Nov 20, 2009

weekly challenge - romance

it's all about love and romance on inspiration avenue this week :) normally when i think of romance, i think of roses, ephemera and collectibles, images of vintage ladies, old-world artifacts or a secluded cabin near the sea. and sometimes when i'm really in the mood ... i'll daydream that i'm in a transylvanian castle with the count himself, or in a victorian mansion with edward cullen or maybe in the old compton house with bill ... yea ... all my gothic romance fantasies come alive :))

but alas! all my daydreamin' did not turn into reality this week (not that they ever did *grumble*) ... instead i made these :)

well, at least the roses and the vintage lady are there ...

these are made with polymer clay, and glass cabochons. i've been wanting to do something with the little glass drops for ages. they are so cute! i was really inspired by an artist i found on flickr ... Alkhymeia. she's just fantastic with her clay and wire work, you will know what i mean when you visit her on her flickr or at her website ... your jaws will most certainly drop, i guarantee it! the details, the intricate workmanship, the creativity, the artistry and the beauty of it all ... tell me if you're not inspired by her work ...

as for my pendants ... ^_^ la di da di di da la di da ...
i guess you know what i mean ... :p

having said that ... i really like the color on this one. as the world already know i'm a blue and green girl :) when i was making this i thought of wedgewood. (ok... i know it dun look too much like wedgewood ... but it did come from there, first!)

i remember when i was a kid, my dad use to bring home wedgewood items each time he came back from a business trip in the UK. uncle wilkinson would get every girl in the house a piece ... and trust me, there were plenty of girls in the house! when i was a kid, we lived like an extended family ... my uncles and aunties were all living under the same roof... my house's roof that is :) and uncle wilkinson would get us all wedgewood trinket boxes, little vases, plates and so on. oh mind you ... uncle wilkinson is not my real uncle, he's dad's very very old friend and first foreign business associate (uncle wilkinson has passed by the way) ... but kids from a chinese family were always taught to address anyone of their parents age or older, 'uncle' or 'aunty' ... out of respect. i still teach my daughter to call my friends 'uncle' and 'aunty' :)

ok ... gone off path ... coming back to wedgewood ... i love to sit and just stare at the little white designs or "grecian" people embossed on the blue ceramics and weave stories about them. and sometimes when we get an occasional green wedgewood from uncle wilkinson, i would totally be delirious!! ... i think that's where my fascination for blues and greens come from, seriously!

anyhow, back to the romance theme ... now i dunno why i can't just let thing be. you would have thought that the pendants were my challenge entries? well... not. i had to do this to them ...

all because i saw this lovely piece of lace at the haberdasher shop today and fell totally in love with it! GAAAAA ....

well ... now it's sort of like attached to the lace ... the pendants are easily interchangeable tho. my dilemma is, what would i do with these!? but dun the lace just accentuate the feeling of romance? i guess maybe my christmas tree needs a bit of love this year ;)

happy pimping! :)


  1. It's always such a pleasure to read your posts! I love the thought of you weaving stories about your wedgwood. My parents had some plates with a chinese pattern on - very traditional I think, blue on white - people by pagodas and on little bridges in flower gardens! Anyway, I used to do the same - weave stories!
    Anyway, onto your delightful pendants - stunning! Shall we weave some romantic stories about these ladies??

  2. Luthien, these are exquisite! I do love them with the beautiful lace. Or without...I love them either way!

    I enjoyed your story about the wedgewood, and kids addressing grownups as "uncle" and "aunty"! It's a good way to teach respect, something that's sadly missing in a lot of kids today. Good for you, raising your daughter that way! I'll bet she is just as sweet as she looks!

  3. BEAUTIFUL pendants my dear! Ok, now should I call you Winnie or Luthien? FB has me confused :)
    No matter, LOVE you and your work!

  4. These polymer pendants are just lovley Luthien :) - polymer is something I haven't tried working with yet, but afte seeing your lovely pendants, I want to give them a try :D (not yet tho, have so many little projects on the go at the moment, must finish them first) - cheers Val xo

  5. These are lovely! Perfect for Romance, this week. I love Wedgewood pieces. I do not have blue in my home, so they would not work but I always admire the work and the details. TGIF! Have a beautiful weekend.

