Sep 5, 2009

inspiration avenue etsy team weekly challenge : SUMMER

inspiration avenue etsy team is a group of very talented and diverse artists from all around the globe. i am so honored to be part of this bevy of, not only beauties (that goes without saying :P), but extremely creative, talented, positive, sharing, caring and inspirational ladies who i proudly call my friends :). the girls at IA have decided to hold a weekly inspiration challenge.actually it began this week but i was so caught up with my 100th post giveaway i couldn't write about it and invite all of you to come play with us. but it's a weekly challenge, so next week! i promise! :D.

this week's topic is SUMMER :) and here's the great reveal!


ok ok ... i admit ... i cheated. i didn't do this alone. i had help.

first let me tell you what comes to mind when i think of summer.

heat! malaysia is summer all year round and for those of you who loves the sun :) come and live in malaysia :)

sun! obviously :) and when i think of sun, i think of sunshine and when i think of sunshine ... i think of my precious little llara kaye :) she is the sunshine of my life ... she is my summer :) and so i wanted to make something that would include my noty little angel. a pendant (for those of you who still dunno why pendant ... let's just say i'm a little obsessed now and my mind in stuck in a pendant!) of a sun with her face in the middle :) that would be so cute and perfect!

initially i wanted to paint a sun on clay and transfer her image to the center of the sun. then ... suddenly, out of no where, i thought of locket! those that have "doors" which you can put a photo inside. it's been a long time since i saw one of those! and i thought ... i would try to combine both (locket and sun). even if it didn't turn out right, it doesn't matter. that's what challenges are anyway ... for you to be free and just experiment! so ...

clay and hinges. this was the tiniest hinge i could find. it's a 2cm hinge (i'm sure there are smaller ones like those they install on a trinket box) but heck... this would do for the time being. and... becos this was a circle, the hinge really was too large, so...

i clipped off the flap, top and bottom, both sides. and i then could embed it into the clay.

sculpt the petals in and the center of the sunflower. yes... my sun became a sunflower cos i had to have a "door" to the locket ... so i decided on sunflower which works just as well :)

it's uncanny where the creative process takes you sometimes :) isn't it?

i actually started painting this when llara came to look. she asked if she could help squeeze the paint out for me and i thought, why not involve her? this challenge is about her :) BRILLIANT!! so i asked.

one hour later and after covering all of my previous yellow petals in multiple hues (she loves turquoise too! oh my!!) ... here's the final result...

so now i know for sure that i can certainly insert a hinge in clay :) AHA!! lockets in my etsy shop next??!!

she even wrote her name behind!

at the end of the day, this turned out into a great project. not in the sense of how the project physically turned out , but how it felt inside... definitely for me ... and i'm glad mommy and baby could do this together :)
*contented sigh* my little miss sunshine :)

happy pimping!


  1. the locket is so sweet! I want to make one,too! I had a package with really tiny brass hinges and screws and nails, but I don't know where it is now...let's hope I can find it. So now, I want to try clay,too, it looks so relaxing...

  2. Aw Luthien, I love the inspiration behind this piece. It is lovley and Your little Llara is too. How sweet of you to craft with her. I know she must have been tickled pink to see her photo in the inside.

  3. Luthien, this is so creative and aren't you glad you have a fellow artist on hand to help you out?

  4. That's so sweet that you got to make art with your daughter- and so cool that she's creative, too! :) The locket came out great!

    What a neat idea to make it a locket; I had no idea you could do that with clay.

    And I'm jealous that you live someplace warm year-round! It's only warm enough for me here maybe five months of the year.

  5. kudzu :)
    thank you! aha!! i made you wanna play with clay now did i ? :)

    tammy :)
    thank you :) lol!! she is... she wears it everyday now. it's her sun medal :))

    brenda :)
    thank you :) oh yea... it's good when she's helping but helping and messing is just a thin line apart :) lol!! but yea... she loves painting!

    merily :)
    thank you :) she really had fun with this one :) asking me every single day now to make a sun for her to paint!
    you like the warm too?? ahhh... the grass is always greener on the other side of the pasture :) i actually love autumn and winter!

  6. She's got the crafting bug now- now you won't be able to get her to stop. ;)

    Yup, I love the sun and summer (and late spring). Cold weather and snow just makes me feel down; I don't like how bleak everything gets when the trees and grass are no longer green- I need green growing things and lots of hours of daylight. :) I told my fiancé that someday we're going to get a second house someplace warm for me to go in the winter, but we don't even have a first house yet, lol!


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