Aug 15, 2009

three days of fun, food, colors and hunks

:oD :oD :oD
i'm definitely feeling happy :)

thursday's lunch were :

1. nasi lemak sotong ... which loosely translates to "high cholesterol"
"nasi lemak" = rich rice
"sotong" = squid
this is a really famous dish in malaysia which comprises of rice cooked in coconut milk, squid in chili paste (this is replaceble with chicken, beef or cockles), anchovies in chili paste, hard boiled egg, fresh cucumber slices and roasted peanuts with fried anchovies
2. teh ais = ice tea
made from ceylon black tea with tonnes of condensed milk and sometimes if they wanna kill you quicker, they add evaporated milk! but hell ... it's delicious and it's my favorite drink! AND it's 10% of the price of a green tea latte at starbucks!
3. my laptop
this place not only serves good food ... it has wifi too:)
4. more sculpey premo!
in neon colors!

thursday was indeed a happy day!

and this was what happened over thursday night and friday...

colors make me happy :)

candies make me happy :)

chocolates make me happy :)

but most of all ... playing makes me happy :)

i think i'm a kid :)
tonight i'm going to try something else with these ;) we'll see if my idea works :p

and oh ... i spent this afternoon with these guys :)

happy pimping! :)


  1. haha, I agree. Colorful things, food and my laptop make me happy too!

  2. Everything looks wonderful!! I have always wanted to try polymer clay but I am sure whatever I would make would turn out to look like a gross lump of playdoh!!


  3. Ooh I love the clay work - amazing colours! Colours, lovely food and playing make me happy too - the simple things in life are often the best! And this is the mum coming out in me but my other thought was "careful you don't spill your drink on your lapotop" lol!

  4. Luthien,

    The food looks fantastic and I love your colorful sculptures!


  5. Wow! Great food and those clay candies look good enough to eat too. You're good ya know, real good. xxoo

  6. I'm loving all those colors! I want to reach into the computer and pick them up. :D

  7. once again thank you ladies for all your lovely and kind comments!!! you just made my sunday wonderful!!

    hey ES :)
    nothing like alone time w my lappy of course, sipping a cup of my fav drink in a wifi cafe ... :)

    hey lulu :)
    HAH! i bet they will come out as beautiful as your jewelry and as delicious as your cakes!!!

    hey angie :)
    yup ... simple things in life *contented sigh* ... LOL!! now i say that to baby llara too when she's drinking near my computer!

    hey vicki :)
    thank you!! fattening foods ALWAYS looks fantastic!!

    hey carolyn :)
    thank you :)) glad you're back commenting :)) i've missed you!

    hey merily :)
    LOL!! i nearly wanted to pop them in my mouth as well ... especially after the varnish went on!

    happy sunday everyone! :)

  8. Gee I don't know how I missed this posting! Looks like you had a FABULOUS day!! How was the movie??

  9. hey sharon :)
    movie was great!! just not as great as trek ;)lol!! but it was worth it :))

  10. I already know you had lots of fun with the polymer clay ;)
    but, boy oh boy, your lunch (and tea drink) looks yummy!

  11. hey kimmie :)
    LOL!!! it was YUMMY!!! i wish i could eat this everyday ... but it'll be really unhealthy! why is yummy food always unhealthy food??!!


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Luthien :)