Oct 10, 2009

happy birthday pimp & paint!

it's the 10th of october today and one year ago on this day, pimp & paint published her first post. WOW!! i can't believe it's one year already.

time seems to fly by just like that when you're having fun :) last month we just celebrated our 100th post and today we're celebrating our birthday :) it's such a coincidence that 2 of my bloggie frens are also celebrating their 1st birthdays around now... as one of them puts it, "so... what does that make us? libras?" LOLZ!! yes ... we're libras :)))

the 3Fs ... fun, fulfillment and friends ... describe perfectly my year on bloggie land. it was fun just to be able to write and share whatever, whenever. i never thought i could last this long, but i did. and the best thing is, i'm still enjoying it becos blogging gives me a lot of fulfillment :)

fulfillment is an understatement really. it's been more than that. it's been a journey for me and my creative soul. i've always "made' things but it never once crossed my mind that i could take my creative side so seriously. i still dun take it too seriously, because if i did, i know i'll just loose my passion for it. i dun think i can ever think of it as a profession, but rather a passion, an outlet and just the sheer joy of being able to "make" things happen, and write about it and my thoughts. having said that, i honestly dun think that i could have lasted without friends.

so friends... i salute you :) you have been like my rock. when i didn't know better, you shared your knowledge with me, unconditionally. when i couldn't see anymore, you inspired me with your creations, so that i could see beauty once again. when i was lonely, you told me stories and brought me to distant places so that i could free myself and feel again. and when i wasn't sure, you came to my rescue with encouraging words, wisdom and love.

so here's to friendship across land and sea, across continents and timezones, across cultures and differences ... friendships that were once unimaginable have been made possible thru technology. and i am so blessed to be able to call you all ... my friends :))

right... i shall not go all mushy on you :) let's get to the exciting part!


this time's giveaway is something for the home :)

a celestial coaster set

this is my very first design that was put on sale in my etsy shop. of course this is not the first piece!! that was already sold a long time ago. but this celestial design was the very first one i created for sale. it remains my favorite design, so colorful and quirky, it just makes me smile every time i see this coaster set :) i hope it makes you smile too :) comes in a set of 6 with a handmade box :)

and to enter this giveaway :

1. post a comment on this post (1 entry)
2. follow me on blogger ... as you can see, i'm hoping to get to 100 followers ... it's not a long way away , just 3 more :)) (1 entry)
3. write a post about this giveaway or just simple grab the button above and post it on your side bar :) (1 entry)

doing each of the above will give you an extra chance to win ... so if you do all of the above, your name will be on 3 pieces of paper in the drawing bowl :) and remember to tell me how many you've done in the comment box :))

as always, i will have a special guest to draw the giveaway :) my noty little angel llara kaye :)

this giveaway is going to end on the friday the 16th, 12 midnight EST , with the hope that pimp & paint will have 100 friends by then... if not, then i'll extend the drawing date a little more :))

so... let the party began!!

happy pimping and happy partying! :)


  1. Congratulations on this milestone - Happy Birthday to your Blog!

    And wow, what a lovely giveaway -me me me me me me please - I am a follower on your blog and I will paste your button/giveaway on my blog too so - that would be 3 entries for me - cheers buddy, Val xo

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  3. ps I didnt think the posts were going to stay, thats why there are two of them - my Blogger is playing up again - I am putting your badge on my blog now buddy, cheers Val

  4. Oh happy birthday Luthien!! I'm so pleased to have met you and become friends here in blogland. You are an inspiration! I'm already a follower - see I'm a real trendsetter! I'll post your badge on my blog later - I have to go create now, need to put my thinking cap on for 'shimmer'.

  5. Congrats, Luthien, I am celebrating mine also. I am already a follower and will write a post on my blog. Just love your things!!!

  6. Happy B'day, Luthien! I am a subscriber to your blog (is that the same as a follower?) and I have taken your button to post on my blog, so that gives me 3 entries. YAY!!!


  7. congrats on your anniversay! you'll have 100 followers in no time.

  8. Well, well, well... a whole year has gone by already!?! Funny it seems like a lifetime I've know you and we've been friends or...
    perhaps several lifetimes. ;-)

    Your a friend of the soul dear one and I just couldn't imagine life without you, your beautiful creativity, and the inspiration you bring to this world! Congratulations & ♫Happy Birthday♫!!♥♥♥

    Ok, so on to the techi stuff... left comment - check
    following you - check
    badge posted on my blog - check
    wishing like heck I could win the giveaway - check, check, check
    Love you dear one - MUAX!♥♥♥

  9. Wow just stopping by to say Happy Birthday, but now I'm thrilled about the prospect of winning those beautiful coasters. I would love to add your blog banner to my blog. I will do that soon.


  10. Luthien,

    Happy one year, birthday!!!
    I'm so glad I found your blog.
    I love to come here, & visit, &
    be inspired by your beautiful works, and your enthusiasm!!!

  11. Happy birthday sweetie! Can you believe it's been a year? Hope you have a fun time of it!


  12. Just popped in to say Happy Happy Blog Birthday my friend. You've come a long way and I'm so proud of you. I think you are awesome! Good luck everyone who enters the giveaway. xxoo

  13. Happy birthday Luthien - and here's to many more! Your blog - and your energy and creativity - are wonderful and long may they continue! Oh and put me in for that givewway - x3 if I can work out how to add the badge lol! xxx

  14. Very happy to have your blog banner up at http://aquarianbath.blogspot.com

  15. Happy first birthday, Luthien! You have blossomed twofold. Amazing what you've accomplished in one year. I wish you luck on Tuesday.
    1. I am a follower of yours
    2. Added your pretty button in my sidebar
    3. Left this comment with lots of love!
    Have a wonderful week ahead,dear friend.

  16. Happy Birthday!!! I loved those coasters when you first showed them..so much fun!

    I thought I was already a follower, but guess not.... I AM NOW!

    And grabbing your button!

    That makes 3 -- llara kaye will have a better chance of drawing me!

    Have a happy day!

  17. Those coasters are fantabulous!!!!! Love this place!

  18. Luthien, I hope I'm not too late!
    I want to own any and all of your art!
    Enter my name 3 times please...I did my homework, Lol
    xox, Lisa

  19. thank you so much for playing in my birthday giveaway!! i really appreciate all the wonderful frens that i've had the privilege to meet on bloggie land :)and you cannot imagine how much your sweet words mean to me and motivate me to move forward!

    i'm gonna tabulate the votes now and will get my special guest to draw the winner :))

    GIANT HUGS AND MUAX!! to ALL of you :))
    luthien :)

  20. luthien, congratulations on your blog birthday!! it's a little bit overdue, but better late than never, i hope =)
    i hope your blog will last for many years to come!

    llara kaye looked so cool while doing the drawing for the giveaway. she's grown a lot during this year, as has your blog =)



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