Oct 30, 2009

kreativ blogger award & dream realm

a couple of days ago, 2 wonderful frens who are also my team mates at inspiration avenue awarded me the kreativ blogger award :) thank you so much to these 2 lovely and talented ladies whom i've only known through bloggie land, but who have now become so much a part of me ... i cannot imagine my days without them :)

i remember sharon of mana moon studios, as one of the first artist on bloggie land who added me in her favorite list when i started blogging just over a year ago. ever encouraging and always gently motivating, her work and her words act like my personal magic potion when i'm uninspired or feeling just a little less than motivated :) she is also the reason why my work is now selling at etsy and i'll forever be thankful for that :). it seems like i've know this fabulous jewelry designer for the whole of my life now, and i'll always be grateful that the universe has sent such a lovely angel into my world :) this piece is aptly named "journey" (just in my heart, i would like to think of it as ours) one of sharon's latest creations and one of my favourite...

i met michele of michele lynch art through her beautiful and whimsical paintings of girls from worlds only an artist with the imagination and talent such as michele's can bring to life. michele is not only a talented artist, but also a delightful steampunk jewelry artist with a unique way of fusing vintage and found items with glass faces painted by her. as i was very young in bloggie land and in art, i remember being really fascinated by her art and especially her jewelry becos believe it or not, i didn't know what in the world steampunk was then :)) and i didn't want to leave her blog that day! today, i'm still in awe of her work! the only thing that has changed, is that now, i can call this wonderful artist, my friend and comrade in arms ... this extraodinary piece is michele's latest creation called "fortune teller" ... and i can tell you, it'll be whipped up in no time!

On to the award and the rules...

1. Thank the person who gave this to you.
2. Copy the logo and place it on your blog.
3. Link back to the person who nominated you.
4. Name 7 things about yourself that no one would really know.
5. Nominate seven 'Kreativ Bloggers'.
6. Post links to the seven blogs you nominate.
7. Leave a comment on each blog letting them know you nominated them.

someone on the way changed rule no.4 from "7 things about yourself" to "7 of my favorite things" and i personally think that's really refreshing so i shall follow suit :) so here goes ...

1. daydreaming ... i love to daydream or let my imagination run wild just before i go to sleep. and i would imagine myself in another world with some of my favorite characters in books or films just spending some creative time together :) it relaxes me and sometimes i even get creative inspirations from this!

2. sit in cafes ... drink english breakfast tea, people watching and surfing the net.

3. make things with my hands ... whether it's art, or craft or DIY :) i find making things with my hands most satisfying.

4. watch my baby express herself ... it gives me such pleasure and a mushy feeling inside that i want to just squeeze her all the time!!

5. reading my favorite books over and over again ... i especially love fantasy stories!!

6. england... i think the whole world already know this!

7. acting or any sort of performances ... i'm essentially quite a shy person. acting gives me an excuse to express myself as another person, an excuse to dig deeper within me and bring feelings out, yet not having to feel embarassed doing it cos i'm doing it in character, and not as myself.

and now for the nominations :)

1. lisa of priti studio
2. lisanne of mud studio
3. shelly of pics by shel
4. lisa of lucid moon studio
5. maire of mairedodd
6. mermaiden of mermaiden creations
7. chris of as is

that's it i think :))
but before i go ... i'll leave you with another bookmark i made today ... DREAM REALM

happy pimping! :)

Oct 27, 2009

hoot hoot! "time for bed" ...

i hit the gym today, did one miserable dance class and ended up not being able to walk in a straight line. that's for not exercising in the last 8 months! sometimes i think crafting and exercising are indeed inversely related. remember the pricing and supply curves that we use to learn at economics lectures?? supply increases, prices fall ... supply decreases, prices rise? well ... imagine the curves this way ...

you see ... i was right ... the more i craft the less i exercise ... *sigh* ... such is life!

anyhow, since i am about to whither, i should be in bed. but ...something is a-gnawing inside of me like little ants crawling under my skin... that is a SIGN! guess what ... it's called the craft-attack!

even something as simple as this bookmark would appease the irritating ants ...

hoot! hoot! "time for bed" ... the wise old owl says ...

i guess he's right. and so was i ... the ants are satisfied and have gone to sleep. i should too... *yawn*

goodnight sweet artists ... tomorrow will be a new day ... and i will be aching all over ...

happy pimping! :)

Oct 24, 2009

weekly challenge - travel

yet another week has come and gone ... and time seems to be flashing by like a slideshow. this week has also been a really busy week for me as work is starting to come in on turbo speed. i'm not complaining at all ... i dun think anyone who's been unemployed for a year has any right to complain about work coming in. I REJOICE IT!!

traveling would be the focus of my work in the next year if the stars align nicely for me and make everything fall into place as planned. so when our lovely team mate angie decided to choose the word "travel" for our weekly challenge this week ... it sort of gave me an electric shock :) and i just had to complete this challenge. in a way ... it is like an offering or a pre-ritual just to start the energy of my new project a'rollin' :)

and so without further ado ... i present to you ... EN ROUTE

what expresses the word "travel" more than a quaint luggage tag ... and i 've made this one look like it's not only traveled places, but also traveled thru time. the destressed marks were made by sanding the surface of the paper with a coarse grit sandpaper.

