Sep 18, 2009

i knew i had forgotten something!

how could i forget to write about this fantastic giveaway that i won a couple of months ago from my dear friend carolyn of harbor hon!? i knew i had forgotten something when i wrote the last giveaway post. i had planned it all together but somehow something must have gotten in the way and i forgot to include dear carolyn's giveaway :( *smacks hand*

i remember she had a darn lot of prizes... 8 gifts or something like that?! she must have spent a fortune on the giveaways. and i remember being extra guilty when i received her parcel cos it costs soooo much to ship here!! arghhh!! but man... i didn't only get the gift that i supposedly won, carolyn even threw in plenty of extras! bless her!

here's what i won :)

essentially i won the old bay seasoning :) but look what other goodies came with it!

carolyn's favorite is the peace sign hence the lovely peace bracelet . the oyster shell necklace came in the parcel too! did i mention she bought a peace keyholder from me :) plus, she was my first ever customer at etsy :) WHOOT! if you notice in the first picture, carolyn sent me a local newspaper filled with recipes that i can use for the seasoning ... she must know i can't cook :p ... well ... *shamefully* i still haven't tried the recipes yet but i love adding old bay into my soup and my noodles ! really gives it the extra zang!!

sorry for the blurred picture ... but .. the thingy she's holding, that came in the parcel too! it's a magnet and little llara has officially taken possession of it :) she refuse to give it back to me but i manage to take a better picture of it while she's asleep:)

isn't that a lot of goodies to win! thank you so much carolyn :) you are the sweetest! and if you haven't been to visit carolyn yet, please do :) her blog is filled with her adventures in the little town she lives in and since she's gotten a new camera ;) she's been taking really interesting pictures of her surroundings ... taking you on a journey not only with her engrossing storytelling but her meticulous visuals as well :)

happy pimping! :)


  1. Thank you so much my sweet friend! What a lovely post about the giveaway. Your artistic display made my small gifts even better. My heart is happy that you were happy. Knew you'd love the Old Bay in soup. :) Big Hugs! xxoo

  2. Cool prizes you snagged! I'm not one for cooking, but the rest of the prizes I really like. ;)

  3. Wow, Old Bay! I grew up on that stuff. Congrats on the prizes. :)

  4. Wow, what a fabulous giveaway and somehow I think she threw in a few extras for you since you lived so far away so no guilty feelings. ;-)

    I'm also relieved I didn't have to experience another fainting spell today (the floor just couldn't have handled it) as you gave me a reprieve by sharing something you won rather than yet ANOTHER gorgeous creation you made, whew!! ;-)

  5. carolyn :)
    you are so welcome! i should have written this waaaay back but i think i was a little caught up with things :) awww... nothing artistic ... just my normal place for taking all my stuff when i put them up on etsy. wish i had better backgrounds...

    merily :)
    yea ... isn't it?? what nifty jewelry and i love the magnet ... tho it's been taken over by the bully now :(

    julia :)
    thanks! did you?? it's really yummy tho and indirectly making me fat cos i have supper nearly every night with it now!

    sharon :)
    ahahahaha!!! are you in your comedy mode?! :D oh man!! you know what ... i realize that i've been posting too frequently nowadays ... cos i'm so excited whenever i make something! i honestly think i should confine myself to 3 or less postings a week! ugh!! hihihi ... but you know what ... i'm gonna do another tonight on the vintage item i made for vintage week :) that was a really fun project! i had some silly fun :)


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