Sep 29, 2009

mooncake festival and something NOT green and blue!

the chinese mooncake festival falls on this weekend :) and i haven't had a single mooncake yet!!

the mooncake festival, also called the mid-autumn festival or lantern festival is to celebrate the end of the summer harvest. it usually occurs in late september or early october and on this day, the moon is said to be in it's full glory. as a kid, my bros and i looked forward to this festival where mom would buy us each an animal lantern weeks before the festival and we'll be walking around with it for weeks! on the night of the festival we would have a family gathering and eat plenty of mooncakes! after dinner, the kids would then go out into the garden to "play lantern" and fireworks :) we would light candles all around the fences and i remember the neighbourhood kids (and the adults) would all gather at someone's house (usually ours) to just chat, eat more mooncakes and open pomelos. the adults will tell us stories and one story i particularly remember, not becos it's funny or anything, but becos they kept telling us the same story every year :p.

it was a story about how the chinese used mooncakes to overthrow the mongols and got their land back. it is believe that during the mongol rule in china between 1280–1368, all gatherings were banned for obvious reasons. so one smart guy from the village thought of a way to spread the rebellion word around by inserting notes into the mooncakes and distributing them to all those who celebrated this festival, which was practically all of china besides the mongols :) of course word got around and each and everyone who got the note in the mooncake gathered and the rebellion began. the chinese successfully overthrew the mongols and got their land back. and that became another reason to celebrate the mooncake festival.

and coming back to the family gathering ... after all the food, and the mooncakes, the pomelos, the gossips and storytelling, the night would end with the burning of the lanterns (if it's not already on fire before that :p). all the kids would be so sad but the adults would assure us that the better the lanterns burned, the better the luck of the family would be in the coming year. and with better luck we'll all get bigger lanterns next year!

so in accordance to the mooncake festival (just an excuse actually) i have created something not blue, not green and definitely not turquoise! and i'm so proud!! *gives myself a pat on the shoulder* this is asian mod ... the bead :D

this asian inspired creation is given a little abstract twist with the paint splatters :) i really quite love this one. the images dun really do it justice...

and this is asian mod ... the refrigerator magnets :)

as you can see, i like the idea of getting multiple uses in one item (the chinese in me indeed! :) so i've added a clip at the end of the magnets. now you not only can hold notes with the magnets, but can hang notes off it as well!

i'm going to list these in my etsy shops, bead in ithilien and magnets in pimp&paint ... well, as soon as etsy allows me to :))

happy pimping! :)

Sep 26, 2009

ECObag - eco week

woohoo! i’m done! i’m finished with this week’s inspiration avenue ECO challenge :) and i’m so glad that it didn’t turn out too bad.

i love cereals. and i really like this particular brand of cereals. only one drawback, the packing is made out of plastic, and very tough plastic. i feel particularly guilty when i have to dispose a finished pack. so i keep them. the pack actually comes with a pretty good grip-seal and can be reused to store other food stuff. anyway, i happen to have 5 empty packs in hand so it was perfect for this week’s challenge. the image shows a cut up and cleaned pack.

i bet you must be wondering “huh?” … yea.. those are cutoffs from my jeans. for some reason, i have these 2 pieces. the jeans must have been from my ¾ length craze days! and that stripey one must have been a euro size pants and was too long for my petite 5’4” frame. i’ve always wished i was at least 3 inches taller *sigh*… i try to use all recycled material this time, afterall it’s ECO right? finally, the pretty pink fabric used to be a curtain. later i also added another checked material (which you will see as the strap) … that was leftover from a costume i made a while ago.

and this is how my ECObag turned out.



click for a larger image
images 1 and 2 : what i did was to roughly glue 4 front-of-packs together and 4 back-of-packs together so that they were easier to work with.

image 3 : i then proceeded to sew them onto the pink fabric.

image 4 : after which i attached the front-4 and the back-4 together in one long row. the area where the front-4 meets the back-4 becomes the base of the ECObag.

make sense?

after cutting the jeans pieces to size (as seen on the side of the bag) i hand- sewed them to the pack-panel.

