Nov 10, 2009

mighty fun!

HAH!! once i got pass the fear of having over-"burn" photographs and my puffy pair of asian eyes got used to them ... i had a mega time creating compositions with them! well ... photo compositions that is. i know my dear teammate tali must be rolling on the floor from laughing at me cos she's done this the whole of her photographing life ... but hey! i'm a newbie so i'm allowed to feel delirious and act silly when my compositions turned out looking ... erm... well ... nice :) ... at least to me they are :)

this is was my entry for inspiration avenue "frosty" week ... lor-Arda the dreamcatcher

and this is suncatcher which i called "the path" ... inspired by a dreamcatcher :p

yea... yea... i got carried away :) ... i stretched them so that they look bigger in my facebook page ...these would never make the cut into etsy :)) ah well ...

i prefer the composition that combines both the white backgrounds and the green backgrounds. looks more interesting dun you think?

right ... before i go off to play some more, i shall leave you with some christmas ornaments i made :) YES!! it's christmas season again and this is the first time i'm making christmas ornaments!! YAY!! these are going into my etsy shop right after this post :)

happy pimping! :)


  1. Haha, luthien you're funny! You did a good job here!!
    I actually like the second from top composition. The images work well together in that combo.

  2. yay, christmas! we're allowed to start thinking about it now, right? your ornaments look very beautiful =)

  3. I would love to learn how to do this! Well done Luthien, all the photos look wonderful!


  4. oh, so dazzling- all light and shiny...i'm mesmerized :D

  5. Luthien, Wow, so pretty and sparkle-ly...these ornaments would look so pretty catching the sunlight!

    That PhotoShop is so over my head, it might as well be on the moon.

    I ask Mia to help me with my PhotoShop program...she always gets frustrated with me :(

    Oh well, there's still time to teach myself...someday!
    xox, Lisa

  6. tali :)
    hehehe :)) thanks luv :)) ok ... i'll keep that in mind ... i see what you mean. i haven't thought of putting pics that look nice in a group yet ... my frame of mind is still putting pics that show all the different angles of an item. and those pics may not look good as a group :) thanks for the insight!

    trudi :)
    YES!!! of course we're allowed to start thinking about christmas!!! YAY!! and thank you for the sweet comment :)

    lulu :)
    thank you hon!! yes ... we should learn photoshop together :))

    mermaiden :)
    LOL!! hahaha ... mesmerized sounds like a really nice feeling to me!

    lisa :)
    thank you luv :) yea... i know... the young ones get frustrated with us techtards easily! good thing they dun disown us too!! lolz!!!

  7. Simply, wow!!!!

    Thank you for the kind words which you always leave me. You are a dear friend.

    Love Melissa

  8. Luthien, I just have to tell you how much your comment about VernaAnn on my blog means to me. It brought tears to my eyes and it's why I wanted to share her story to begin with. I wanted as many people as possible to know of her and be moved by her story♥
    You are amazing and thank you again, for EVERYTHING ;)

  9. Isn't it fun to play around with manipulating images? Yours look great!!

    I love your Christmas ornies too!

  10. I adore watching you play, you always discover the coolest things!!♥

  11. melissa :)
    thank you :)) you constantly in my heart :))

    darla :)
    thank you :) ... you rock for doing this for the family!

    maggie :)
    awww... thank you luv ^_^ :)

    sharon :)
    hehehe... i'm like a big kid at heart that refuses to grow old!! tho i'm feeling it ... when i sprained my shoulder with no apparent reason and couldn't move for 3 days!! UGH!!

  12. Your dream- and suncatchers are outstanding.
    Lovely work!

  13. thank you for your sweet words janine :))


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Luthien :)