Sep 13, 2009

luthien's tiny treasury - orange

today is the unveiling of inspiration avenue's 2nd week challenge themed orange. *sigh* i have not been able to create anything due to the wretched migraine that i've been having over the weekend (i was counting on the friday and saturday to make something for the orange theme). however orange is one of the colors that i love apart from blue and green :) i love orange when i make costumes! it's such a wonderful color on stage. so as i've not been able to come up with something but would still love to have some orange in my blog this week, i have decided to go to etsy and find my orange inspirations there :) hope you like luthien's tiny orange treasury :)

for some reason i'm attracted to somewhat similar things like pendants and pottery ... i wonder why ;) but here's my orange inspired treasury and if you like to look at what lovelies the pretty lasses have been churning up in our weekly challenge please go to our mothership for a peek :) the weekly challenge goes on each week with a different theme which i will announce on the little button on the top of my immediate rightbar :) anyone and i mean... anyone... can enter :) and this time there is a really pretty giveaway attached to the challenges as well :) you are welcome to join us at our mothership anytime :))

happy pimping! :)


  1. Luthien, your treasury is just fabulous!! I think it's a wonderful entry for this week's challenge and still VERY creative!! Oh and how did you create it?? (curious minds want to know) ;-)

    I'm a push over for pottery and pendant too as well as fibers, yummm!

  2. The treasury is beautiful. You've found so many nice pieces to show us. Sorry to hear about the migrane, hope you're feeling better soon. xxoo

  3. Yummy Treasury Luthien! Hope your head is better hon x

  4. Hi Luthien
    Yes, agreed, your little treasury is a wonderful celebration of that lovely color, orange. And I thank you for liking my Tree of Life Painting well enough to include it!
    XOX Blenda

  5. I love your Treasury Luthien!

    I hope you will feel better soon.


  6. thank you very much ladies :)) and thank you for all the well wishes :)) making my own little treasury sure is fun ... i should do this more often :))

  7. Fantastic treasury! I love orange too, its so vibrant!

  8. Hey thanks for including my cup! Great looking blog BTW.

  9. Loved the treasury!! Sorry about your migraine, those things are the devil! Hope you are all better by now!! xo


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