* as i went thru the lovely comments that my frens made on this tag, i realized that most of you think that this is 2 tags :) it's actually just 1 tag, back and front :)) i think i ought to add a little note on this in my etsy too LOL!!! just in case ... ;)

probably had its fair share of vampire owners too!

all the brown bits you see ... are leather. and don't you agree that the dragonfly charm is absolutely charming? it is one of the most beautifully made charm i've ever seen! metal and wonderfully detailed.

and becos the charm was so pretty ... i had to make a mold of it so i can recreate this dragonfly in a different medium. (which if you have been reading my posts, you would know that the dragonfly napkin rings i made for the challenge "shimmer" came from this baby here :)

the mold is made from sculpey mold maker and you can see a pic of this mold maker in this post.

i would also like to make a special mention of this jewelry supplier i found on etsy ... tova of sinergy ... where this dragonfly came from of course, and this load too :)

aren't her charms and filigrees just amazing? not only are her things beautiful, they are reasonably priced and thus value for money. tova is a wonderful person to deal with and i would recommend her to anyone who wants to purchase jewelry supply ... take some time to visit her etsy shop, sinergy.

on a different note ... next week i'll be away to bangkok from the 29th oct to the 2nd nov for work (yes ... the ball is a'rollin' ) so i won't be able to visit you at your blogs for a bit ... my etsy shops would also be put on vacation mode... but if there's anything at all, i will be reachable thru my email happypimping@gmail.com :)

have a great weekend everyone and
happy pimping! :)

Oct 17, 2009

and the winner is .....

first of all, i wanna thank all of you who have came to play at pimp & paint's 1st birthday giveaway! it really meant a lot to me to have so much support from you... my frens :))

besides reaching it's 1 year milestone, i am also really delighted to announce that pimp & paint has achieved yet another milestone :)) we have reached 100 followers!! WOOHOO!!! i am utterly ecstatic! thank you all for making this happen! MUAX!!

right .. as you all remember, the giveaway is this celestial coaster set, my very first design upon venturing into etsy world :)

crafted from reprints of my original paintings, every one of these are different becos the extra embellishments you see on the faces are add-ons using ink and gel pens so that each and every piece is unique.

and now for the results...

just before she went to bed this night, i managed to usher my special guest into the art room and enticed her into the draw ... with a little "glamoring" in the form of yummy bedtime milk in a bottle :)) (sorry ... been watching too much true blood i think ... :p)

her little hand swirls around in the bowl of names ...

i thought it would be best to put a cover, to discourage "cheating" :p

and the winner is ... *drumrolls*

this special guest looks quite pleased with herself :)) and rightly so ... she did a fabulous job yet again :))

congratulations to my dear fren and teammate ANGIE of ARTANGEL!!

angie is such an accomplished artist herself that now i'm feeling a little more than nervous sending her my artwork :p ... and for those of you who have yet seen angie's fabulous work ... i implore you to visit her etsy shop! but beware!! ... you may not have the will to leave ... ;)

happy pimping! :)

p/s ... angie ... i need your address :) email me at happypimping@gmail.com :)) MUAX!

Oct 11, 2009

weekly challenge - shimmer

woah!! i hope i made it!! the truth was that i was going to pass this week's challenge for several reasons. i was really busy with stuff like tweaking our group's sites and preparing for my blog's 1st birthday. then i had to read a 13 episode romantic comedy which will start shooting this coming tuesday. also a friend borrowed my camera and i wasn't really comfortable with the professional big heavy monster that belonged to my dad, tho now ours *smirk* ... jason's totally stoked with it but me... i'll just stick to the good old light body auto one i have :)

so what changed my mind? what made me rush to finish this challenge? well ... it's was this post by a dear friend, who is also a team mate and our co-admin for inspiration avenue. go and read this post "ode to luthien" and tell me if you're not inspired!! it's 6 hours to dateline when i read this post by our lovely sharon. after reading it, i was dumbfounded for like 5 minutes! really! and man!! i was sooooo overwhelmed with emotions i didn't know where to begin. my heart felt like jumpin out of my ribcage! and man ... my "inspiration" adrenaline hit me like a storm! i was sooo inspired by that post that i told myself to finish the challenge (which i had started earlier in the week) eventho i feel totally wasted. and of course, i had revisit the post again and happen to chance upon the wright stuff's comment ... well ... passing this challenge was history!

so here it is ... inspire! (i am)

yes... it's a napkin holder, and yes... i dun own table napkins so these are actually rolled up artists' canvas :)

as always, i can't just let a napkin holder be just a napkin holder, i had to add that swirl thingy... for you to stick little messages for your guests, or just their names so that they know where they're seated :)

and of course, dragonfly wings are beautifully iridescent and delicately shimmering.

shimmer from the dragonfly's wings continues to the back with pearls and faceted stones entwined in silver and bronze wires.

ahhh... i made it!

dun forget to come play in my 1st birthday giveaway!! click on this link and it'll take you to the post :)

happy pimping!