  6. What a lovely article to start my day with :) (haven't had my dose of coffee yet by the way)..the pendant is simply gorgeous, so love the way u weave the polymer clay to form the frame..and the lace.. hmm.. very sexy! Have a nice weekend! :)

  7. Oh, so beautiful, dahling! I went to see New Moon with my daughter tonite... I'd love to be locked in a gothic castle with Edward....*teehee*
    I'm in love!

  8. Equisitely designed and beautiful colors!
    Great work!

  9. so romantic! makes me want to go read Jane Austen or something. :D

  10. lisa :)
    LOL!! looks like we're both daydreamers :)) isn't it great to immerse oneself in a make-believe world? i find it so relaxing and just liberating! cos anything goes in my world :)) thank you so much for your sweet comment!! xoxo

    maggie :)
    awww... thank you so much my sweet fren :)) yea... sadly i think cultures are slowly fading ... so i guess it's up to us whether we continue to let it fade or try to at least keep some of it alive :)) as for little llara ... all i can say is ... looks can be deceiving!!

    darla :)
    hahaha!! well... everyone here knows me as luthien ;) LOL!! awww... thank you for the sweet comment hon :))

    val :)
    thank you!! hahaha!! another one who loves to try out new stuff ... i'm exactly like that! but make sure you have time when you try polymer ... it's addictive!!

    tammy :)
    thank you sweet fren :)) wedgewood IS one of the loveliest things in the world :))have a beautiful weekend yourself luv!!

    mellie :)
    thank you :)) oooo ... you coffee too??? hahaha!! i was like kinda scared that the glass would drop out but it didn't ... so the frame works!! you have a lovely weekend too :))

    christina :)
    thank you so much!! OMG!! i'm so jealous! new moon is not out yet here!! arghhhhhhh!!!!! locked in gothic castle with edward cullen sounds real good to me ... well ... i'll even take locked in the toilet with him!!

    sadia :)
    thank you so very much!! and thank you for visiting :))) looking forward to seeing you again :)))

    julia :)
    hee hee hee... thank you!! that means i've suceeded :)) woohoo!!

  11. Oh Luthien these are absolutely amazing!! I'm always SO stunned at your diversity for style and techniques, truly inspirational!!♥

  12. I love working with pics under glass cabs, too! Your clay detail is so very lovely, and the palettes you chose are fabulous.

  13. sharon :)
    awww... thanks!! you are so sweet :) that's probably also my downfall ... i could never be a real artist cos i can't stick to one thing and i dun have a signature style :)) but i guess what's important is the enjoyment of the journey itself :))

    mermaiden :)
    thank you very much my sweet fren :)) this is my first try ... but definitely not my last with glass cabs!! :))

  14. Oh I love them! They are stunning. Those soft, dreamy colors. Bravo!

  15. This is my first time here but wanted to stop and tell you that your "romance" is devine! I am so glad I found you via Art Insirations.

  16. i'm a green & blue kinda girl too! beautiful pendants & the lace does add just a tad more romance...great choice! such an old world, soft, romantic visual delight!

  17. Utterly romantic and beautiful, Luthien! The pinks and greens are gorgeous together. I love the lace you bought too - I couldn't have left that there either :)

  18. oh this is so romantic! The lace adds so much to it. Very Victorian! I'm such a dreamer too,,,,but aren't we all?? I want to see New Moon but I'm going to wait for the crowds to die down a little. Love all the gothic romances as well. Getting lost in a dark castle with the count....right up my imaginations alley...teehee.

  19. chris :)
    thank you hon :)) usually i use stronger colors and was a little skeptical at first with the soft palette. glad they didn't turn out too badly :))

    sharon :)
    thank you so much for visiting :) and thank you for the sweet comment! hope to see you again :))

    pat :)
    YAY!! blue and green rules!! lol!! thank you so much luv :)) lace is such a fab invention isn't it!

    angie :)
    thank you hon :)) oh yea... when i was buying the lace i thought of you cos you do use lots of laces in your work!! esp white-cream laces ;)

    charlie :)
    thank you!! and... woohoo!! finally found someone who dreams of vampires like me :)) oooo... i'm so wanting to watch new moon ... i'll probably end up like a screaming teenager *sigh*

  20. Great work Luthien, your creations are lovely :)


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