i got really annoyed with the sewing machine cos it kept doing this to me. maybe it’s the wrong needle, or the machine needs servicing or it’s just me but the threads from the front kept clumping up behind! ugh!! so after i did the panels, i resorted to hand sewing.

after i finished one side of the ECObag i discovered i had created a pocket perfect for a handphone! i was pretty amused by this, cos this wasn’t planned. it was created purely through sheer laziness of not wanting to measure and join the 2 jeans pieces in the proper way… i just overlapped one onto another! and wallah!! a pocket was created! lolz!!!

and that was my ECObag adventure. i think i have succeeded pretty much in creating this by utilizing all recycled stuff, except for the thread. i have sore fingers now pushing the needle through layers of jeans and plastic all night! but it sure was great fun :) i hope you've enjoyed this week's challenge too :) join us next week if you can, i'll be posting the new challenge theme on my immediate right sidebar on monday.

happy pimping!

* next week's challenge is SKY :) join us if you can. i will be posting the new button and the link on my immediate right sidebar on monday.

Sep 24, 2009

dreaming of devonshire

finally managed to put this piece together! it has been a hectic week for me, completing some orders. i was itching to put this piece together for some time now. i made this bead and a few others 3 weeks or so ago with a design in mind, but i had to find the right leather cord. i finally managed to snag one piece at the shop and it turned out exactly like what i had envisioned. this must be one of my favorites!

dreaming of devonshire ... that's what i call it. the name just popped into my head and wouldn't go away. i guess it must want to be called that :) i love the name ... there's so much romance in it!

love the way this batch of beads turned out.

that ... is the leather cord i was looking for! long, flat and about 1 cm in width :)

becos i actually created these "latches" behind the bead to put the cord through! these "latches" (or whatever they're called) were embedded into the clay before i set it to dry.

i think it looks pretty eye-catching on the wrist ... that, or you can wear it as i choker :)

one other thing, sharon of manamoon studios asked me one time if i intend to make just beads so that other jewelry artists can utilize them in their jewelry. i've been thinking about it actually. and i think i would. well ... i'll try and see if anyone wants them. so i'm gonna list 2 beads that i'd made some time ago in the JUST BEADS section in my etsy shop. i really enjoy making the beads actually and sometimes i make too many and then my brains disintegrate on me and i can't think of a design that i can make with them. and let's face it, i'm not that good a jewelry maker am i? *sigh* ah well ... let's just see what happens :)

these are the 2 i'm gonna list later. emily and terraine. sorry they're in those colors again... i will make future ones in different colors :)

well ... off to complete the orders (the varnish hasn't gone on yet) and then start on the eco project for the IA eco challenge this week :)

happy pimping! :)

Sep 19, 2009

life is a stage - vintage week

right! it's vintage week @ inspiration avenue and it's been quite a fun filled challenge for me :) firstly ... i love vintage (who doesn't? :) and then, i had the whole of thursday to have some girlie fun :) everyone was out the whole of thursday so i had the condo to myself and could walk around in my knickers and do loads of silly stuff!

initially, it began with a necklace made out of one of my vintagie doughnuts. yes... it began this way ..

then i imagined this choker would look nice on the head as a hair piece, so i tried it on, and yea... it's alright, but it needed something more :) for some reason, i suddenly thought of moulin rouge, the movie starring nicole kidman and ewan mcgregor. that was one of my all time favorite neo-musical film :)

and becoz i had a lot of time in general this week so i searched through my stash, and this was created next.

ahhh ... what drama!

of course, i couldn't resist going over the top since i had all of thursday and the house to myself ... i proceeded to dig out all my old make up from my performing days. well ... a girl has to do what a girl does best ... have some fun :)

yes! complete with make up and eye lashes!! where is the drama without the smoldering lashes right? and if you're wondering about the hair ... it's this little baby here. dancers wear these on stage all the time!

just one thing ... next time i decide to do a self portrait, i'll design something that's on the right side instead of the left! it's no fun trying to do a self portrait and trying to maneuver the camera with the left hand when you are right handed. i had bicep cramps after that!

ok ... as if that was not enough ... i had some fun on the computer too.

well ... i guess this is my entry for vintage week @ inspiration avenue ... LIFE IS A STAGE
i had fun ... i hope you had too :))

happy pimping! :)

