Dec 4, 2009

special post - "belukar"

today i would like to share with all my friends in bloggie land an upcoming malaysian made indie movie called BELUKAR. this is my husband's directorial debut, made in sabah, malaysia. he also wrote the original story, screenplay and co-produced it. budget RM2m (approx USD600,000) and took only 24 days to shoot :) yes ... unthinkable in hollywood standards but absolutely doable here :))

it's still in it's last stage of final mix down at the dolby digital soundstage so we haven't got a release date as yet. but, we're planning for either a march or april release at the local cinemas. the total process for this movie took about one year. pre-production started in dec 2008 and the shoot proper happened between march 2009 - april 2009.

all casts and crew are malaysians, and the OST music for this movie was scored by various local indie/underground musicians.

P/S ... i am so proud of the hubster *blush* ^-^


  1. Congrats to your husband, how lucky you are to have a hubby as talented as yourself!

  2. I couldn't get it to play via blogger, but being an enterprising gal, I had a look on YouTube and found it there instead. I just love the internet! Looks brill, very exciting. So cool!!!!

  3. Oh Luthien, congratulations to your husband!


  4. Congratulations Luthien! Talent abounds in your cute little family! I couldn't understand one single word, but it was GREAT :)

  5. All this time I imagined your husband to be a doctor, I don't know why. I am so excited that he is an artist! I love Indy films. I don't watch Hollywood, unless it's a book I read.
    I jotted this down to watch for it on NETFLIX.
    Could take awhile, but I'm only 45 :0

  6. hey ladies :))
    thank you so much for your support!! it means so much to me and to him too :)) (he read all the comments :)

    priti.lisa :) a doctor?? LOLz!!

  7. Congratulations to your husband, Luthien! He's very talented. It looks so exciting! I wish I could understand it!

  8. oh my...this is wonderful,Luthien!
    I'll watch for and your hubby are both soooo creative...congratulations!

  9. congratulations! we'll be waiting!

  10. thank you ladies :))
    sorry you couldn't understand it ... it's in bahasa mixed with a little "malaysian-english" ... if we manage to get it out as a foreign movie there would be subtitles in english :) (hehehe... courtesy of moi actually :p)

  11. OMG Luthien!!! I'm absolutely speechless!! The movies looks amazing and you have to be the proudest wife on the planet!! Wish we could see it, any chance of English subtitles when it makes it to DVD? Congrats to you both!!♥♥

  12. sharon :)
    thank you :)) ^-^ i am very proud of him :)) and yes ... there will be subtitles ... i know, cos i was the one who wrote it :)) LOL!!!

  13. Congrats!!Creativity definitely runs in the family!

  14. Hi, Luthien.
    I'm so happy for your hubby's success and proud as a Malaysian too.


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