Dec 16, 2009

rustic bohemian

early last month mr L, a good friend of me and my hubby, mentioned that he wanted me to create a pendant for him. it was to be a christmas gift for the love of his life :) isn't that romantic :)) ... and guess what, i'd totally forgotten about it until he mentioned it again last week! that's not romantic :( ... fortunately it's still a week to christmas and thank goodness i dun have to ship it :p

so over the weekend i've been trying to contact my muse over sms, since she's somewhere playing snow, but progress has been slow due to communication breakdown. i told her that mr L's only condition is ... it has to be green. you would think that that's easy enough, since green is the favourite color of both me and my muse, but no ... we couldn't agree on the style *sigh* ... she wanted it to be rugged, but for some reason i'm feeling a little bohemian ... maybe it's becos of those wretched bills i had to pay, and now i'm sort of living the life of an impoverish artist :p

anyhow, we manage to come to an agreement after threatening that i'll fire her (with the clay :p). and to my surprise, combining polymer clay, antique gold filigree, shiny glass beads and rustic leather cords produced some interesting results! so sometimes it's alright to fight with your muse :))

this was the first piece i had in mind for mr L ... i had called it ... bohemian rhapsody

and since i was already starting the oven, i might as well bake a couple more stuff in there ... economies of scale, you understand :) and came up with 4 more pieces.




midnight rhapsody

i shall let mr L choose first before i list these in my etsy shop. i owe him that much for forgetting his gf's gift ... UGH!! i sure hope he likes at least one of these!

happy pimping! :)


  1. Oh wow - he'll probably buy the lot now! I'm getting in a panic as I don't know what to do for the IA challenge and as I'm hosting... the pressure's on....

  2. Luthien, your designs are just wonderful!! I love all of these :)


  3. Luthien! OMG! You are so talented..I love 3 of them, and believe me...(everyone know I have high sense in this) all of this is very pretty....

    midnight rhapsody is elegant.
    lara is so match with a dark lace dress.
    sofee is so match to go on day out.
    And konstacia is so great to go on everyday...^-^

    Above is only my though la, feel free to match with anything you like..

    A great hug to you, Luthien...

  4. I love the Bohemian Rhapsody piece!!Absolutely gorgeous!!

  5. These are so beautiful and romantic! I'm glad to hear that others have fights with their muses....and win!

  6. Hey Luthien, gorgeous pieces as usual! =) So happy to see you constantly creating.

  7. These are gorgeous Luthien, with such an other-worldly influence - wow!

  8. So gorgeous!!! The way you photograph your artwork is awesome too! Great work!

  9. they are all so beautiful!!! i hope mr l has as much trouble picking a fav as i do & he buys his love a second for valentines day!

  10. I love every one of these, and I do believe Mr. L will also. His sweetheart will fall in love with him all over again! I especially love the Bohemian Rhapsody.

  11. awww ladies :)) thank you very much for all you sweet sweet comments!! sorry i couldn't come back to you earlier, i was frantically rushing last minute orders from red envelope ... she wanted more more more elephant coasters and those are really really really labor intensive `` O_O '' ... this is my first christmas selling stuff, so i'm a little on the verge of turning into a headless chicken! i think i shall be more prepared next year! i hope!

    it just occurred to me that i haven't sent any cards or prepared christmas presents for my frens UGH!!

    anyhow, mr L chose konstacia becos his love preferred something simple :) however midnight rhapsody is also taken by another friend ... so i'm just listing the rest of the 3 in my etsy shop ... the adornment one :)

    ahhh... going back to elephants now and maybe some clay when i'm in between varnish :)) have a great weekend all :)) HUGS!!!!

  12. Gorgeous, as always! Your photos are getting really good too!

  13. I cannot believe how nice these creations of yours are! Especially the Bohemian Rhapsody and Midnight Rhapsody! You're so creative Luthien!


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