Sep 10, 2009

the premio meme award and pardon the mutterings

ahhh... i remember the first time when i got tagged, i was wondering what in the world it meant! i couldn't understand the concept of being tagged or having to tag someone. felt like an idiot when i had to ask sf of reduce footprints(who was the very first person to tag me) to explain it to me :) well... after some education and some time going round in blogworld , i now know a tag or an award is in essence, an honor :) and i am most honored to have been given the meme award by two lovely ladies whom i've come to know and admire in more ways than one.

the first comes from the wright stuff, a writer and artist, who weaves the most superb tales with her virtual quill and conjures utterly unique art with her imagination. whether it is a tale of castles, or knights caught in a duel with well ... the rain :p or this incredibly creative painting on her hand ... yes... you heard right , a seascape ON her hand ... this artist-writer would always surprise me in more than one way whenever i visit her at her blog :)

and the second comes from the ever lovely sharon of manamoon studios ... one of the most creative and talented jewelry artist (tho she doesn't admit it) whom i've had the honor of knowing. whose ceaseless energy and creativity inspire me to no end, whose kind encouraging words urge me to move ever forward and whose big heart reminds me each day that i myself should strive to be a better person. an artist, a crafter, a team mate, a confidant, a mentor and a friend ... that's who sharon is to me. just look at these two beautiful pieces of her work... leaves you drooling doesn't it ;)

and so what is the premio meme award? well... i'm suppose to say 7 things about myself. sometimes i think i talk too much about myself. i hope you are all not going to run away! here goes ...

1) i have never had a full time job in my life. the closest was after i graduated my dad asked me to go help him in his office. i worked my first day of a full time job ... leaving at 4pm and never returning! there goes the family business!

2) i'm actually embarassed to tell you this ... but i read accounting and finance at university. *hangs head down* ...

3) my part time jobs include being a dancer, a singer, a choreographer, a stage director, an actor and now a crafter and artist ... and oh yea... a business owner at etsy? but NEVER an accountant!

4) i sometimes envy the lives of my university colleagues (who read accounting with me) who are now CEOs, or high ranking people in the finance world (they are undoubtedly ALL richer than me :) ... but as soon as i visualize myself sitting at a desk with piles and piles of official papers in front of me ... the envy quickly dissipates and i'm quite happy with piles and piles of craft paper in front of me instead! *smug face*

5) i have an imaginery friend ... even now. his name ... blue monster. and when anything in my house goes wrong, i know it's him! his current project is making my kitchen tap leak for the second time ... *sigh* looks like i'll have to call the plumber in again ... on second thoughts, maybe the roto rooters would be a better choice ... :p

6) i am seriously afraid of the 2012 doomsday phenomenon... planet-X, nibiru, why the mayan calender abruptly ends on 21st dec 2012 ... scares the pants out of me!

7) i have now rekindled my admiration for paul bettany ...*shrug* ... zach is still there on my list tho :) apart from viggo mortensen, i seriously love british actors ... alan rickman, paul bettany, james mcavoy, daniel craig, jeremy irons, helena bonham carter ... yes... i'm a teenager trapped in a middle aged woman's body *cringe*

there's my 7 and now yours :)

michele of michele lynch art blog - for her steampunkness and pretty faces
lulu of lulu kellog aka coastal sisters - for her caloriless cupcakes and hilarious tales
catherine of coral seas jewelry - for her sweet nature and yes! freckles rules!
angie of artangel - for all her art that i'm drooling over but can't afford to buy ... yet ;)
tammy of art and inspiration - for her sunny disposition and beautiful holiday images
lisanne of lisannerosalie - for her baby conures and her amazing garden and crafts
maire of maire dodd - for her insightful posts and ecclectic jewelry
merily of elbit blog - for just being an elf :)

i know there's 8 ... ahhh well :))

happy meme-ing! :)


  1. Oh Luthien this is wonderful and you're such a darling! I just adore you and you're far too kind!

    I loved learning more about you and must tell you that you're an Indigo! Now since you may not know what that is, I'm sending you a book about it - it's a short read and I think you'll really enjoy it. ;-)

