Oct 4, 2009


another week has come and gone and this one went particularly quickly. well... it's time again to unveil the inspiration avenue challenge of the week "sky". i'm not going to talk about what inspired me to create this ... it's too grim. yes... i can be inspired by grim too. i think those of you who have been reading my posts would probably guess what inspired this. so here's the challenge entry ... eclipse

it's a handmade book measuring approximately 9cm x 9cm. the front combines hand-painting, hand-stamping and that medallion is made from air dry clay. the moon medallion represents the moon of course :) and it is in perfect alignment with the sun hence creating an eclipse.

this is the back, simple but has a hidden aura of strength. which is what these miracles created by mother nature have. they could be beautiful and devastating at the same time.

pages ... recycle brown paper and hand-torn.

spine ... leather, but this time i tried a sleeker approach. i sewed the signatures as a unique section then attached the spine to them. also i put the covers over the spine instead of under, which i think gives it a little mod twist.

you cannot believe how difficult it is to photograph a black and pearl white item that has gloss varnish on it! ARGHHH!!! good thing films are digital now. i think if it's real film... i would have used 3 rolls just to get a reasonable pic. and it still comes out like blurry!! TALI HELP!!!

hope you've enjoyed eclipse. i know this week we have lots of beautiful entries... so go to the inspiration avenue team blog and have a look :) there should be a post on the entries some time after 12 noon EST ... that's our new cutoff time :) gotto go!

happy pimping!

p/s ... hoping to get out of this grim mood real soon ... UGH!


  1. *hugs* With all the crazy things happening in your part of the world, I'd be grim too. I hope you get back to your joyful self soon.

    The book is gorgeous. I am in awe of your talents!

  2. Even though grim, that is just beautiful! I like all aspects of it.....from the ripped brown paper, to the covers on the outside of the spine, and especially the beautiful piece on the front. You just amaze me every time I open your blog!

  3. All the best to you for things to improve in your little corner of the world. The book is a fantastic piece of work. Stay positive.

  4. Wow, really stunning. It must have taken you ages. I don't think I'd have the patience. I know what you mean about photography.... I think I need some lessons.
    Excellent idea for the sky theme.

  5. That is so pretty- great job! :D

    Aww, I hope you get out of that grim mood soon! *hugs!*

  6. What a beautiful piece you've created Luthien - it's a very eyecatching, powerful image. Sometimes grim can be very compelling! Hope you're back to you sunny self soon though xxx

  7. Hey Luthien, I think you did a pretty good job without my help :)
    Thanks for the reference though ;)
    You are indeed very creative and talented!!

  8. Luthien I just can't tell you how much I love this book your created, it's outstanding!! I've talked to D and we want to start a collection of your books, how cool is that!?!

    Anyhoo, let me know when it hits your Etsy shop. ;-)

    On another note you're in our thoughts and prayers. We looked up where you live on a map today as we know things aren't very good over in that region. Please (underlined profusely) stay safe and be well♥♥♥

  9. firstly... i am truly touched by everyone's well wishes and concern regarding the events that has been happening in my corner of the world. thank you so much! i cannot deny that i do feel quite down and disturbed by all the news and images of the places devastated by the tsunamis and the quakes. however i also feel extremely lucky that we are still safe here in malaysia, altho we did feel some tremors when the incident happened. my prayers go to all the families who have lost loved ones and possessions in the devastation and hope that they will be able to rebuild soon.

    julia :)
    thank you so much and yes :)my mood is slowly picking up again :)) hugs right back to you :))

    cindy :)
    thank you so much! you are always so gracious with your comments and never fail to bring a smile to my face :))

    TC :)
    thank you! yes... positive is the word. i will do that :))

    lisa :)
    thank you very much :)) books do take quite a long time to do. it's difficult to start cos you think of the hours you have to put in, but when you are able to kick start the process, it's hypnotic and fulfilling.

    merily :)
    thank you my elf fren :)) i shall ... hugs right back!!

    angie :)
    thank you so much :) i was surprised myself of how this one turned out. the cover is actually my second try. the first one didn't come out too nice so i made another :)i am actually quite in love with the "eclipse" image myself. :)

    tali :)
    thank you! awww.... you're just being nice as you always are! i know the images i took look pretty rubbish :( it's not sharp at all :))but thanks for the encouragement ... i will not give up! :)

    sharon :)
    OMG!! that is such an honor!! my gosh... you are not serious are you?? your comments never fail to inspire me my dear fren and i so appreciate it! i shall place it on etsy as soon as i touch up some parts inside which i had no time to do cos i had to meet the dateline. thank you so much!

    and i will stay safe :) we still have a date ... and i wouldn't want to miss that ;)

  10. This book fills my soul, it has been quite black & dark last week. I really love it, great work!


  11. Hi luthien! I love books...and this one you've created is wonderful. I love how you have put it all together. You always amaze me with your creativity!

  12. jolene :)
    thank you very much! hope you will get out of your weariness soon :)

    gayle :)
    thank you so much! it's always lovely to hear from you :)) hope you and the family are well :))

  13. i have been thinking about you and your part of the world... the sadness and loss... so very much to deal with... your book is beautiful...

  14. Oh - lovely! But then again ... all your work is beautiful! You are so talented!

    Sometimes we have to allow ourselves to be grim ... otherwise the happy moments don't have anything to measure themselves by.

    By the way ... a little bird told me that Pimp & Paint is one year old. CONGRATULATIONS!!! It's one of the most beautiful and best blogs around ... you can be proud!

    Have a great day, Luthien!

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