* next challenge is ECO :) click on the link or the button on my immediate right sidebar to join us :)

Sep 18, 2009

i knew i had forgotten something!

how could i forget to write about this fantastic giveaway that i won a couple of months ago from my dear friend carolyn of harbor hon!? i knew i had forgotten something when i wrote the last giveaway post. i had planned it all together but somehow something must have gotten in the way and i forgot to include dear carolyn's giveaway :( *smacks hand*

i remember she had a darn lot of prizes... 8 gifts or something like that?! she must have spent a fortune on the giveaways. and i remember being extra guilty when i received her parcel cos it costs soooo much to ship here!! arghhh!! but man... i didn't only get the gift that i supposedly won, carolyn even threw in plenty of extras! bless her!

here's what i won :)

essentially i won the old bay seasoning :) but look what other goodies came with it!

carolyn's favorite is the peace sign hence the lovely peace bracelet . the oyster shell necklace came in the parcel too! did i mention she bought a peace keyholder from me :) plus, she was my first ever customer at etsy :) WHOOT! if you notice in the first picture, carolyn sent me a local newspaper filled with recipes that i can use for the seasoning ... she must know i can't cook :p ... well ... *shamefully* i still haven't tried the recipes yet but i love adding old bay into my soup and my noodles ! really gives it the extra zang!!

sorry for the blurred picture ... but .. the thingy she's holding, that came in the parcel too! it's a magnet and little llara has officially taken possession of it :) she refuse to give it back to me but i manage to take a better picture of it while she's asleep:)

isn't that a lot of goodies to win! thank you so much carolyn :) you are the sweetest! and if you haven't been to visit carolyn yet, please do :) her blog is filled with her adventures in the little town she lives in and since she's gotten a new camera ;) she's been taking really interesting pictures of her surroundings ... taking you on a journey not only with her engrossing storytelling but her meticulous visuals as well :)

happy pimping! :)

Sep 15, 2009

these rings and those rings

although i dun wear jewelry often enough but when i do i've always been drawn to chunky jewelry. dainty girlie ones are just not me. i guess it reflects in the pendants i make with clay. they have been a reasonable size at first but i've been making them bigger and bigger! just look at these rings ...

i just love them! cos they are so big :) and you know what ... i dunno if it's just me or that i've been influenced by inspiration avenue's weekly challenge theme this week ... all my stuff are coming out looking rather vintage-gie... which is actually the theme this week :) and oh... did i mention that anyone can join our weekly challenge? if you would like to participate, just to get those creative juices flowing, go here and find out more about our weekly challenge :)

and if it's not only these doughnuts (i only just found out that beads with a hole in the middle is called a doughnut :) ) that are lookin vintage ... this pair of earrings as well ?!

ahhh... but you say, they're from the same batch anyway ... and those are her favorite colors after all :) well ... ummm... maybe. but how do you explain these rings then?

don't the twirly whirly gunmetal wire on these rings look like oldstyle wrought iron to you? it sure does to me! and coming back to the topic of big, even my rings are chunky! *sigh* i wonder how many people in etsy have my sort of taste... ah well ... but i really enjoyed making the twirly whirly wires on the rings altho i did have some problems with ring size since i dun have one of those contraptions that measure the finger. but i was able to do a rough calculation (got the calculator from here) according to my pointing and middle fingers ... these are like between size 9 and 10. i've always wondered if my fingers are small ... what are your ring sizes?

well ... i'm gonna put these up in etsy in a while, perhaps after collecting my new coaster base from the carpenter. he'll probably be here in 10 minutes or so ... poor guy ... it's 10pm and he's still sending orders to me ... i'll go buy him a drink for his trouble :) gotta go ...

happy pimping! :)

