Sep 24, 2009

dreaming of devonshire

finally managed to put this piece together! it has been a hectic week for me, completing some orders. i was itching to put this piece together for some time now. i made this bead and a few others 3 weeks or so ago with a design in mind, but i had to find the right leather cord. i finally managed to snag one piece at the shop and it turned out exactly like what i had envisioned. this must be one of my favorites!

dreaming of devonshire ... that's what i call it. the name just popped into my head and wouldn't go away. i guess it must want to be called that :) i love the name ... there's so much romance in it!

love the way this batch of beads turned out.

that ... is the leather cord i was looking for! long, flat and about 1 cm in width :)

becos i actually created these "latches" behind the bead to put the cord through! these "latches" (or whatever they're called) were embedded into the clay before i set it to dry.

i think it looks pretty eye-catching on the wrist ... that, or you can wear it as i choker :)

one other thing, sharon of manamoon studios asked me one time if i intend to make just beads so that other jewelry artists can utilize them in their jewelry. i've been thinking about it actually. and i think i would. well ... i'll try and see if anyone wants them. so i'm gonna list 2 beads that i'd made some time ago in the JUST BEADS section in my etsy shop. i really enjoy making the beads actually and sometimes i make too many and then my brains disintegrate on me and i can't think of a design that i can make with them. and let's face it, i'm not that good a jewelry maker am i? *sigh* ah well ... let's just see what happens :)

these are the 2 i'm gonna list later. emily and terraine. sorry they're in those colors again... i will make future ones in different colors :)

well ... off to complete the orders (the varnish hasn't gone on yet) and then start on the eco project for the IA eco challenge this week :)

happy pimping! :)


  1. Very cool....hmm, seeing all sorts of cool things to do with these..too bad I am poor right now:(


  2. Very very cool!!! You are making some amazing things with the pc these days! I always love your use of color too! xo

  3. that's a really gorgeous piece, and your naming-story is marvelous!

  4. Luthien, I love this as a's stunning!


  5. Oh Luthien, I LOVE the design it's fabulous!! The little brackets on the back are genius!!

    And a big Whoop! Whoop! for you listing beads, I think it's a wonderful idea!!

    Pssst... I'm lovin' mine!! :)))

  6. jolene :)
    thank you!! lol!! artists seem to be always poor!! poor us! *sigh*

    michele :)
    thank you!! hehehe... this one's actually made with air dry clay :) but i'm sure i could do that with polymer clay too, but it'll probably come out not too rustic unless i sculpt all the cracks and nooks in. air dry clay gives you such a lovely naturally rustic texture :))

    mermaiden :)
    thank you!! ahhhh... the beauty of cornwall and devon ... i dream of it all the time :)

    lulu :)
    thank you!! you are such a sweetheart! always leaving a sweet comment and so encouraging of my work!!

    sharon :)
    thank you!! YES!! THAT'S the word i've been looking for ... BRACKETS!! LOLZ!! whoot! beads yea... i think i enjoy making the beads much more :)) hahaha! we'll see, we'll see :) i can't wait to see what amazing stuff you would come up with! i know i'll be so in awe to see how other creative and more experienced minds compose the beads! as of now... my mind is only single track!

  7. I LOVE this new piece! In fact, I love all of your jewelry...someday I will own some...
    Isn't it funny, if you wait patiently, the universe always delivers the perfect thing? When you try and force it is never as easy or perfect.
    That is something I try to remind myself whenever I'm rushing.
    xox, Lisa

  8. very very cool! and that's awesome you will be listing beads for others to use - then you can keep playing and making! they are just looking better and better - you have a knack for this... thank you also for the comment you left on my blog... very sweet! i think i am finally finding my 'thing'... it took learning more techniques & that makes me happy! i like having dirty hands when i work on a project, it's rewarding, right?

  9. hey lisa :)
    thank you so much! you are so right ... the universe ALWAYS gives you an answer if only you would ask! it's happening for me more and more :)

    hey maire :)
    thank you so much!! "then you can keep playing and making!" yes yes yes *rubbing hands in glee* that was what i had in my mind too :)) hehehe! i love watching your evolution .. in your creations and your self's fascinating and i'm also learning from it :)

  10. Luthien,

    I miss you. I have been under the weather, and not writing much.

    How are you?

  11. Lovely as always hon, and I LOVE those mossy greens! Great idea of Sharon's too - I'd love to see what another jeweller would make with your beads - that would be great fun!

  12. hey melissa :)
    oh dear ... i hope you feel better soon. we'll talk ok?

    hey angie :)
    thank you :) yea... it'll give me one more excuse to play with more clay!

  13. Oh my...Luthien, i just LOVE your pieces! I'm commenting this time to get you to ck my blog....i am awarding you the Kreativ blogger award!.. you will read some instructions there...any questions ,feel free to email addy is in my profile!
    thanks, gypsy (jean)


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