Oct 27, 2009

hoot hoot! "time for bed" ...

i hit the gym today, did one miserable dance class and ended up not being able to walk in a straight line. that's for not exercising in the last 8 months! sometimes i think crafting and exercising are indeed inversely related. remember the pricing and supply curves that we use to learn at economics lectures?? supply increases, prices fall ... supply decreases, prices rise? well ... imagine the curves this way ...

you see ... i was right ... the more i craft the less i exercise ... *sigh* ... such is life!

anyhow, since i am about to whither, i should be in bed. but ...something is a-gnawing inside of me like little ants crawling under my skin... that is a SIGN! guess what ... it's called the craft-attack!

even something as simple as this bookmark would appease the irritating ants ...

hoot! hoot! "time for bed" ... the wise old owl says ...

i guess he's right. and so was i ... the ants are satisfied and have gone to sleep. i should too... *yawn*

goodnight sweet artists ... tomorrow will be a new day ... and i will be aching all over ...

happy pimping! :)


  1. That's such a cute post and really made me smile. You know the reason for your craftenomics is quite simple. There just aren't enough hours in the day! I haven't exercised in about 8 months either which roughly equates to the time I've been crafting too! See, that's two of us which definitely proves your theory. You should publish it!

  2. and did I mention that it is also late here and I really should go to bed too!!

  3. Oh Luthien, you made me laugh again! Maybe you should have made a pie-chart, those are always so simple to read.
    I love your luggage tags...what a great idea! Your imagination is unlimited!
    Thank you for all your sweet comments...you bring a big smile to my face every time
    I wish I could give you a spine cracking hug, but for now just imagine it. Love hurts a little bit...LOL

  4. I love this bookmark, Luthien. It is so pretty.
    Hope you get some rest.
    Have a lovely week.

  5. oh I know what you mean. I really need to get back to exercise.
    Love the bookmark! good night

  6. lisa WS :)
    i think you are spot on!! sometimes i wish human beings didn't have to sleep to function ... GAH!! either that or gimme another 12 hours in a day ... that would be good.

    priti lisa :)
    LOL!!! oh yea... pie-chart!! i forgot about those!! thanks for your sweet comments too :)) i dunno about the spine-cracking hug tho ... in my condition now, it'll probably really break my spine!!! LOL!!! MUAX!!

    georgianna :)
    but... but ... i was really telling the truth!! :p

    tammy :)
    thank you :)) i will... but you know what's the best method to cure gym sores ... hit the gym some more!! really! you have a lovely week too my fren :))

    marbella :)
    thank you very much :))if only we lived closer, we could dance together!! love your MJ video ;)

    lulu :)
    thank you my fren :))

  7. So that's it Luthien ~ Your theory of craftonomics! Now I know why it's impossible for me to exercise anymore!

    Love your bookmark!

    xo Maggie

  8. This is so true! I knew it, just glad I found someone else who agrees!
    almost 2 years ago I lost 28 lbs but didn't paint a thing in months unless it was a custom order. A year ago I started painting a lot more and I'm up 22 lbs again. This really stinks! But I'm fixing it, I hit the treadmill last night!

  9. Hi Luthien,
    I'm glad the ants were bugging you!
    These pieces are gorgeous.
    thanks for sharing.

  10. maggie :)
    hahaha!!! at least now i know i'm not alone !!! thank ke fer lovin me owlie bookmark ma fren :))

    Darla :)
    ooooo.... let's have a competition as see who loses fat faster!! i'm hitting the gym today too and maybe the driving range if my hubby wants to go with me :)) i always bring a craft book with me when i do the treadmill or the eliptical ... so i dun have to keep staring at the timer and wondering when the darn 30 minutes will end!!

    anna :)
    thank you so much anna :)) hahaha!!! yea... i like them ants too :))

  11. LOVE the owl!! the colors are gorgeous as always! LOL on the crafting/exercise, I'm with you! I've gained about 10 lbs that I know of since I stopped smoking 6 months ago. Still smoke free though :o))

  12. Oh Luthien this bookmark is as darling as you are!! Love it!!♥

  13. michele :)
    thank you :))) hey!! that's good then!! well done on staying smoke free! WHOOT!!

    sharon :)
    awww... thank you!! i hope my hubby feels the same about the "darling" part too :))

  14. What a cute cute post!! And oh my, I love your book mark! It's perfect! Have a restful night. xo

  15. Ohhh, sooo true, Luthien! I too need more exercise...
    Your bookmark is AWESOME!!! I love it! Such a great work!
    Lots of love, Sanda xx

  16. Hey Sweets, just stopping by again to let you know I've left an award for you on my blog.♥

  17. thank you tali and sanda :))
    ooo ... thanks for the award sharon!! :)

  18. I love the graph! Economics put to good use! That bookmark is lovely. I love the shimmery beads.

  19. chris :)
    thank you!! yup!! i didn't waste my time at uni after all ;) my dad will be glad to know that i can still quote some sort of economics theory!! LOLZ!!


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Luthien :)