Nov 13, 2009

making blog pictures larger ... and SPAM!!

ok ... let's start with SPAM first.

in the last week, my old posts have been attacked by SPAM messages! by a certain entity who calls himself "anonymous". so since i can't locate his profile, i will just send him this message here.

dear anonymous,
i dun think you should waste your time sending me messages on where i can get viagra anymore... simply becos i dun need it :) thank you for your concern with regards to my performance ... but please do something better with your life. anyhow ... i have changed my comments status to NOT allowing people named anonymous to leave comments, and so just you know ... i am still moderating all my comments :)
thank you for your time and have a creative week (doing something else)!

right ... that's settled ...

now onto something exciting i found while googling!! (perhaps most of you already know this trick but i'll share it anyway ... hehehe).

i dunno how many of you have noticed that my images are larger on the blog now? i've always been a visual person so i love big images, and i always prefer writings that go with lots of pictures ... i found a way to make the pictures on the blog larger :)

becos each blog layout in blogspot would set a limit to the size of uploaded images, so regardless how large your original image is, it will still shrink to that "set" size. to enlarge the "set" size you'll have to tweek the HTML codes each time you load an image ... and here's how...

1. after you upload an image, go to the "Edit Html" tab on the top right and click.

2. you will find your uploaded images in the form of a bunch of HTML codes ... like this :

the picture will look this size at it's largest :

3. there are 3 things you have to change in the HTML code (ie... the ones in red). get the proportions of your image right and change it to your required size, keeping in mind the maximum width of your blog post area. mine's set to 540px wide so i won't make my images larger than 540px in width. also consider that your images will look better with some margin on either sides.

the first 2 numbers i changed are the width and the height of the image. now... i'm not sure why you have to change the s400 to s800 ... but when i tried to keep it at s400, and my image came out just a little blur, although it did go larger. maybe that's similar to "pulling" the image larger with the cursor... the image gets larger but the clarity drops becos you are enlarging a small image. make sense?

so after changing the 3 numbers in red, the image will be this size :

BIG isn't it!!?? and not much drop in the clarity. i over-did this a little just to make the difference clearer ... but you can always try out different sizes :) the only thing you have to keep in mind is the proportion of the image.

hope you found that interesting too :)

happy pimping! :)


  1. Wow, Luthien, that's good to know! Thank you!! I get a little frustrated with Blogger: it's easy to use, but the creativity is limited. Since I'm new to blogging, I am sticking with "easy" lol! So it's good to know a few tricks to be able to tweak things!

    {Hope you got rid of the annoying "anonymous". Boo to spammers!}

  2. Those others that have SO little to do is precisely why I have comment moderation :) It's a good thing!

    Thank you so much for telling me about sizing the pictures!


  3. thanks for the helpful info. i'm still on the low end of the blog learning curve & all info helps me grow! have a great weekend! pat

  4. Thanks so much for this info. on making pic. larger...I can't wait to try this.

  5. hey ladies :)
    glad you found that interesting :)) i was quite delirious when i discovered it while googling :)) have a great weekend!!

  6. Great info Luthien! Thanks for sharing this!
    I must say, the piece in your photo is AMAZING! So very pretty!!
    Sorry about anonymous......there are too many people in this world that spend too much time just being idiots :) I am only idiotic on a few occasions and then it's purely by accident. We all need balance! hehe

  7. Yep,becareful of spams.I get it too sometimes.Just make sure you install the anti-virus in your computer too!Btw,great job on the pics!p/s- Do you remember the old metrojaya in Sec 14 near FAB?It's now a digital mall.Perhaps you can get some software(arty ones) and install in your computer.It will definitely give you more choices in enchancing your pics..

  8. I've been getting hit by spammers recently too...annoying. Love the larger pics!

  9. Oh you're SO amazing!! I don't know how you find all these fabulous tools but ♫thank you♫!! ;-D

  10. Hi Luthien, thanks for that hint and for leaving such a nice comment under my latest post.
    Have a great sunday and don´t worry about the idiotic spammers.

  11. Thanks so much, Luthien, for sharing this info! Super!
    Have a wonderful week, lots of love, Sanda xx

  12. Thanks for sharing that tip my friend. I'm always looking for ways to make my picture bigger and clearer. Also hope you don't get anymore anonymous posters. xxoo

  13. Obviously it is only me that has a dirty mind... but it's rather funny that you start the post talking about viagra and finish on how to make things bigger... Tee Hee! Revenge on the spammer!

  14. sweet ladies :))
    i glad you found the tip useful!! everyone loves a larger image ... and
    LISA!!! hahahaha!!! i didn't even notice that!! but yea... OMG, you are right ... LOL!!

  15. LOL are you sure you don't need viagra?? LOL! too funny! Thanks for the photo tip! Very cool!! Love love my bookmark :o) Making very good use of it! xo

  16. viagra?? how come these people don't take two seconds to have a look at where they post their comments? and when you post a comment, it says "comment moderation has been enabled" and you have to enter a code - seriously, do these people we don't read comments before we publish them? if i were a spammer (if that's a word), i'd be a lot more efficient than this guy =D

  17. oh, you don't use the code thingy, do you? i'd try that, maybe instead of blocking anonymous commenters (maybe in a while when this person has given up) i get some very nice comments from anonymouses - and my worst spam comment ever came from someone with a google account...

  18. Hi Luthien - THANK SO MUCH I received the bookmark and its lovely! Very pretty and I love it - I am a big bookworm and will look after it always - cheers buddy, Val xoxo

  19. michele :)
    "0_0" course i dun need it!! do you doubt me?? :p hehehe ... so glad you like it :)) MUAX!!

    trudi :)
    i think it's just one of those dummy things doing it tho ... you can actually write a programme and let it run itself.
    o-o-o ... what's the code thingy? i probably dunno about it...

    val :)
    awwww.... you're so welcome :)) i'm so happy you like it :)) hehehe ...

  20. Hi Luthien,
    Thanks for the visit to my blog.
    I don't know.....would be scary for me to try to make my pictures larger.....tee hee. I'm a big chicken! Thanks for the info!

  21. hi luthien, the code thingy is those weird letters you have to enter when posting a comment for instance on my blog! you go to 'settings' from your dashboard, select 'comments' and tick 'yes' on 'show word verification for comments?' then save the settings. this makes it a bit more cumbersome to post comments, but most bloggers have it so people are used to it, and it should prevent robot programs from posting spam comments.

  22. I have to remember this - On my work blog - I often put up the class notes which I save on PPT as a JPEG and then post to the blog and the kids always complain that it is too small. Thanks for the great tip!

  23. I use Windows LiveWriter (download free from Microsoft site) which is a blog posting program on your hard drive. It has a good range of features and is much more user friendly than Blogger's editing facility. You can choose the size of your photos and even make them your own custom size. The prog will save your drafts and posts on your hard drive - great if your blog goes down for any reason so you don't lose everything. Once you're happy with your post, you hit "publish" and it uploads to your blog.

    So glad I discovered you online. I love your work, and have now signed up to follow your blog and Youtube channel.



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