Oct 30, 2009

kreativ blogger award & dream realm

a couple of days ago, 2 wonderful frens who are also my team mates at inspiration avenue awarded me the kreativ blogger award :) thank you so much to these 2 lovely and talented ladies whom i've only known through bloggie land, but who have now become so much a part of me ... i cannot imagine my days without them :)

i remember sharon of mana moon studios, as one of the first artist on bloggie land who added me in her favorite list when i started blogging just over a year ago. ever encouraging and always gently motivating, her work and her words act like my personal magic potion when i'm uninspired or feeling just a little less than motivated :) she is also the reason why my work is now selling at etsy and i'll forever be thankful for that :). it seems like i've know this fabulous jewelry designer for the whole of my life now, and i'll always be grateful that the universe has sent such a lovely angel into my world :) this piece is aptly named "journey" (just in my heart, i would like to think of it as ours) one of sharon's latest creations and one of my favourite...

i met michele of michele lynch art through her beautiful and whimsical paintings of girls from worlds only an artist with the imagination and talent such as michele's can bring to life. michele is not only a talented artist, but also a delightful steampunk jewelry artist with a unique way of fusing vintage and found items with glass faces painted by her. as i was very young in bloggie land and in art, i remember being really fascinated by her art and especially her jewelry becos believe it or not, i didn't know what in the world steampunk was then :)) and i didn't want to leave her blog that day! today, i'm still in awe of her work! the only thing that has changed, is that now, i can call this wonderful artist, my friend and comrade in arms ... this extraodinary piece is michele's latest creation called "fortune teller" ... and i can tell you, it'll be whipped up in no time!

On to the award and the rules...

1. Thank the person who gave this to you.
2. Copy the logo and place it on your blog.
3. Link back to the person who nominated you.
4. Name 7 things about yourself that no one would really know.
5. Nominate seven 'Kreativ Bloggers'.
6. Post links to the seven blogs you nominate.
7. Leave a comment on each blog letting them know you nominated them.

someone on the way changed rule no.4 from "7 things about yourself" to "7 of my favorite things" and i personally think that's really refreshing so i shall follow suit :) so here goes ...

1. daydreaming ... i love to daydream or let my imagination run wild just before i go to sleep. and i would imagine myself in another world with some of my favorite characters in books or films just spending some creative time together :) it relaxes me and sometimes i even get creative inspirations from this!

2. sit in cafes ... drink english breakfast tea, people watching and surfing the net.

3. make things with my hands ... whether it's art, or craft or DIY :) i find making things with my hands most satisfying.

4. watch my baby express herself ... it gives me such pleasure and a mushy feeling inside that i want to just squeeze her all the time!!

5. reading my favorite books over and over again ... i especially love fantasy stories!!

6. england... i think the whole world already know this!

7. acting or any sort of performances ... i'm essentially quite a shy person. acting gives me an excuse to express myself as another person, an excuse to dig deeper within me and bring feelings out, yet not having to feel embarassed doing it cos i'm doing it in character, and not as myself.

and now for the nominations :)

1. lisa of priti studio
2. lisanne of mud studio
3. shelly of pics by shel
4. lisa of lucid moon studio
5. maire of mairedodd
6. mermaiden of mermaiden creations
7. chris of as is

that's it i think :))
but before i go ... i'll leave you with another bookmark i made today ... DREAM REALM

happy pimping! :)


  1. Luthien! How exciting! I feel so honored to be put om your list :)
    I will pick up the award tomorrow,
    too much going on at the moment.
    Thank you, dear one...
    I enjoyed reading your list, I've gotta go find my thinking cap, lol.
    Your book marker is so very pretty,
    They would make a beautiful gift inside a book. Do you sell them?
    xox, Lisa

  2. Wow Luthien, this is my very favorite of all of your bookmarks thus far. It has such gorgeous beads and looks so regal/elegant. Love love love it!!!

  3. Wow Luthien, this is my very favorite of all of your bookmarks thus far. It has such gorgeous beads and looks so regal/elegant. Love love love it!!!

  4. You've echoed my heart and sentiments exactly dear friend and I just couldn't imagine this world without you!!

    What a beautiful posting and I adored discovering new things about you - ok, the shy thing... I never would have guessed!!

    Love your work as always and adore the beautiful soul you are!! HUGS♥♥♥

  5. lisa :)
    thank you very much :))) i know!! everyone's preparing for party! unfortunately halloween is not something we celebrate here :( not in the scale as america does anyway :)) enjoy your halloween! and yes... i do sell them :)) in my etsy shop :)

    tammy :)
    thank you so much!! i love the beads too!! tho they are not like semi precious beads or anything like that, but i love the way they are made with the iridescent shades on the facets.

    sharon :)
    thank you so much my sweet fren :) yea... i'm really quite shy unless i've warmed up to the person :) can't express myself very well too, when i'm talking. words seem to escape me!

  6. Luthien what lovely tributes to Sharon and Michele! You write beautifully :)

    I loved reading your list - I share many of your loves - well, I'd be drinking coffee not tea, but each to her own lol!

    Your new bookmark is AMAZING! Your work is going from strength to strength, it's lovely to watch!

  7. thank you so very much luthien! you just make so many beautiful things and have such a generous spirit... i love watching all of the ways your art evolves...

  8. Thank you for the award Luthien! I will try to participate sometime this week...crazy time for me right now! Only 2 weeks until my wedding :) It was nice to learn about your 2 friends who awarded you, and your bookmark is beautiful!!

    Thanks again,

  9. angie :)
    aww... thank you ... i'm afraid i could never be a master like you ... cos i like to dabble in too many things!!

    maire :)
    thank you my fren :) it is artists such as yourself that help my work evolve ... you have been such an inspiration.

    lisa :)
    thank you :)) wow!! you're getting married in 2 weeks!! that's right, you mentioned it in one of your post about earrings right?? congratulations!! ok ... now i can't wait to see your photos!!

  10. Aw, Luthien you are so sweet. I am so glad I ventured into blog land for no other reason than meeting you. You are a treasure to my soul. I loved reading about you again, you are a really great actress from what I saw! Your new book mark is fabulous! I'm going to have to snag one soon!! xo

  11. congratulations on the awards luthien, it's very well deserved because you truly are creative! you're also a very positive and encouraging person yourself =)
    i'm right with you on 2) except it's caffé latte or mocha for me-

  12. awwww michele :)) thank you!! and YAY!! thank you for getting that bookmark from me :)) i hope you'll really like it!

    trudi :) thank you! you're so sweet :)) hahaha!! yea... i think i'm the only one who likes tea all the time :)) everyone else i know prefers coffee!


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