Sep 13, 2009

luthien's tiny treasury - orange

today is the unveiling of inspiration avenue's 2nd week challenge themed orange. *sigh* i have not been able to create anything due to the wretched migraine that i've been having over the weekend (i was counting on the friday and saturday to make something for the orange theme). however orange is one of the colors that i love apart from blue and green :) i love orange when i make costumes! it's such a wonderful color on stage. so as i've not been able to come up with something but would still love to have some orange in my blog this week, i have decided to go to etsy and find my orange inspirations there :) hope you like luthien's tiny orange treasury :)

for some reason i'm attracted to somewhat similar things like pendants and pottery ... i wonder why ;) but here's my orange inspired treasury and if you like to look at what lovelies the pretty lasses have been churning up in our weekly challenge please go to our mothership for a peek :) the weekly challenge goes on each week with a different theme which i will announce on the little button on the top of my immediate rightbar :) anyone and i mean... anyone... can enter :) and this time there is a really pretty giveaway attached to the challenges as well :) you are welcome to join us at our mothership anytime :))

happy pimping! :)

Sep 11, 2009

everything arrives!

holey moley! i have been receiving and receiving yesterday and today :) which is GREAT! all the jewelry supplies i bought from etsy came plus these 2 lovely giveaways :)

this first one is from tali's giving game where everyone who commented on her post would receive a secret gift from the person who commented before her :) this beautiful necklace came from jennifer coleman of the 3 maries :) such striking colors! hey!! can i enter this for "orange" challenge :)) lol!! but gosh...thank you so much for this wonderful gift!

and this keychain ... finally arrived! from sharon of manamoon studios :) a giveaway i participated on sharon's blog to celebrate her 100 followers :) yes people ... 100 followers ... actually 120 the last i checked!

i was quite miffed at our customs for holding this keychain for like 2 weeks!! what in the world did they think it was ... some weapon? and to inspect it for 2 weeks??? arghhhh!! but thank goodness it arrived safely and in perfect condition! i must tell you i cannot stop looking at it and fiddling with it. it's just so beautifully made and the beads are so gorgeous! thank you so much sharon for this wonderful giveaway! and did you all spy the 10% discount voucher ^-^ muax!!

in total i think i had 7 packages delivered to my condo yesterday and today :) everything came in perfect condition ... tho i was a little disappointed by this purchase. well ... it didn't come broken but when i got it out of it's packaging and inspected it, i lightly pressed on the middle of one of them and it just cracked and fell apart on me! i was like ... what?? i hardly pushed it! now how can i use such inferior quality filigree on my jewelry? i'll be in fear of "hurting" it when i mount my clay on it. and even if it doesn't break apart in my hands, i will be in fear everyday (assuming that it gets sold) that it'll simply fall apart in my buyer's hands with the slightest touch. hmmm ... just disappointed that such inferior quality materials are sold and bought each day ...

anyhoo ... i've been able to play with some more clay :) and i actually found this really good mold maker by sculpey. it works just like polymer clay, only softer so that you can press your source easily into it to create the mold. it catches every detail, even the littlest! it can also be used as a clay conditioner ... like when your clay gets a little hard, just add a little mold maker and it will soften it :)

so ...after you've made your mold, just stick it inside the oven like any polymer clay stuff, it'll cook and wallah! you have a mold. it feels pliable but tough :) quite cool i must say.

with this new weapon in hand i was able to make a mold of a buddha from this antique singing bowl of mine ... i use this bowl to cleanse my crystals. gorgeous bowl isn't it! it's actually quite eroded from use, which is so cool!

just look at the details inside the bowl ... old, worn and beautiful!

and the result of sculpey mold maker and this singing bowl?

earth divinity

heaven divinity

these two buddha pendants are now in my etsy shop :)

all in all .. i'm a happy camper :)

happy pimping! :)

Sep 10, 2009

the premio meme award and pardon the mutterings

ahhh... i remember the first time when i got tagged, i was wondering what in the world it meant! i couldn't understand the concept of being tagged or having to tag someone. felt like an idiot when i had to ask sf of reduce footprints(who was the very first person to tag me) to explain it to me :) well... after some education and some time going round in blogworld , i now know a tag or an award is in essence, an honor :) and i am most honored to have been given the meme award by two lovely ladies whom i've come to know and admire in more ways than one.

