Sep 19, 2009

life is a stage - vintage week

right! it's vintage week @ inspiration avenue and it's been quite a fun filled challenge for me :) firstly ... i love vintage (who doesn't? :) and then, i had the whole of thursday to have some girlie fun :) everyone was out the whole of thursday so i had the condo to myself and could walk around in my knickers and do loads of silly stuff!

initially, it began with a necklace made out of one of my vintagie doughnuts. yes... it began this way ..

then i imagined this choker would look nice on the head as a hair piece, so i tried it on, and yea... it's alright, but it needed something more :) for some reason, i suddenly thought of moulin rouge, the movie starring nicole kidman and ewan mcgregor. that was one of my all time favorite neo-musical film :)

and becoz i had a lot of time in general this week so i searched through my stash, and this was created next.

ahhh ... what drama!

of course, i couldn't resist going over the top since i had all of thursday and the house to myself ... i proceeded to dig out all my old make up from my performing days. well ... a girl has to do what a girl does best ... have some fun :)

yes! complete with make up and eye lashes!! where is the drama without the smoldering lashes right? and if you're wondering about the hair ... it's this little baby here. dancers wear these on stage all the time!

just one thing ... next time i decide to do a self portrait, i'll design something that's on the right side instead of the left! it's no fun trying to do a self portrait and trying to maneuver the camera with the left hand when you are right handed. i had bicep cramps after that!

ok ... as if that was not enough ... i had some fun on the computer too.

well ... i guess this is my entry for vintage week @ inspiration avenue ... LIFE IS A STAGE
i had fun ... i hope you had too :))

happy pimping! :)

* next challenge is ECO :) click on the link or the button on my immediate right sidebar to join us :)


  1. What a great post and a great entry for the vintage challenge :)
    And I love the photoshoot you've done!

  2. Luthien, this is gorgeous and YOU are absolutely stunning!


  3. Thank you for sharing your fun day with us - sounds like you really enjoyed yourself and you created some gems. I'm very impressed with the self portrait - you look so glam dahrling!!!

  4. Lithien! you are a beauty queen!

    This is my favorite post of yours ever...I think it is
    flapper-ish-tic. Yes, that IS a word. Thank you for sharing the beauty tips, I have a Moulin Rouge
    book you would LOVE1 Maybe I should send it to you as a birthday gift?
    xox, Lisa

  5. tali :)
    thank you! when i was doing the photo shoot i kept thinking of you ... i said .. darn! tali will laugh her head off!!

    lulu :)
    thank you! lol!! it's the lashes isn't it? lol!!

    WS :)
    thank you! it was a really fun day. i haven't done this in ages ... like put on make up and all, i use to do it every night when we were performing. i didn't even have all my make up stuff intact. had to improvise on the eyeliner!

    lisa :)
    thank you! LOL!!i need to google flapper-ish-tic hahahaha!! OMG!! moulin rouge!you are so kind :) but i'll be so awfully shy ^-^

  6. Finally I get to leave a comment on this most AMAZING entry for this week's challenge!! You are absolutely AWE inspiring Luthien and gorgeous in every aspect!! What a truly fabulous creation you made this week and good for you for milking your alone-time for all it was worth!!!♥♥♥

  7. You're such a girly girl! :) I think you've come up with something that would look fantastic on any stage in the world. And you really know how to makeup. Sister S has that talent too. She can go from being a beauty to an Apple Annie in a heartbeat. Keep it up, my friend, you are a natural at this. xxoo

  8. Luthien I ADORE this - it's so feminine, elegant, glamourous, and 1920s! It really suits you too - you little stunner, you! And I love the hair wave! x

  9. hey sharon :)
    awww... thank you very much!! you are making me blush now :) i always enjoy alone time and would make the most out of it :) it's lovely when the house is quiet once in a while :) i've really enjoyed the challenge this week cos i had so much time! the coming week will be fulfilling orders week :) and i'm really excited about eco too!

    hey carolyn :)
    thank you very much! lol!! looks can be deceiving :) i'll let you in on a secret ... i'm not girlie at all!! most of the time i'm in sweats and no makeup and frizzy hair! i walk around with a knapsack!! not even a handbag! that's how ungirlie i am :) but i'm a great "pretender"! hahaha!!!

    hey angie :)
    thank you very much! hahaha!!! this week's challenge reconnected me to costume making and stage days :) the truth is, one day last week i got to live thru once again my days as a performer. it gave me all kinds of feelings and i'm not gonna lie, at one point i felt quite sad cos i know those days will never return ... but this week's challenge has recapture "that" moment. :) the wave! hahaha!!! that's how we "cheat"!

  10. I know I keep saying this..but you are truly amazing! :-)

  11. What an awesome necklace- I think I love it the most as the hair piece. :) And those photos of you are very pretty!

  12. hey steph :)
    thank you!! you are always so generous and kind with your comments!! MUAX!!

    hey merily :)
    thank you my fren :) i also really like it as a hairpiece :) it'll be great to wear for themed events! and thanks for the sweet compliments *blushing* ^-^

  13. Oh my girlfriend!!! I had seen your vintage piece for the challenge and said it was gorgeous but I didn't realize that was also YOU in the photo!!!!! I have to say you outshine even your gorgeous piece of artwork! You are beautiful! xo

  14. Both you and the necklace look beautiful. Don't you love those alone days?

  15. hey michele :)
    yo!! thank you!! now you're giving me a serious blush! yea... that was me... for a moment i went back in time and truly enjoyed it :))

    hey julia :)
    thank you very much :) alone days are a luxury and always good!! hehehe ...

  16. u look gorgeous...! i simply love ur polymer products!! Wish i could try them soon....

  17. hey sheerah :)
    thank you!! actually that's air dry clay :)) you should try BOTH!! they give you different challenges and satisfaction :))


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