Sep 8, 2009

and we have a winner!!

firstly ... thank you all for playing in my 100th post giveaway!! i so very very appreciate all your comments and your participation in my first ever giveaway :) the grand total who played was an astounding 36 beautiful people! WOOHOO!!!!!!! i cannot believe it when i tabulated the results. i still cannot believe it :) in the midst i met so many new bloggie friends and found so many pretty blogs :) i am soooooo happy!!

and now... i have the results! my guest of honor has drawn a winner :) ...the gift, ENCHANTED, a pendant i made specially for this giveaway :)

drumrolls please!!!! ... as the little hand goes into the drawing (erm... rice) bowl!!!

she looks tensed ... nervous ... her adrenaline pumping! trying to do the right thing of not looking becos mommy told her not to look into the bowl!! .................... she draws .....................


our guest of honor has done her job marvelously!! she thrusts the results into the lens of mommy's camera to show the world that she indeed did draw MERILY ! and drew it she did with honor!! (ie. without looking into the bowl !) and then off she goes back to her poker face dancing in front of the TV ... ah well ...

MERILY, elf-friend!
mae govvannen!

p/s ... now you gotta email me your address at ;)

happy pimping! :)


  1. Oh a great big CONGRATULATIONS to Merily!!! And what a wonderful helper you had - perfection!

    This was SO much fun Luthien and although I'm wiping the tears away for not winning *sniffle* I just couldn't be happier for you!!♥♥

  2. Wooo Hoooo Congrats to Merily!! Your daughter needs to take a bow!! She did an awesome job!!! But I am sooo sad I did not win!!! boo hooo. Congrats again on the 100th post!! xo

  3. Your daughter -- cute as a button! Congrats to the winner, that necklace is just gorgeous!

  4. Wow! I won! I'm doing the happy dance over here! :D Your daughter has the magic touch- maybe she's an elf, too. ;)

    I'll send along my address now!

  5. Lucky, lucky Merily!
    And lucky Luthien, too, you have the second cutest daughter in the world, hee hee.
    And a whole lotta talent!
    xox, Lisa

  6. Hi Luthien, Just wanted to let you know I left an award for you on my blog so please stop by when you have a moment - thanks!♥

  7. hey ladies :))
    thank you for all you sweet comments!! no matter if you didn't win this time round ... there will be another quite soon :)) so hang on there!! MUAX!!

  8. You are just amazing! And how do you manage so many blogs? :-)


  9. Well done to Merily for winning such a beautiful prize! Trying not to be too jealous lol!

    Hmmm - next time, eh? Wondering if your daughter takes chocolate bribes Luthien! ;)

  10. hehey! Congratulations to the winner! and to you too luthien, again for the 100th post! CHampagne!

  11. I know this post was from almost 9 years ago. But is it possible for you to make another one of these necklaces? I have always believed my grandmother visits me as a dragonfly. Therefore, I have always had a love of dragonflies. I would most definitely buy necklace from you if you could make another one. :) Thanks!

    1. hi Evelyn, I'm so sorry for the late reply. Unfortunately I cant make this anymore. I no longer have the components to do this. So sorry.


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