the first comes from the wright stuff, a writer and artist, who weaves the most superb tales with her virtual quill and conjures utterly unique art with her imagination. whether it is a tale of castles, or knights caught in a duel with well ... the rain :p or this incredibly creative painting on her hand ... yes... you heard right , a seascape ON her hand ... this artist-writer would always surprise me in more than one way whenever i visit her at her blog :)

and the second comes from the ever lovely sharon of manamoon studios ... one of the most creative and talented jewelry artist (tho she doesn't admit it) whom i've had the honor of knowing. whose ceaseless energy and creativity inspire me to no end, whose kind encouraging words urge me to move ever forward and whose big heart reminds me each day that i myself should strive to be a better person. an artist, a crafter, a team mate, a confidant, a mentor and a friend ... that's who sharon is to me. just look at these two beautiful pieces of her work... leaves you drooling doesn't it ;)

and so what is the premio meme award? well... i'm suppose to say 7 things about myself. sometimes i think i talk too much about myself. i hope you are all not going to run away! here goes ...

1) i have never had a full time job in my life. the closest was after i graduated my dad asked me to go help him in his office. i worked my first day of a full time job ... leaving at 4pm and never returning! there goes the family business!

2) i'm actually embarassed to tell you this ... but i read accounting and finance at university. *hangs head down* ...

3) my part time jobs include being a dancer, a singer, a choreographer, a stage director, an actor and now a crafter and artist ... and oh yea... a business owner at etsy? but NEVER an accountant!

4) i sometimes envy the lives of my university colleagues (who read accounting with me) who are now CEOs, or high ranking people in the finance world (they are undoubtedly ALL richer than me :) ... but as soon as i visualize myself sitting at a desk with piles and piles of official papers in front of me ... the envy quickly dissipates and i'm quite happy with piles and piles of craft paper in front of me instead! *smug face*

5) i have an imaginery friend ... even now. his name ... blue monster. and when anything in my house goes wrong, i know it's him! his current project is making my kitchen tap leak for the second time ... *sigh* looks like i'll have to call the plumber in again ... on second thoughts, maybe the roto rooters would be a better choice ... :p

6) i am seriously afraid of the 2012 doomsday phenomenon... planet-X, nibiru, why the mayan calender abruptly ends on 21st dec 2012 ... scares the pants out of me!

7) i have now rekindled my admiration for paul bettany ...*shrug* ... zach is still there on my list tho :) apart from viggo mortensen, i seriously love british actors ... alan rickman, paul bettany, james mcavoy, daniel craig, jeremy irons, helena bonham carter ... yes... i'm a teenager trapped in a middle aged woman's body *cringe*

there's my 7 and now yours :)

michele of michele lynch art blog - for her steampunkness and pretty faces
lulu of lulu kellog aka coastal sisters - for her caloriless cupcakes and hilarious tales
catherine of coral seas jewelry - for her sweet nature and yes! freckles rules!
angie of artangel - for all her art that i'm drooling over but can't afford to buy ... yet ;)
tammy of art and inspiration - for her sunny disposition and beautiful holiday images
lisanne of lisannerosalie - for her baby conures and her amazing garden and crafts
maire of maire dodd - for her insightful posts and ecclectic jewelry
merily of elbit blog - for just being an elf :)

i know there's 8 ... ahhh well :))

happy meme-ing! :)

Sep 8, 2009

and we have a winner!!

firstly ... thank you all for playing in my 100th post giveaway!! i so very very appreciate all your comments and your participation in my first ever giveaway :) the grand total who played was an astounding 36 beautiful people! WOOHOO!!!!!!! i cannot believe it when i tabulated the results. i still cannot believe it :) in the midst i met so many new bloggie friends and found so many pretty blogs :) i am soooooo happy!!

and now... i have the results! my guest of honor has drawn a winner :) ...the gift, ENCHANTED, a pendant i made specially for this giveaway :)

drumrolls please!!!! ... as the little hand goes into the drawing (erm... rice) bowl!!!

she looks tensed ... nervous ... her adrenaline pumping! trying to do the right thing of not looking becos mommy told her not to look into the bowl!! .................... she draws .....................


our guest of honor has done her job marvelously!! she thrusts the results into the lens of mommy's camera to show the world that she indeed did draw MERILY ! and drew it she did with honor!! (ie. without looking into the bowl !) and then off she goes back to her poker face dancing in front of the TV ... ah well ...

MERILY, elf-friend!
mae govvannen!

p/s ... now you gotta email me your address at ;)

happy pimping! :)