Sep 11, 2009

everything arrives!

holey moley! i have been receiving and receiving yesterday and today :) which is GREAT! all the jewelry supplies i bought from etsy came plus these 2 lovely giveaways :)

this first one is from tali's giving game where everyone who commented on her post would receive a secret gift from the person who commented before her :) this beautiful necklace came from jennifer coleman of the 3 maries :) such striking colors! hey!! can i enter this for "orange" challenge :)) lol!! but gosh...thank you so much for this wonderful gift!

and this keychain ... finally arrived! from sharon of manamoon studios :) a giveaway i participated on sharon's blog to celebrate her 100 followers :) yes people ... 100 followers ... actually 120 the last i checked!

i was quite miffed at our customs for holding this keychain for like 2 weeks!! what in the world did they think it was ... some weapon? and to inspect it for 2 weeks??? arghhhh!! but thank goodness it arrived safely and in perfect condition! i must tell you i cannot stop looking at it and fiddling with it. it's just so beautifully made and the beads are so gorgeous! thank you so much sharon for this wonderful giveaway! and did you all spy the 10% discount voucher ^-^ muax!!

in total i think i had 7 packages delivered to my condo yesterday and today :) everything came in perfect condition ... tho i was a little disappointed by this purchase. well ... it didn't come broken but when i got it out of it's packaging and inspected it, i lightly pressed on the middle of one of them and it just cracked and fell apart on me! i was like ... what?? i hardly pushed it! now how can i use such inferior quality filigree on my jewelry? i'll be in fear of "hurting" it when i mount my clay on it. and even if it doesn't break apart in my hands, i will be in fear everyday (assuming that it gets sold) that it'll simply fall apart in my buyer's hands with the slightest touch. hmmm ... just disappointed that such inferior quality materials are sold and bought each day ...

anyhoo ... i've been able to play with some more clay :) and i actually found this really good mold maker by sculpey. it works just like polymer clay, only softer so that you can press your source easily into it to create the mold. it catches every detail, even the littlest! it can also be used as a clay conditioner ... like when your clay gets a little hard, just add a little mold maker and it will soften it :)

so ...after you've made your mold, just stick it inside the oven like any polymer clay stuff, it'll cook and wallah! you have a mold. it feels pliable but tough :) quite cool i must say.

with this new weapon in hand i was able to make a mold of a buddha from this antique singing bowl of mine ... i use this bowl to cleanse my crystals. gorgeous bowl isn't it! it's actually quite eroded from use, which is so cool!

just look at the details inside the bowl ... old, worn and beautiful!

and the result of sculpey mold maker and this singing bowl?

earth divinity

heaven divinity

these two buddha pendants are now in my etsy shop :)

all in all .. i'm a happy camper :)

happy pimping! :)


  1. Ah! The pendants are gorgeous, and the source simply divine.


  2. you are just delving deeper and deeper - how wonderful! the buddhas are incredible... a real favorite of mine anyway but these are so nice... funny, it was only a short while ago you decided to give polymer a 'try'... now look at you! i have to get back to it.. i have molds waiting on my stove from about 3 weeks ago!

  3. Lucky lady! I love packages with goodies in them. How fun! Th buddha pendants came out very nice. I love the singing bowl. How neat! I love etsy!!!

    Nice mention of the challenge and giveaway. ;D

  4. Your pendants are just stunning! Love the color choices as well. Good job on making such beautiful molds. I think your Etsy buyers are going to just love these images. I too am very impressed with how far you have come, so quickly!

  5. Yay! So glad you got your gift from the giving game! And thanks for sending me that pic :)
    The giving tree is coming along and will be up with all the photos soon ;)

  6. susan :)
    thank you very much for the sweet comment!

    maire :)
    thank you :) lol!! yea... i'm no moderator am i :P oooo ... what molds??

    tammy :)
    thank you :) yea... it quite nice when the goodies all come in :) it's just like christmas! hahaha!!

    cindy :)
    thank you! yea... when i think about it .. it was like a month or so ago when i started on polymer clay? i remember it was the tealight holders on the driftwood ... which i still love :) that's on my dining table now :))

    tali :)
    that's so cool! can't wait to see all the stuff!! :)

  7. Beautiful pendant! Thanks for the tip and I am just getting into polymer clay so any type of tip is a good thing:) LOLOLOL

    Funky Monkey Girl,

  8. Thank you for sharing your Buddhism jewellry for me. I never saw such a Buddha pendant before - is it of wood or of brass or copper? In Thailand we have some gold pendant jewelry at our small pendant shop here in Thailand - but, nothing same you show on photos. Thank you too kindly for sharing it for me! :) Joy

  9. hey jolene :)
    thank you very much!! and i'm glad i'm able to share some stuff on polymer clay in a small way :)) good luck on you polymer endeavor! you'll get addicted :)

    hey joy :)
    thank you for the kind comment :) the buddha pendants were made from polymer clay :) nothing religious attached to it ... these serve just as jewelry :)


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