Oct 24, 2009

weekly challenge - travel

yet another week has come and gone ... and time seems to be flashing by like a slideshow. this week has also been a really busy week for me as work is starting to come in on turbo speed. i'm not complaining at all ... i dun think anyone who's been unemployed for a year has any right to complain about work coming in. I REJOICE IT!!

traveling would be the focus of my work in the next year if the stars align nicely for me and make everything fall into place as planned. so when our lovely team mate angie decided to choose the word "travel" for our weekly challenge this week ... it sort of gave me an electric shock :) and i just had to complete this challenge. in a way ... it is like an offering or a pre-ritual just to start the energy of my new project a'rollin' :)

and so without further ado ... i present to you ... EN ROUTE

what expresses the word "travel" more than a quaint luggage tag ... and i 've made this one look like it's not only traveled places, but also traveled thru time. the destressed marks were made by sanding the surface of the paper with a coarse grit sandpaper.

* as i went thru the lovely comments that my frens made on this tag, i realized that most of you think that this is 2 tags :) it's actually just 1 tag, back and front :)) i think i ought to add a little note on this in my etsy too LOL!!! just in case ... ;)

probably had its fair share of vampire owners too!

all the brown bits you see ... are leather. and don't you agree that the dragonfly charm is absolutely charming? it is one of the most beautifully made charm i've ever seen! metal and wonderfully detailed.

and becos the charm was so pretty ... i had to make a mold of it so i can recreate this dragonfly in a different medium. (which if you have been reading my posts, you would know that the dragonfly napkin rings i made for the challenge "shimmer" came from this baby here :)

the mold is made from sculpey mold maker and you can see a pic of this mold maker in this post.

i would also like to make a special mention of this jewelry supplier i found on etsy ... tova of sinergy ... where this dragonfly came from of course, and this load too :)

aren't her charms and filigrees just amazing? not only are her things beautiful, they are reasonably priced and thus value for money. tova is a wonderful person to deal with and i would recommend her to anyone who wants to purchase jewelry supply ... take some time to visit her etsy shop, sinergy.

on a different note ... next week i'll be away to bangkok from the 29th oct to the 2nd nov for work (yes ... the ball is a'rollin' ) so i won't be able to visit you at your blogs for a bit ... my etsy shops would also be put on vacation mode... but if there's anything at all, i will be reachable thru my email happypimping@gmail.com :)

have a great weekend everyone and
happy pimping! :)


  1. Luthien

    As usual you WOW me with your creativity.


  2. Luthien, your imagination and creativity are amazing! You always come up with something wonderful!

    Congratulations on your new work projects!

    Maggie xo

  3. Wow! That luggage tag is really really cool! I love the style and how it looks like something from the past. :)

    I'm going to have to try out that clay mold stuff- I'll have to remember to pick that up.

  4. gorgeous! you are a force to be reckoned with! :0)

  5. I love the luggage tage Luthien!
    (...just letting you know, I've rejoined with a new account, as I have divided my blog up into 3 separate sites. You can find the links in my new profile)

  6. Ooh I am so lovin' those tags - they do seem to come with a story or two attached don't they! In fact, I reckon there's several stories waiting to be told. Nice to see a map of the UK. If you find the spot between Coventry, Cambridge and Oxford - that's just about where I am! Have fun and success on your work trip and we'll see you back here soon - looking forward to hearing about all your adventures.

  7. Oh Luthien, this tag is gorgeous! Your blog header may say you're not an artist, but I disagree. You are an artist, a truly gifted one!

  8. what a cute charm! and the luggage tag is is great :D

  9. vicki :)
    thank you very much for your kind words! i see that you've been on a "creative" roll yourself ;)

    maggie :)
    thank you very much! and yes... i'm looking forward to working on the project!!

    merily :)
    thank you! i love how it turned out too... sometime you just can't say when you're digging your sandpaper into something ... sometimes it just gets ruined. but this one turned out alright :) the mold maker is the coolest!!

    maire :)
    LOL!! thank you maire!! you are too sweet!!

    lisanne :)
    thank you! oh yea... i've been into your blogs :) coming along really well! and i think it's a great idea to streamline too. makes everything neat and nice :)

    lisa :)
    thank you my fren! UK will always have a place in my heart ... i have so many fond memories there!! i will go and look at the spot you're talking about ;) i'm excited to go on that adventure too :))... there will be stories, there definitely will be stories!!

    chris :)
    awww... thank you so much chris :)) that's so sweet!

    kudzu :)
    thank you! love love love the charm :) you must check out the supplier i was talking about then :))

  10. Luthien this is just perfect for this week's theme and SOOO fabulous!! You're always an inspiration and such a diversified artist!!♥

  11. thank you sharon :)
    hope everything is going well on your side :)) missed you yesterday at the meeting but knew you we're the busiest mom on earth :)) HUGS!!

  12. Gorgeous work Luthien! And I love those little dragonflies :)
    Have a great time in Bankok - wish I could come with you! xxx

  13. Oh my goodness Luthien!! These luggage tags are just amazing!! I love them!! Love them even more that you have a pic of Britain on them! ;)

    I agree, that dragonfly is just gorgeous and thank you so much for sharing your Etsy find with us. I'm off to check her out.

  14. angie :)
    thank you very much!! i will try to enjoy myself in bangkok :)) lol! you could make a trip and we can meet up for a coffee there ;)

    catherine :)
    thank you so much catherine :)) isn't the dragonfly gorgeous!! and yes... the map of britain was deliberate .. first becos britain holds so much fond memories for me, two ... since this week is angie's challenge week ... i thought it would be a perfect tribute to her and finally, all hot vampires come from britain!! :))

  15. just perfect for the travel theme. it is screaming nostalgia & i luv the colors! you have a beautiful blog banner...very pleasing to my eyes!

  16. Hi Luthien!
    Thank you SO much for stopping by and leaving such a nice comment!
    I love your blog and your creative touch inspires me so much!
    Can't wait to visit again, and I will :)

  17. pat :)
    thank you very much for your sweet comment :)) i'm so thrilled that you like the banner!! at one time i had some issues with the colors of my blog and banner ... cos my laptop showed a diff color from my desktop!! UGH!!

    darla :)
    awww... thank you so much :)) i am truly touched by your kind comment :))

  18. Luthien I love these!!! Your artwork is always so wonderful!! I'm going to check out the charms and filigree too! You know I can't resist! I'm also leaving you an award on my blog my friend. I hope no one else in the group also left you one! But you are so creative I could see you getting it from several of us!! Stop by when you get back and pick it up ;o) xo

  19. michele :)
    thank you very much!! yea... go check out the shop ... really nice stuff there :))

    thank you for the award my fren :)) hehehe ... sharon left it for me too!! cool! then i can do 1 for 2!!


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