Sep 26, 2009

ECObag - eco week

woohoo! i’m done! i’m finished with this week’s inspiration avenue ECO challenge :) and i’m so glad that it didn’t turn out too bad.

i love cereals. and i really like this particular brand of cereals. only one drawback, the packing is made out of plastic, and very tough plastic. i feel particularly guilty when i have to dispose a finished pack. so i keep them. the pack actually comes with a pretty good grip-seal and can be reused to store other food stuff. anyway, i happen to have 5 empty packs in hand so it was perfect for this week’s challenge. the image shows a cut up and cleaned pack.

i bet you must be wondering “huh?” … yea.. those are cutoffs from my jeans. for some reason, i have these 2 pieces. the jeans must have been from my ¾ length craze days! and that stripey one must have been a euro size pants and was too long for my petite 5’4” frame. i’ve always wished i was at least 3 inches taller *sigh*… i try to use all recycled material this time, afterall it’s ECO right? finally, the pretty pink fabric used to be a curtain. later i also added another checked material (which you will see as the strap) … that was leftover from a costume i made a while ago.

and this is how my ECObag turned out.



click for a larger image
images 1 and 2 : what i did was to roughly glue 4 front-of-packs together and 4 back-of-packs together so that they were easier to work with.

image 3 : i then proceeded to sew them onto the pink fabric.

image 4 : after which i attached the front-4 and the back-4 together in one long row. the area where the front-4 meets the back-4 becomes the base of the ECObag.

make sense?

after cutting the jeans pieces to size (as seen on the side of the bag) i hand- sewed them to the pack-panel.

i got really annoyed with the sewing machine cos it kept doing this to me. maybe it’s the wrong needle, or the machine needs servicing or it’s just me but the threads from the front kept clumping up behind! ugh!! so after i did the panels, i resorted to hand sewing.

after i finished one side of the ECObag i discovered i had created a pocket perfect for a handphone! i was pretty amused by this, cos this wasn’t planned. it was created purely through sheer laziness of not wanting to measure and join the 2 jeans pieces in the proper way… i just overlapped one onto another! and wallah!! a pocket was created! lolz!!!

and that was my ECObag adventure. i think i have succeeded pretty much in creating this by utilizing all recycled stuff, except for the thread. i have sore fingers now pushing the needle through layers of jeans and plastic all night! but it sure was great fun :) i hope you've enjoyed this week's challenge too :) join us next week if you can, i'll be posting the new challenge theme on my immediate right sidebar on monday.

happy pimping!

* next week's challenge is SKY :) join us if you can. i will be posting the new button and the link on my immediate right sidebar on monday.


  1. what an awesome creation!!! You're very talented my friend!!

  2. You, my girl, are a walking advertisement for eco-friendly projects and for the cereal industry. I just love that you reuse everything! That bag is really pretty. So proud of you! xxoo

  3. Luthien, You never cease to amaze me! Sheesh, you are one tough act to follow. You have so many wonderful talents. Hmmm...I have to figure out what I am making with the materials I have on hand and I will have the post completed by this evening. I'll email you my submission.

  4. You are so creative!! How did you ever think of that? Love it :)

  5. what a fabulous success! you're going to get lots of comments when you use it out-and-about.

    i think your issue with the sewing machine may have been the "tension" adjustment. Try fiddling with it next time.

  6. tali :)
    hey! thank you!!! that's so sweet! you are always mighty sweet :))

    julia :)
    thank you! you know i never knew what's the diff btwn recycling and upcycling!

    carolyn :)
    thank you :) aww... i dun reuse everything! i wish i could tho ... lol! now that you've mentioned it ... you think white's would pay me for this?? lol!!

    tammy :)
    thank you!! you're giving me a serious blush!! but if you see what goes on inside the bag ... you'll probably take back the talent part!! HAH!! my sewing is quite a disaster actually!

    maggie :)
    thank you very much!! *shy* awww... i didn't think of it... i've seen lots of similar examples of ppl turning packagings into bags and wallets and stuff :)

    mermaiden :)
    i just love your name (been meaning to tell you :) hey!! thank you! i'm sure i'll get lots of stares!! where i come from ppl are still quite new to recycling tho we are starting as a nation. some older generations might just think that i'm crazy :)) thanks for the tip on the tension ... i'll go check (need to find the manual cos i forgot which dial is the tension dial UGH!!)

  7. Awesome Luthien!! What a really cool use for that packaging! You are so creative and talented!! Love your project! xo

  8. Oh Luthien this is AMAZING!! You're just incredible and leave me absolutely speechless!!! I love the darling bag you've made but the fact that it's all repurposed is just too cool! Beautiful, beautiful work sweet lady!!

  9. hey michele :)
    thank you! it was really good quality packaging... what a waste to throw them away! now i can keep this bag in the car for groceries :))

    hey sharon :)
    thank you! this was a fun challenge :) i keep on hogging things like cereal packs and jars and goodness knows other stuff, which i always "think" i can reuse them. and it gets more and more... so this was a good chance to use up some stash!

  10. hey nice bag u got it!

  11. hey ken :))
    thank you very much!! i'll bring it to red envelope tmrw hehehe!!!

  12. Eco-friendly, cool and gorgeous - you did it all! Love this Luthien - well done you! x

  13. Eco-friendly, cool and gorgeous - you did it all! Love this Luthien - well done you! x

  14. i'm not working tomorrow...don't get to see it ~sigh~

  15. wow....this is soo cool!! luthien, you amaze me again! Btw, i went back to my hometown and got almost my whole family to help me tear up papers for recycling... haha... thanks for the inspiration again :)

  16. hey angie :)
    thank you!!! what a delightful comment :) it made me smile :))

    ken :)
    yea... i know.. i'd forgotten to bring it anyway hehehe!!

    sheerah :)
    hey! thank you :))) that's a lot of paper!! cos from the pics it looks like you got a lot of family! LOLZ!! :))


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