Sep 5, 2009

an experiment and some new creations

for the past week there has been a lot going on, for instance my 100th post giveaway :) that took the most of my week :) you know the preparation, the writing, and just the hovering around the computer screen checking on the comments and the entries. o...o...o... i just wanna thank you all for playing in the giveaway! i was really overwhelmed by all the response and i'm sooooo happy that so many of you came to play :) thank you!! the giveaway will end on the 7th so we still have 2 days? give and take ... cos of the global time difference :) anyhow if you still like to join just click on then 100th post giveaway button on the top of my immediate right bar.

over the week i have been able to visit most of the blogs i usually visit and one particular post caught my attention. it's gayle's post on how to oxidize silver safely and easily. (blog : this artist's journey). i was so impressed by the method that i had to try it. you all know that silver wires have become quite an important material in my life ;) i've always like oxidized silver and during the time when i didn't know that you can actually manually oxidize silver, i waited for ages for all my silver jewelry to turn color on it's own! i even put them out in the elements, in the mud hoping that they'll turn color quicker! LOL!

so i did a little experiment with gayle's method.
you know those sliver plated wires where they say is non-tarnish? i tried the oxidization on that and another brand of silver plated wires that didn't say non-tarnish.

first ... boil an egg. yes, you heard right! boiled egg :)

put the de-shelled the egg (and i mashed it up a bit ... drama, you understand :p) and the silver wires into a grip lock bag and seal.

wait for about half an hour

this is the comparison :

on the left is the non-tarnish silver plated wire
on the right is the brand that didn't say non-tarnish

so... the non-tarnish wires really don't tarnish! so i'm just wondering if it's real silver that they plated it with ... or rhodium.

this one tarnished beautifully! i love the effect and the longer you keep it with the egg, the darker it becomes! isn't that cool! thanks to gayle, i now can oxidize my silver anytime. it's safe, easy and eco friendly :) otherwise you have to use sulfur!

i added my newly tarnished wires to earth watch. see the swirl? hihihi!!!

some of the other pieces i made over the week (tho no tarnish silver :) just click on the names and it'll take you to "ithilien" , my etsy shop :)

(polymer clay)

(polymer clay)

(polymer clay)

and this is the sister to enchanted...
(air dry clay)

have a great weekend everyone and
happy pimping! :)


  1. Who would have thought about using an EGG?????? That is amazing and it looks great! A bit stinky though probably! Great job Luthien!

    Love the new creations :)


  2. I'm so glad that you liked the egg process to oxidize your silver. I've used it twice now and think it is so much easier than liver of sulfer. Thanks to the Home Jewelry Business Success Tips website.

  3. I always learn something new from reading your blog- who'd have thought an egg could do that? I certainly didn't! I may have to try this one day.

    And wow, I'm constantly drooling over the pendants you make- the colors are so vibrant! :)

  4. I ,love all those new creations!!
    BTW, you are honorably mentioned in my latest blog post :)

  5. hey lulu :)
    great idea isn't it? well... not stinkier than sulfur!! :)

    hey gayle :)
    this is a fab tip!! i'm gonna use it soooo often now!

    merily :)
    isn't it? neither did i ... but eggs are good, eggs are good... the doctor is right! and thanks for the sweet compliment on my pendants :)

    hey tali :)
    thank you :) ... for both! lol!! thanks my dear :)) really appreciate it!


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