Dec 2, 2009

it was totally unintentional ...

... that i made my first digital collage (if you can call it that ...)

today i was mucking around at the sound studio, hubby was working on the final mix-down for his film. i was utterly bored cos there was no internet access *sigh* ... i thought i might as well open the GIMP and try to twiddle with it and see if i can learn something new.

i've always wondered how people can change the colors in a photograph, so specifically. like how to make certain colors pop, and other colors fade into the background. so i did what i always do ... experiment ...

i wanted to do something with "nature" ... so i looked through my photo collection on my laptop and oooo ... saw my wedding pictures!! now these we "nature" enough! we took our wedding pictures in a forest reserve, LOTRs style!

... and after a couple of hours ...

i dunno if you can make it out here, but i manage to change the colors of some leaves! i made them purple :) woohoo!!

now that got me into the mood so i played on ... i took another wedding picture and proceeded to experiment.

and thanks to lisa from the wright stuff (another of our darling teammate @ IA) i kept thinking of edward cullen today! lisa sent me an email this morning. she actually sent me robert pattinson's face aka edward cullen (one that she tweaked) ... provoking me in every possible way, especially since i just went to watch new moon yesterday :p .

.. so out came my favourite edward cullen poster! amongst other stuff ... an antique music sheet, a clock and the pendant that i designed for my wedding :)

anyhow ... after about 6 hours in the sound studio (yes ... 6 hours!! dun laugh those of you who are experts in this field) ... this is the result.

i never intended to make a collage! but you know how sometimes one thing can lead to another? i know i know ... nothing to scream about (well ...except for rPattz) but ... it's my first. and all first times are sweet :) and tonight i shall dream of a vampire ... *sigh*

happy pimping! :)


  1. Oh wow, this is SO cool!! It's funny, cause I was just hunting around online today for digital collaging techniques and tips - I'm aching to try one! You really did a super job Luthien, and I love the way you seemed to turn the sheet music and watch sideways, very cool!!♥

  2. WOW, this is truly FANTASTIC, Luthien! Just gorgeous!
    I have an award for you on my blog!:)
    Lots of love, Sanda xx

  3. are so darling :) I love the collage and I especially love the picture of you in your wedding are just a vision.


  4. i like it! great work!

  5. That's so cool! And I love that you had your wedding photos done at a forest reserve- I'm hoping to have an outdoor fantasy themed wedding. :)

  6. sharon :)
    awww... thank you :)) isn't it uncanny sometimes how the universe manifest things? the clock and the music sheet, i didn't actually turn them, i just lengthen them ... it's so cool that you brought this up ... now that i see it your way, they do look as if they've been turned at an angle .. must remember this :))

    sanda :)
    thank you :)) and wow!! thank you for the award :))

    lulu :)
    oh :) you're so sweet :)) thank you for the very lovely comment my sweet fren :))

    marbella :)
    thank you very much luv :))

    merily :)
    thank you :) yea... we wanted (or rather i wanted) a LOTRs style sort of wedding... so the woods was definitely no 1 on the list :)) since i can't do rivendall or gondor ;) ... hey!! may your dreams of having an outdoor fantasy wedding come true!!

  7. Hey that is absolutely brilliant - glad I inspired you with the Edward idea. The hours can certainly drift away when you get creative! If this is your first attempt then you'll be blowing us away with your second. I can't believe it was a first attempt - it is so cool. Love it. Love it. Love it.
    PS tickets booked for New Moon on Saturday afternoon!

  8. Wow this is amazing! I wish *I* had photoshop, and then even knew what to do with it!
    I love all the layers, and how the pendant becomes central to the image.

  9. This is your first?? Well I think it's FANTASTIC!!

  10. Luthien your look stunning on your wedding pictures! And this is so lovely - kind of like a watercolour feel almost. Does your husband know you are super-imposing Edward to your wedding photos lol??

  11. lisa :)
    thank you thank you!! i'm glad you like my "midnight bride" (yea... that's what i'm callin it ... i'm shameless ;P) collage :)) ooooo ... enjoy new moon then ... not so much edward, but i think you'll really enjoy jacob in this one ;)

    stephanie :)
    thank you :)) i'm also finding my way around photo editing and digital art :) i dun think i'll be as expert as some of our teammates, i'll just be satisfied if i can tweak a little here and change a little there :))

    julia :)
    thank you very much! yes... this is my first, and i really think it's just fluke :) anyhow i really enjoyed the process!

    angie :)
    awww.... thank you hon :)) that was quite some years back ;) the watercolor feel is probably attributed to the tea stain effects i added (that's the only effect i know how to use so far .. LOL!!) as for my hubby ... yea, he knows :) he's the first person i showed it to :) he just smirked ... he's just so use to his unrealistically delirious-giddy-teenager wifey, it doesn't bother him anymore :)) i suspect if he did know how to make a digital collage... he'll have megan fox's face super-imposed into HIS wedding pictures ;P

  12. Luthien, this is gorgeous! Are you sure it's your first attempt haha! Looks like you have been making dig. collages forever! I love the composition and the colors; everything just flows beautifully. Watch out, you may become addicted to making these ;D.


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