    Oh and as far as the 2012 thing, I understand how you feel. Just remember though, the Mayan calendars run in cycles. They ALL end and then begin again so it's just the beginning of a new age. Now granted it is the galactic lineup with the center of our solar system and there's more info which I could share but it's just the end of one cycle and the beginning of another. ;-)

  2. How could anyone so creative possibly have ever wanted a career in finance - what a contradiction! I'm so glad you turned your back on numbers and stuck to paint instead. Thank you so much for the kind words. It is my pleasure to please :)
    I feel under such pressure now!!
    Just back from an amazing art exhibition. I'll be blogging about it later!

  3. Hey there Luthien!

    Thanks for your comment! I'm going to reply to it formally in my next post.

    I love your Blog! I'm a huge LotR fan so the name Luthien just caught me. :D

    It's so inspiring to me that you're a crafter. I'm 17 just starting "Life" And that's what I want to do. :D

    Hope to hear from you again soon!

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  5. Luthien I really could never imagine you as an accountant! I think you would shrivel up inside if you couldn't be creative - your combination of creative jobs sounds wonderful! And don't forget motherhood - the most creative job of all!

    Do you know I had never heard of the 2012 thing until now - you and Sharon both seem very well informed - must google! Thanks for passing on the award - I will post my "memes" soon! xxx

  6. Thank you so much Luthien!! Oh wow on the finance!! Another side to you! xo

  7. Luthien,

    Congrats on the well deserved award. Your blog is beautiful, as is your artwork.
    I very much enjoyed reading and learning about YOU! :) ....
    I need an imaginary friend, although I do have an imaginary life, lol.
    About 2012, you know, I always thought the Mayans had to stop somewhere.... and 2012 was far enough into the future for them don't you think? Do you by any chance listen to Coast to Coast A.M. ? This subject is a frequent topic. It's my favourite radio show.
    Luthien, I want to thank you so much for honouring me too.!!!
    It's so kind of you. But unfortunately I don't have the time right now that would be involved in accepting this award.... finding 7 bloggers, writing about myself...
    I've not even posted on my own site in over a week, & haven't even been able to keep up with the blogs I'm following. I'm up to my ears right now in baby birds, concrete, etc. etc. Please accept my apology. But, I am most honoured that you thought of me.
    Thank you. :))

  8. Aww, thanks for including me in the award! My little elf self is honored! :D

  9. sharon :)
    lol!! i've googled indigo and it sounds really cool :) you know what i think llara is probably a crystal child!! man! the critics will think that i'm mad :) ah well ...
    about the 2012... i know there's a lot of theories about it but the nibiru theory and the calenders, not only mayans, even i-ching & sumerians ... they all come to the same conclusion! and that's way scarrrry!

    WS :)
    oh yea :) i saw your post on that :) really cool fantasy art those ... i wish i could paint fantasy figures. but deviant art is so very difficult to make.

    avonlea :)
    LOTR rules! AND aragorn :) as to being a crafter :) i would say ... follow your dreams :) you would only excel in something that you have passion for :) and thank you for the sweet comment :)

    angie :)
    oh yes! motherhood! you are right ... you have to be really creative AND resourceful even, when you are a mother :)) on the 2012 ... i dunno if i should advice you NOT to google ... things you dunno, won't scare you :) but then again ... you could be braver than me...

    michele :)
    finance = :( lol!!!

    lisanne :)
    thank you for the sweet comment :)
    imaginary life sounds pretty good to me :) i hope you are right on that they have to stop somewhere ... *sigh*. anyhow :)) hey! dun worry about not being able to do the meme :) it's all for fun :) i realize you must have been busy cos i missed you on my updates ;)

    merily :)
    anytime elf friend, anytime :)) btw... your pendant is on its way :))

  10. Oh Viggo rocks my world..............drrroooollllllllssssssssssssssssss, him in LoTR, melts into a puddle on the floor.

    I currently work in a office & HATE IT. The only thing that keeps me here is bills & my staff...I don't follow the rules and get into trouble all the time, hee,heee....



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