becos it's called a 'surprise giveaway' ... you will not know what it is until you receive it :) take it as a belated christmas gift from me :))

happy pimping! :)