Sep 15, 2009

these rings and those rings

although i dun wear jewelry often enough but when i do i've always been drawn to chunky jewelry. dainty girlie ones are just not me. i guess it reflects in the pendants i make with clay. they have been a reasonable size at first but i've been making them bigger and bigger! just look at these rings ...

i just love them! cos they are so big :) and you know what ... i dunno if it's just me or that i've been influenced by inspiration avenue's weekly challenge theme this week ... all my stuff are coming out looking rather vintage-gie... which is actually the theme this week :) and oh... did i mention that anyone can join our weekly challenge? if you would like to participate, just to get those creative juices flowing, go here and find out more about our weekly challenge :)

and if it's not only these doughnuts (i only just found out that beads with a hole in the middle is called a doughnut :) ) that are lookin vintage ... this pair of earrings as well ?!

ahhh... but you say, they're from the same batch anyway ... and those are her favorite colors after all :) well ... ummm... maybe. but how do you explain these rings then?

don't the twirly whirly gunmetal wire on these rings look like oldstyle wrought iron to you? it sure does to me! and coming back to the topic of big, even my rings are chunky! *sigh* i wonder how many people in etsy have my sort of taste... ah well ... but i really enjoyed making the twirly whirly wires on the rings altho i did have some problems with ring size since i dun have one of those contraptions that measure the finger. but i was able to do a rough calculation (got the calculator from here) according to my pointing and middle fingers ... these are like between size 9 and 10. i've always wondered if my fingers are small ... what are your ring sizes?

well ... i'm gonna put these up in etsy in a while, perhaps after collecting my new coaster base from the carpenter. he'll probably be here in 10 minutes or so ... poor guy ... it's 10pm and he's still sending orders to me ... i'll go buy him a drink for his trouble :) gotta go ...

happy pimping! :)


  1. These are really pretty. I love the way the colors just meld right into each other.

    Have a wonderful day!


  2. I think they're gorgeous and perfectly vintage! Thanks for your comments on my 'round' piece. Did you spot some Luthien inspired clay discs?? That idea came from a mixture of your good self and Kelly Rae's book - Taking Flight. My first attempt at using the clay.

  3. These chunky doughnut pendants are really cool ... hardly come across big ones like these at my regular wholesaler. I just love all her works with clay and craft wire! Simply gorgeous :)

  4. Wow, Luthien! These are amazing!!!!!

  5. Love the colors and designs in your pendants! Thanks for visiting my blog, and I'm glad I found yours :) I'm starting to get into the vintage look in's becoming pretty popular too!


  6. Omgosh woman you are a natural at polymer clay! These are all beautiful! Your colors are magical! xo

  7. *THUD* Yes, that's me falling on the floor as once again I'm completely astounded by your never ceasing talent! The rings are AMAZING and I love them!!

    Oh and my ring sizes are between 6 (ring finger) and 8.


  8. I agree about the vintage look you've got going on here!
    Those rings are great, but as they are BIG I'm afraid that'd be way too much for me, since my ring finger size is 5 (!!)

  9. lulu :)
    thank you! i tried to blend the colors as best i can. green, blue and 3 different browns there :)

    WS :)
    thank you :)) oh yes!! i thought i did spy some clay disc there but was not really sure. now you've confirmed! :)

    mellie :)
    thank you :)) i personally love chunky as well ... i'm non-too-girlie :p

    debrina :)
    thank you so much for the sweet comment! much appreciated :)

    lisa :)
    thank you :) and thanks for the add too :)) hihihi! have always loved vintagie things ... the older, the more worn, the better!!

    michele :)
    hey! thank you!! that's about all the colors i have! lolz ... you should see my etsy ... all my stuff looks the same!! hahaha!!!

    sharon :)
    hahahaha!!! thank you! you should be a standup comedian!! THUD!indeed!!! hahahaha!!! experimenting with my new spool of gun metal wires! really really love the color. gun metal is so difficult to get now! can't find it here in malaysia... i had to buy from etsy :)

    tali :)
    thank you :) really! your size is 5?? that's small :) and sharon's not that large too! hmmmm.... and i thought my fingers were small ... mayb just maybe i got the measurements wrong cos i actually dun have a proper mantrel... i used the string then used the converter online... should get a proper mantrel! in case i sized it all wrong!

  10. Those are all so cool! I love the chunkiness and the large holes, and those rings are so pretty! :)


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