Nov 23, 2009

something new

call me anything you want but i've only just discovered the delights of a mobile phone charm.

i have probably noticed them on my young nieces' and friends' phones, but it never stuck (in my memory). however last saturday, when i was at my supplies shop, a couple of samples of the little black string thingys caught my attention. it's funny how things that you never paid attention to suddenly becomes an item of interest when you turn into a bored crafter (like moi) in search of something new to make :)

so ... without further ado ... i present to you ... my selection of mobile phone charms ...

these will be in my etsy store ... and i was thinking perhaps a "choose 4 out of 7" sorta concept?

now ... i'm NOT trying to insult anyone's intelligence here ... just my own. cos i had to ask the girls at the supplies shop ... exactly how to attach these on the mobile phone!! yes ... it's that embarrassing >_< !! the girls looked at me kinda weird, then smirked a little before they proceeded to "educate" me on the techniques of attaching the phone charm thingy to the phone *sigh* now i know what it feels like to be laughed at by a couple of 20 year olds ... in vengeance ... i decided to make "a pictorial illustration of how to attach a phone charm to a mobile phone" ... take that you 20 year olds!!

1. prepare mobile phone (courtesy of a sleeping hubby) and phone charm (preferably from pimp & paint ;)

2. Detach the charm from the clasp (for easy application)

3. find the wretchedly microscopic holes on your mobile phone

* certain phones have it at the top corners, and certain phones have it at the bottom corners

4. push the edge of the black thread thingy into one of the holes

5. take about 15 minutes to get it in and out the other end

* i just found out that for some phones, if you remove the battery cover, it makes it easier to get the thread in.

6. pass the clasp end through the loop end

7. tug and secure (finally!)

8. re-attach the charm to the clasp

9. WALLAH!!!!

from being oblivious, i am now absolutely in love with these! i have one hanging off my phone (TA-DA!!) and i make sure that the charm constantly hangs out of my pants pocket ... what a show off! :p

happy pimping!

P/S ... i found out in the comments that many of your phones dun have holes!! but some phones have like little clasps instead of holes (below) and this one had it's battery cover removed before i could slip the thread through ... could your phones have clasps instead of holes too? i dunno about i-phones tho ... perhaps these high tech ones really dun have holes!

happy thanksgiving!! :)

i will be off to bangkok from thursday 26/11 to monday 30/11 for work ... see ya and remember to keep some turkey for me :))


  1. Oh wow Luthien! This is a great idea!! These are all beautiful!

  2. Those are awsome!!! I just looked at my phone...didn't even realize those holes were there!!! Had to gouge out the lint from the holes tho....

  3. so much fun! they are great... and i like it hanging out of your pocket! :0)

  4. yeah, i love these, i've been thinking of adding this to my shop. i have mine sticking out my pocket too; it's a little jewelry for your pocket :)

  5. Hi Luthien,
    Ah, so funny. Love the latest phone charms and your explaination to attach to phones.

    Believe it or not, I don't have one of these tiny holes. My Nokia E51 is not meant to have pretty dangly bits on it. Boo Hoo

  6. Pretty cool, Luthien! I did not know that phones had little holes like that, I will have to go check my phone! These are adorable, and I'm sure you will sell tons of them!!

  7. My phone is so fancy they forgot the hole! Can you believe it, all this tecky stuff and no hole to hang your beauties from. Drats!
    Thank you for stoppin' in and leaving such a sweet comment. I LOVE bloggyville. We would never have met....
    thanks again,

  8. These are exquisitely designed Luthien !I love the silver look ! A cool demonstration of how to attach them....Take care and thanks for your comments.

  9. darla :)
    thank you very much :))

    maire :)
    thank you :) hehehe ... i'm such a show off!!

    elenka :)
    thank you :) LOL!! you are not alone ... you are not alone ...

    marbella :)
    thanks! such a cool thingy isn't it ... and i like "jewelry for the pocket"!! never thot of it that way :)

    anna :)
    thank you!! really??!! not in any corners?? apparently some are at the top corners of the phone.

    maggie :)
    awww... thank you :)) yea... for a while i didn't know that as well ... but now ... muahahahahahaha!!!!

    sadia :)
    thank you :)) i love your art ... they're so cool!!

    sharon :)
    aww.. thank you :)) yes... i love bloggie world too :)) met so many wonderful artists and beautiful friends :)))

  10. These are so beautiful, I wonder how hard it would be for you to make one like your Lor-ada (sp?) dreamcatcher?

  11. This comment has been removed by the author.

  12. thank you stephanie :)
    hmmm... making a tiny lor-Arda would be a challenge! can't make it too big cos it'll look horrid on a handphone ... perhaps take the hoop from design 5 and try to maneuver a baby dreamcatcher out of that ... woah!! challenging!! but now you've got me thinkin'!!

  13. WOW, Luthien, these are sooo adorable! What a fantastic idea! But, I just check my mobile and I don't have any holes.:(
    Lots of love, Sanda xx

  14. Luthien,

    Happy Thanksgiving!


  15. ohh those charms are beautiful! I have a little jewelled dragonfly on mine (^_^)

  16. Your charms are adorable Luthien - bet they do really well! And I'm glad it's not just me who didn't know mobiles had holes to hang these from - off to examine my phone!! Have a great trip hon xxx

  17. You're so amazing and creative!! I just adore your tutorials too because there are always those who are afraid to ask and people like you are right there to lend a hand - a true gem!♥

    You know these also make beautiful zipper pulls on hoodies too. ;-)

    Enjoy your trip and safe travels dear one!♥♥

  18. Dear Luthien (What a gorgeous name!) Thank you for visiting my blog! Also, thanks for telling me where you found me! I always wonder how people end up on my blog. Your work is exquisite and I see that you enjoy many of the things that I too enjoy: dance, making things, jewelry....the list goes on! Please come back again! I am not sure which blog of yours you work on the most, but they are all so very beautiful. I love your header!! Have a wonderful day, Anita

  19. sanda :)
    thank you! LOL!! another one with no holes :)) i need to investigate all of my frens' phones to find out which models have no holes.

    melissa :)
    hope you had a real nice thanksgiving my fren :))

    chloe :)
    thank you :)) ah!! finally!! your phone has holes!!

    angie :)
    thank you :)) hehehe ... so does yours have holes??

    sharon :)
    thank you!! oh wow! you are right! these will look so cute on hoodies zippers!!

    anita :)
    thank you very much :) i will definitely visit you again :)) and yes ... this blog is my most active blog :)) hope to see you again here too :))


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