Dec 31, 2009

ready for the new year!

2009 is coming to an end and most of my frens think it's a good thing as this year has not been the best of years. we are all looking forward to 2010, may the new year bring to all of us renewed energy and spirit, lots of new opportunities and of course plenty of good health and happiness :) and to all my arty bloggie frens :)) ... may your 2010 be filled with buckets upon buckets of creative juices and manifestations of stunning new works of art :))

i for one have already prepared a couple of new collection for my etsy adornment shop. so far the response to my adornment shop have just been luke warm, not as "energetic" as my houseware shop :) but no matter ... i'm just glad to be creating and to have a place to showcase my work :) here's a peek of my latest dabbles in clay.

Random Beauty
- these are my latest experiments in the mokume gane technique, altho the way i've executed these pendants may not neccessarily be the most proper way to do it. but i really love the random beauty that came out on these.


lava & flo

Black Bohemian
- these are a continuity from my previous prototypes. if you have been following my previous exploits you would know that i've been contemplating resin finish. well, i did manage to find some resin and they turned out just beautiful! altho i did face the problem of over-spilling which i was ever ready for, since my pendants had no edges to them. i couldn't really expect the resin to reach the edge and then do a perfect balancing act now could i! but i seriously adore these! they are just statement pieces!

meet my favorite girls :)

bella, arya & rosalie

alice, rosalie, arya, victoria & bella

these pieces will all be on sale in my ithilien shop on january 1st 2010 to celebrate the start of the new year :))

happy new year to all of you and see you next year!!

& happy pimping! :)


  1. Wow these are all so amazing.The colors just pop out at you.I love playing with clay too....I'm still learning though.There is so much love in each and every piece.Bravo to you Luthien!!Warmest Regards,Cat

  2. Wow! Luthien. All of so beautiful..The first piece is so stunning.
    I can see you have found the solution for the paint.
    Good luck for your new product.

    Happy New Year to your too!

    P.S: My place is celebrating now, I can hear the sound from here.

  3. These are beautiful Luthien! I really love this new technique. I love the very colorful ones. I'm sure they will do fantastically in your shop!

    I hope you have the most beautiful, happy, healthy, and INSPIRING 2010!!


  4. Luthien, these are beautiful!

    I hope you will have a wonderful New Year!


  5. luthien, these are all absolutely gorgeous! i am on board with the bring in the new... 2009 had wonderful moments, but challenges for sure... your mokume pendants are beautiful, but the black bohemians - wow! all the best to you, my middle earth friend!!

  6. Luthien you are one of the most creative people I have had the pleasure to know; your energy, passion and love for life just shines through your words and your work! Thanks for being so inspiring this last year :)
    Oh and I love the new pieces and colour schemes - they're just yummy! xxx

  7. thank you so much ladies!! for all your support and love notes that i look forward to read each day :)) without you all ... i could never have made it so far creatively :)) BIG BIG HUGS!! and may the new year be a blast for everyone :))

  8. Dear Sweet Luthien,

    It has been a long time since we have written.

    I miss you and wish you a very Happy New Year.

    Thank you for stopping by my new blog.

  9. OMG!!!! these are simply awesome Luthien!!! as always, u amazed me again~~~ Happy new year!

  10. Gawd girl!! Your work is always awe inspiring and gorgeous - I'm forever blown away by you!!!

  11. Wow, Luthien! Congrats! These are stunning, and I love them! Could you not make a removeable edge on your pieces to hold the resin in place till it sets? Funny thing, I recieved some resin for Christmas, and was wondering what I can do with it. (Different kind of resin though) Happy New Year to you, and yours! :)

  12. I'm a bit late in saying it, but HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!


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Luthien :)