Dec 12, 2009

Weekly Challenge - Imagine / Imagination

wild! when i said "let your imagination run wild" i wasn't joking :p ... mine was so wild, it grew fur!

this week's theme at inspiration avenue's weekly challenge is "imagine/imagination" ... and the concept ~ anything goes! let your imagination run wild and see what you can come up with ... no boundaries, just creative freedom!

may i present to you ... "book of isildur"

isildur, son of elendil and the second king to the fair kingdom of gondor. also the one who saved a seedling of the white tree at great personal sacrifice, and subsequently planted it in the court of the fountain in minas tirith, royal city of gondor. for some reason, this book reminded me of this character in the lord of the rings ...

is it because of this doorway that opens up ...

to the white tree of gondor? symbolic of health of the kingdom ... maybe :)

this is made with polymer clay. initially this was supposed to be a locket (so you can actually slip a photo in the space where the tree is). but it looked so perfect on the book of isildur ... so there it will stay :)

the pages of the book are handtorned,

and the signatures are handstitched using the coptic stitch technique.

aluminum wires twirled into elven forms

and a box with my kingdom's crest :p to house isildur's book :)

happy pimping! :)


  1. Oh wow Oh wow Oh wow. How inbelievably spellbinding. In fact, I can hear the secrets coming out from the pages, giving me many messages but the over-riding one is buy, buy, buy and fate has taken me to your Etsy store... where I will buy... (a Christmas present to myself!)

  2. I'm so excited... I'm getting the Book of Isildur!!! Hee hee!!!!!

  3. I commented on Facebook, but this is so stunning I just had to come over here and take another look. Amazing!

  4. OMG! Luthien,
    This is so's so beatiful..
    And it's handmade...

  5. you have such an expansive mind... and you know how much i adore the pieces inspired by lotr... this is no exception... honestly, luthien, you are an inspiration...

  6. lisa :))
    i dunno what to say! thank you for buying the book of isildur from me :) i can tell you i was half asleep when i checked my mail dis morning, but after i saw that notification from etsy ... i was totally awake and dancing around ... even burst into the bathroom to break the news to a showering hubby! MUAX!!

    chris :)
    thank you so much my fren! you are such a sweetie :))

    sophie :)
    thank you very much :)) there are so many beautiful handmade things i've seen since i started blogging, i now truly believe nothing beats handmade :)

    maire :)
    awww... maire :) thank you! coming from a truly inspirational artist such as yourself .. this is really an honor!

  7. This is fabulous! So much detail and imagination- I LOVE it!

  8. Luthien this is the perfect challenge theme for you with your brilliant creative mind! What a stunning, wonderfully detailed book - and congrats on the sale hon! x

  9. Luthien, this is stunning!!! I absolutely love it!!! It is gorgeous and full of wonderful bits. So many layers to it. You did a fabulous job letting your imagination run wild.

  10. This is amazing. And I love how you have photographed it as well.

  11. such beauty luthien! what a perfect imagination you have there my dear!

  12. Luthien, do you ALWAYS have to out do me, girl?
    This is a fantastic entry...and I see Lisa is the lucky one with incredible taste...must be the name, lol

  13. stephanie :)
    thank you for the sweet comment my fren :))

    kudzu :)
    thank you! how have you been my fren? :))

    angie :)
    thank you hon :)) awww... you are too kind on your comment! i'm just one crazy gal :) and woohoo!! i'm still excited over lisa buying it from me :))

    tammy :)
    thank you :)) usually i dun add so many things on one item but this week ... hrumph!! i just let it go :)) even to the extend of making it grow fur! muahahahaha!!!

    seth :)
    thank you! i'm still learning how to best photograph an item tho ... it's a good thing we have digital cams now :))

    pat :)
    thank you my fren :))

    lisa :)
    aww... *hangs head* but but but ... your entry is fabulous!! ok ok ... let me just say it this time ... *deep breath* all the lisa(s) rock!!

  14. These are fabulous! You have a lovely imagination Luthien!

    Its been a long time! Hope all is well with you. Happy Holidays!


  15. I am so sorry to have missed this, it is truely magical. Such fine details to inspire! I must visit more often. Thank You Luthien. ♥


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