Nov 22, 2009

boxing day

... not the one associate with christmas presents really ... but something to do with postage and packaging ...

first of all, i'm really happy that my bookmarks are selling pretty well :) and since i made the first bookmark sale i've been having nightmares about how they will last 2 weeks in transit. yes ... it takes 2 weeks for my stuff to arrive in USA (so if you wanna get christmas presents from my shop ... better get 'em now ;). what happens in between the 2 weeks, no one knows ... UGH! every time i see the guy at the post office use his devious little rubber stamp with utter vengeance on my poor envelope, i cringe in fear that the action would shatter my bookmark to pieces! and that's only in the local post office ... one wonders how many times thru the 2 weeks my precious bookmark, cowering in it's bubble wrap envelope, goes thru the painful and ear shattering torture of the post office stamp!

thus i've been looking for a box to fit them in, hoping for some extra protection. well, i found ready made necklace boxes made in china, but they were a little too narrow and too long for my 12 cm bookmark and my poor bookmark truly looked stunted inside the box! also there's the issue of the color and that ghastly ribbon on the box ! i looked for my box maker who makes my coaster boxes ... she's good and willing to custom to my measurements. however, i felt that her pricing for the box was a little too much to pay ... for now. maybe i'll reconsider again, if my bookmarks really sell well.

so ... i bought some cardboard, and paper and since i hardly use my medieval rubber stamps (i know sweet tammy has a set and she uses it all the time in her vintage creations ... so i'm just a little more than envious :p) ... sat myself down and experimented with making boxes.

so far i've managed 12. that's with lots of wastage which is quite alright since it's my first try and measurements could be a pain in the ***! if i had to make the next batch, i think i'll be able to be more efficient with my materials.

making good use of my medieval rubber stamps :) inside and out!

i'm quite delighted with the results, maybe not a perfect box but it serves its purpose. the added advantage of having a box is it also serves as a nice little gift box if ever my bookmarks are bought to be given away as gifts :))

HAH! yes ... i now have a nice size sticker and it's there, sitting snugly (or smugly ;) inside the cover of the box :))

happy sunday! and
happy pimping! :)


  1. Cool boxes, the bookmark in that is really posh.
    Great idea

  2. The boxes look great! I think I have the same set of stamps. :)

  3. What a beautiful and professional touch Luthien! Love this!

  4. very cool! it all looks very elegant

  5. Those are excellent! Really pretty!

  6. thank you ladies :)) can't wait to use them now :)) HUGS!!

  7. Wow the boxes are almost as beautiful as the bookmarks! What a special touch!

  8. As usual, youv'e out done yourself!
    Everytime I am amazed by you, you pull another trick out of your hat!
    BTW, I LOVED your romance entry this week, I knew it was yours before I saw your name.

  9. thank you stephanie :))
    and thank you lisa :)) (*melt*)

  10. I love your boxes. I have that same stamp set. It really made your black boxes look elegant with the silver ink. Have a lovely weekend.

  11. Wow, these are gorgeous!! I think it's your sense of style and eye for design I admire the most - seems as though whatever you do looks perfect the first time!

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