Oct 10, 2009

happy birthday pimp & paint!

it's the 10th of october today and one year ago on this day, pimp & paint published her first post. WOW!! i can't believe it's one year already.

time seems to fly by just like that when you're having fun :) last month we just celebrated our 100th post and today we're celebrating our birthday :) it's such a coincidence that 2 of my bloggie frens are also celebrating their 1st birthdays around now... as one of them puts it, "so... what does that make us? libras?" LOLZ!! yes ... we're libras :)))

the 3Fs ... fun, fulfillment and friends ... describe perfectly my year on bloggie land. it was fun just to be able to write and share whatever, whenever. i never thought i could last this long, but i did. and the best thing is, i'm still enjoying it becos blogging gives me a lot of fulfillment :)

fulfillment is an understatement really. it's been more than that. it's been a journey for me and my creative soul. i've always "made' things but it never once crossed my mind that i could take my creative side so seriously. i still dun take it too seriously, because if i did, i know i'll just loose my passion for it. i dun think i can ever think of it as a profession, but rather a passion, an outlet and just the sheer joy of being able to "make" things happen, and write about it and my thoughts. having said that, i honestly dun think that i could have lasted without friends.

so friends... i salute you :) you have been like my rock. when i didn't know better, you shared your knowledge with me, unconditionally. when i couldn't see anymore, you inspired me with your creations, so that i could see beauty once again. when i was lonely, you told me stories and brought me to distant places so that i could free myself and feel again. and when i wasn't sure, you came to my rescue with encouraging words, wisdom and love.

so here's to friendship across land and sea, across continents and timezones, across cultures and differences ... friendships that were once unimaginable have been made possible thru technology. and i am so blessed to be able to call you all ... my friends :))

right... i shall not go all mushy on you :) let's get to the exciting part!


this time's giveaway is something for the home :)

a celestial coaster set

this is my very first design that was put on sale in my etsy shop. of course this is not the first piece!! that was already sold a long time ago. but this celestial design was the very first one i created for sale. it remains my favorite design, so colorful and quirky, it just makes me smile every time i see this coaster set :) i hope it makes you smile too :) comes in a set of 6 with a handmade box :)

and to enter this giveaway :

1. post a comment on this post (1 entry)
2. follow me on blogger ... as you can see, i'm hoping to get to 100 followers ... it's not a long way away , just 3 more :)) (1 entry)
3. write a post about this giveaway or just simple grab the button above and post it on your side bar :) (1 entry)

doing each of the above will give you an extra chance to win ... so if you do all of the above, your name will be on 3 pieces of paper in the drawing bowl :) and remember to tell me how many you've done in the comment box :))

as always, i will have a special guest to draw the giveaway :) my noty little angel llara kaye :)

this giveaway is going to end on the friday the 16th, 12 midnight EST , with the hope that pimp & paint will have 100 friends by then... if not, then i'll extend the drawing date a little more :))

so... let the party began!!

happy pimping and happy partying! :)

Oct 4, 2009


another week has come and gone and this one went particularly quickly. well... it's time again to unveil the inspiration avenue challenge of the week "sky". i'm not going to talk about what inspired me to create this ... it's too grim. yes... i can be inspired by grim too. i think those of you who have been reading my posts would probably guess what inspired this. so here's the challenge entry ... eclipse

it's a handmade book measuring approximately 9cm x 9cm. the front combines hand-painting, hand-stamping and that medallion is made from air dry clay. the moon medallion represents the moon of course :) and it is in perfect alignment with the sun hence creating an eclipse.

this is the back, simple but has a hidden aura of strength. which is what these miracles created by mother nature have. they could be beautiful and devastating at the same time.

pages ... recycle brown paper and hand-torn.

spine ... leather, but this time i tried a sleeker approach. i sewed the signatures as a unique section then attached the spine to them. also i put the covers over the spine instead of under, which i think gives it a little mod twist.

you cannot believe how difficult it is to photograph a black and pearl white item that has gloss varnish on it! ARGHHH!!! good thing films are digital now. i think if it's real film... i would have used 3 rolls just to get a reasonable pic. and it still comes out like blurry!! TALI HELP!!!

hope you've enjoyed eclipse. i know this week we have lots of beautiful entries... so go to the inspiration avenue team blog and have a look :) there should be a post on the entries some time after 12 noon EST ... that's our new cutoff time :) gotto go!

happy pimping!

p/s ... hoping to get out of this grim mood real soon ... UGH!