Oct 11, 2009

weekly challenge - shimmer

woah!! i hope i made it!! the truth was that i was going to pass this week's challenge for several reasons. i was really busy with stuff like tweaking our group's sites and preparing for my blog's 1st birthday. then i had to read a 13 episode romantic comedy which will start shooting this coming tuesday. also a friend borrowed my camera and i wasn't really comfortable with the professional big heavy monster that belonged to my dad, tho now ours *smirk* ... jason's totally stoked with it but me... i'll just stick to the good old light body auto one i have :)

so what changed my mind? what made me rush to finish this challenge? well ... it's was this post by a dear friend, who is also a team mate and our co-admin for inspiration avenue. go and read this post "ode to luthien" and tell me if you're not inspired!! it's 6 hours to dateline when i read this post by our lovely sharon. after reading it, i was dumbfounded for like 5 minutes! really! and man!! i was sooooo overwhelmed with emotions i didn't know where to begin. my heart felt like jumpin out of my ribcage! and man ... my "inspiration" adrenaline hit me like a storm! i was sooo inspired by that post that i told myself to finish the challenge (which i had started earlier in the week) eventho i feel totally wasted. and of course, i had revisit the post again and happen to chance upon the wright stuff's comment ... well ... passing this challenge was history!

so here it is ... inspire! (i am)

yes... it's a napkin holder, and yes... i dun own table napkins so these are actually rolled up artists' canvas :)

as always, i can't just let a napkin holder be just a napkin holder, i had to add that swirl thingy... for you to stick little messages for your guests, or just their names so that they know where they're seated :)

and of course, dragonfly wings are beautifully iridescent and delicately shimmering.

shimmer from the dragonfly's wings continues to the back with pearls and faceted stones entwined in silver and bronze wires.

ahhh... i made it!

dun forget to come play in my 1st birthday giveaway!! click on this link and it'll take you to the post :)

happy pimping!


  1. Glad I inspired you! And it was so worth it - lovely creations - lovely, lovely, lovely! Funny, I nearly did something with a dragonfly in

  2. *slinking on in with a Cheshire cat grin*...

    Well I can tell you one thing, I certainly didn't anticipate you depriving yourself of sleep for this.. yikes!

    What you created is beautiful Luthien, AS ALWAYS!! I just adore these napkin rings, they're SO whimsical, so shimmery and just delightful!! The added name tag wire is sheer genius (of course)!

    You're a master of the arts in my mind and you remain my constant inspiration!!

    PS. And now I know what to send you, lol! HUGS♥♥♥

  3. What gorgeous napkin holders. And I LOVE dragonflies. Thank you for the very generous comments on my site. I am so happy to be participating in Inspiration Avenue. Can't wait for the next challenge!

  4. Luthien these are absolutely gorgeous!!! I love all of the fun stuff you always add to your pieces. They get so fancy shmancy. You are a doll! Thank you so much for networking our team so well this week. I am clueless when it comes to all of this technosaviness. lol
    You deserve a great big hug from all of us.

  5. From a serious Dragonfly collector I have to tell you, those are absolutely gorgeous! :-)

  6. Sharon's post is great, and your creation, as usual, is just wonderful! Good for you for sticking to it, and creating anyways!!
    BTW, happy birthday to the blog :)

  7. Just when I think I can't be surprised, I am. :) You have the most unique talent to make things that just catch the eye. These are gorgeous my friend and I don't know how you always top what you did before. Thanks for sharing them with us. xxoo

  8. lisa :)
    thank you so much! your entry is beautiful and i do think i can indeed see a dragonfly in the blue!! :))

    sharon :)
    lol!! do i sense *smug* ?? thank you so much :)) you have a way of bringing out the best in everyone you touch my fren :))

    chris :)
    thank you!! love to have you in our challenges! can't wait to see your next creation :)

    tammy :)
    thank you :) "fancy shmancy" what a cool word!! i had fun networking for us, esp the exchanging emails part with sharon!! i just thought that it was such a shame to have so many avenues to spread the word for our group yet they seem to stand alone. and each of them have to be updated separately :)) and hugs back to all of you :))

    steph :)
    aww... thank you soooo much!! you are too sweet ^-^

    tali :)
    thank you :)) yes... sharon's post did magic on me :))

    carolyn :)
    awww.. thank you very much my fren :)) most of the time i have an little idea of what i wanna do but it usually evolves when i'm actually creating it! love the whole process of it!!

  9. Your dragonflies are just beautiful, Luthien! Shimmery, delicate and glowy!

  10. thank you very much sweet angie :))

  11. I just love your dragonflies Luthien. Your work is so artistic and you really are an oustanding artist!!

  12. WOW Luthien you actually made me like napkin holders!! LOVE them!! Everything about them...of course they shimmer ;o) and the colors are beautiful, the beading, the extra touch of the wire for the note or placecard. They are beautiful! Well done! xo

  13. Beautiful!!Great work!Btw,my mum saw some of your earrings on fb and she's interested to purchase them,do get back to me on this..thanks!


  14. So pretty!! But then you always do such pretty work, Luthien. Love dragonflies and I especially love the shimmer. The little curly wire is a great final touch.

  15. catherine :)
    awwwww.... thank you so much!! that's sooo sweet!!

    michele :)
    LOL!! thank you very much!! you are too cute!!

    mindy :)
    thank you my fren :))) we'll talk on fb ok :))

    brenda :)
    thank you very much!! your comments are always so sweet and encouraging :))


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