Nov 3, 2009

winter shopping extravaganza

there are soooo many wonderful people on bloggie land and they are all my frens!! YEAHHH!!! LOL!! i feel uplifted ... seriously! becos there are good people in this world :)

my fren, small footprints (cute name isn't it :)) at reduce footprints is throwing a winter shopping extravaganza. and i think she rock for doing this! from now until thanksgiving day, all artisans who have handmade shops can go to this link and leave your shop name, your site's URL and your handmade category (eg, jewelry, houseware, soaps) in her comments box. and since reduce footprints is a GREEN blog ... if you make eco friendly stuff ... you are encouraged to state that as well :)) we all like to give something back to mother nature since we've taken so much from her already.

she will then collect all our links, and on thanksgiving day all our links will go live on her blog through winter!! anyone who wants to shop till they drop, can go to her blog ... and find everyone's shops, and all sorts of stuff on her sidebar!! isn't that a great idea and dun you think she is brilliant for supporting handmade artisans and fellow bloggers this way?? so plssssssss ... click on everything on here... it all goes to her winter shopping extravaganza post and put your details down. spread the word too ok!! good stuff are meant to be shared!! :))

there are good people in this world :))

oh by the way ... the annual green web awards are accepting nominations and, if you think my fren's blog, reduce footprints, is worthy, pls put in a nomination for her ok :) Here's the direct link to nominate
and here's reduce footprint's URL :)

i leave you with SILVER DUST...

happy pimping! :)


  1. What a wonderful thing for your friend to do. I will make sure to visit her!

    I love Silver Dust! It's gorgeous Luthien, well done!


  2. Another gorgeous bookmark Luthien!! Where are they for sale? Etsy? Love love them!!! xo

  3. Luthien,

    Oh how I have missed you and your beautiful blog.

    It's good to be back.

    I hope you have been well.

    Love Melissa

  4. What a wonderful thing to do for others and I adore your newest creation (and the title), absolutely beautiful!!♥

  5. This is such a nice idea - I've added my details and will nominate your friend too. Thanks for passing this on :)
    Love the new bookmark too - it's just beautiful! xxx

  6. lulu :)
    thank you very much!! yea... see ya at the extravaganza!!

    michele :)
    thank you for purchasing dream realm from me :)) it's on the way!! woohoo!!

    melissa :)
    i've missed you too :)) i'm well ... hope you are too :)

    sharon :)
    yup!! i can imagine the list would be long!!! thank you so much for the sweet comment :))

    angie :)
    YAY!!! and thanks for supporting my fren :)) thank you MUAX!!


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Luthien :)