Dec 21, 2009

of elephants, whistles, clippers and canes ...

the end of last week has been a little crazy becos i had a last minute request for my elephant coasters. i had to churn out 3 sets in 2 days. seems simple enough but ... i had to wrestle with running out of ink and friday being a public holiday so i couldn't buy ink, plus, my new printer doesn't give me the same blue color as my old (i hate it when my blues and greens dun turn out the way i want) and i have to re-color my turquoise and green elephants digitally so that they came out closest to my old printer's color. on top of that, i usually only craft between 11pm to 5am when everyone's asleep and i can concentrate. finally, 4 coats of varnish can be hassle when you have to rush an order. simply put,

moi +elephant coasters = headless chicken

anyhow, i manage to complete the coasters and was even able to re-list one set in my etsy store! whoot!

over the weekend, i've finally had time to make some simple christmas presents for our yearly christmas eve gathering at chris'. i made some bookmarks and mobile phone charms, and then me being me, i wanted some more varieties. but ... *no bulb appears on top of luthien's head*

every saturday and sunday, we would bring llara kaye to the malls for lunch, ice-cream and some fun, i made it a point to be a little more observant last weekend, perhaps spy on some ideas for prezzies :) luck has it ... i did!!

i was quite pleased with these, that i made 2 extra ones for my etsy shop!

although it came in a totally boring and clinical packaging, i was still delighted when i found this whistle! becos i instantly knew i could make this potentially life-saving device look pretty and gift-worthy!

anyone of you carry this essential in your handbags? i do. and the ones i get from the pharmacies are really really unattractive. now nail clipper bearers all over the world can clip their nails in style :)

i am tickled pink with these two, especially the clipper! i've always believed in the concept of practical things can be made pretty too :) all my prezzies are now in check ... woohoo!!

OH! *embarassed* one last thing, i made my first polymer cane leaf last night :) it's non-too-pretty, but it does look like a leaf :) it should get better with more practice!

happy pimping! :)


  1. Hello My Friend! Sorry I haven't been around lately to visit you. I have caught up and you continue to amaze me girl! You're doing so well with your Etsy shop and your creations are beyond beautiful. I wish I had your eye and skill for making things that just take everyone's breath away. Also, congratulations to your husband on the movie. It looks to be exciting, even if I didn't understand all the language in it. :) Merry Christmas to you and the family. *BIG HUGS* xxoo

  2. Luthien, I love all of these presents! The recipients will be so pleased! Leave it to you to make gorgeous-ness out of something practical.

    Your cane leaves are so pretty. I know you will do something special with them ~ can't wait to see what!

    Happy Holidays to you and your family and friends! Wish we were not so far apart, I would give you a hug in person!

    *cyber hugs*,

  3. Hi Luthien!
    I know the feeling of churning out last minute requests...always easier said than done...whew!
    I made it to my finish line too!

    What great new ideas for gifts! I really like the are so very clever!

    Merry wishes and love to you and your family...
    and give that sweet,sweet little girl an extra pinch of love from me :)

  4. Wow, girl, you've been so busy! I've left this week to finish our family presents- everyone always wants a, time for ME to get busy! I LOVE the whistle and clippers; you always have the most clever ideas!

  5. Wow, those leaves are so cool - very clever indeed! We all seem such busy bees lately. I think I might be getting a cold :( I have to go out and brave the snow in a minute... Brrrr.....

  6. Hi Luthien,

    I read you every time you post (I am a subscriber), but this time of year I find it hard to comment. Love your art, always have.

    Love the leaf!


  7. You always make such pretty things! And I think those little leaves you made from the clay cane look great! :)

  8. beautiful work! i've never seen such an elegant nail clipper!

  9. hey i love everything! and you do such a fabulous job... and i am wondering how you function the rest of the day with the hours you keep!! the cane looks great... stop being so hard on yourself...

  10. I love your elephant coasters.

  11. Hi Luthien,
    Oh, I want to be your friend. lol
    These gifts are gorgeous-you clever gal.
    Merry Christmas.

  12. Hi Luthien,
    You have a very great talent in making this stuff. The leaf amazed me, really..Reading every stuff you post is a enjoyment.
    Thanks for your hint of the Christmas tree, I went there and left some love.

  13. awwww ladies :))) thank you soooooo much for all you sweet sweet comments on my "novelties" gifts and ^O^ the cane leaf :) i made more last night and i think they are slightly improved now :)) i'm gonna make some more!! i dunno for what yet, but i sorta got addicted ... i'm sure they'll be of use later. now i want to find a way to make them bigger!

    and maire LOL i function alright ... i still get like 6-7 hours sleep each day, just not at a humanly time :) it's good to have a mother in law around! she's my angel :)

  14. That's so cool that you made your first cane and I think it came out beautifully!! Love, love, love the nail clippers too, we don't have anything like the one you used here in the States. They're even more boring here.
    I hope you enjoy a wonderful rest of the week dear friend!♥

  15. I love them all, the elephants are so bright and really beautiful. My Mum just adores elephants off to check out your shop. ♥


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