Oct 17, 2009

and the winner is .....

first of all, i wanna thank all of you who have came to play at pimp & paint's 1st birthday giveaway! it really meant a lot to me to have so much support from you... my frens :))

besides reaching it's 1 year milestone, i am also really delighted to announce that pimp & paint has achieved yet another milestone :)) we have reached 100 followers!! WOOHOO!!! i am utterly ecstatic! thank you all for making this happen! MUAX!!

right .. as you all remember, the giveaway is this celestial coaster set, my very first design upon venturing into etsy world :)

crafted from reprints of my original paintings, every one of these are different becos the extra embellishments you see on the faces are add-ons using ink and gel pens so that each and every piece is unique.

and now for the results...

just before she went to bed this night, i managed to usher my special guest into the art room and enticed her into the draw ... with a little "glamoring" in the form of yummy bedtime milk in a bottle :)) (sorry ... been watching too much true blood i think ... :p)

her little hand swirls around in the bowl of names ...

i thought it would be best to put a cover, to discourage "cheating" :p

and the winner is ... *drumrolls*

this special guest looks quite pleased with herself :)) and rightly so ... she did a fabulous job yet again :))

congratulations to my dear fren and teammate ANGIE of ARTANGEL!!

angie is such an accomplished artist herself that now i'm feeling a little more than nervous sending her my artwork :p ... and for those of you who have yet seen angie's fabulous work ... i implore you to visit her etsy shop! but beware!! ... you may not have the will to leave ... ;)

happy pimping! :)

p/s ... angie ... i need your address :) email me at happypimping@gmail.com :)) MUAX!


  1. Oh this is WONDERFUL and I'm SO happy for Angie!! She'll be ecstatic and no worries dear friend, she'll LOVE them!!! Three WHOOTS for Angie, you and your darling helper!!

    Oh and a big CONGRATULATIONS on your 100 Followers!! It's your amazing work and writing which draw us in and hold us... you deserve each and everyone!!

  2. Yay! Congrats to Angie for the win :)

  3. Congratulations to Angie!


  4. Congrats to Angie and congrats to you for 100 followers! :D

    And your helper is absolutely adorable!

  5. congrats to the winner!

  6. Hi,
    I think your art is just FABULOUS!!! I found your beautiful, inspiring blog through Mana Moon Studios' one.
    Congrats to Angie for the win and to you for your 100 followers! But you have 101 now, because I follow you too! :)
    Hugs, Sanda xx

  7. Lucky you, Angie!
    Luthien, your baby grows more beautiful every day!
    xox, Lisa

  8. awww... thank you everyone for showering so much love on baby llara :)) and for playing in my giveaway :)) MUAX!!

  9. Yay, yay and double yay!!! Luthien I was soooo delighted to find that I've won your gorgeous coasters, I actually did laugh out loud!!!!

    What a wonderful surprise, I love them and it'll be so nice to have some of your work to admire in person! Thanks so much hon!!

    Will email my address. And say a big thanks to your little sweetie (the chocolate bribe must have worked lol!) xxxxx

  10. Wooo Hooo congrats Angie!! Wooo Hooo on the 100 followers to Luthien! Your artwork is as special as you are! xo

  11. Oh wow! Congratulations Angie!!! Those coasters look absolutely gorgeous!!!

    Congratulations too on the 100 follows Luthien!!

  12. Yay for Angie! I know she will love these. How fun.

  13. Those are so pretty Luthien!
    Congrats to Artangel!
    .... what a cutie your daughter is :))

  14. Love your blog.
    So phantastic. I just have to follow;0)
    Maybe you want to come over for a visit at:
    Feel invited and have a great weekend


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