Aug 26, 2009

this is addictive ...

this girl has been feeling a little under the weather lately. dunno why, but the body seems to be floppish and lethargic. perhaps it's due to all the night crafting ... plus, the suppers and chocolates aren't helping. i think it's time to get this body back to the gym, and slow down on the crafting and the googling ... and safe some electricity!

yea... i think my electricity bill just sky rocketed this month becoz i've been doing extra oven time, baking my polymer clay! this is really addictive and i don't think i can afford it.

but ... since i HAVE been crafting all night and stuffing myself with chocolates ... ^-^ ...

refrigerator magnets anyone?

and oh ... *sigh* ... how can i stop crafting when each time i see a craft shop or a DIY shop i have to buy supplies and tools??!!

and thus ... the addiction remains ...

and i've been learning about wire "gauge" the whole of today and trying to decipher the yardage in a spool of wire, why some "gauge" numbers are more expensive than others when the yardage is less, and which is the best "gauge" number to use ... i think the silver wire is a 22 or 24 (i didn't look when i bought it cos i didn't know there were different sizes then!) and the copper is an 18 ... and this was quite confusing in the beginning. it would be much easier if the numbers increase as the wires get thicker :)

but i must admit, making these pieces were really fun :) not the best looking pendants but fun all the same :)

my next experiment ... air dry clay. at least with this i can safe on electricity :)

have a great week everyone :)
happy pimping! :)


  1. Those are absolutely gorgoeous! All of them! I love the wire embellishments! Adds a really nice touch! You make me want to buy some polymer clay! :)

  2. Oh I love the metallic finish on these and the stamped images on them. Just lovely, my dear! You have been creating like crazy. I am so proud of you.

  3. Wow, your clay and wire things are just gorgeous! I love those colors! :)

    I've tried air dry clay a few times, but it was all years ago so I don't really remember how well it worked in comparison to the kinds you bake.

  4. i LOVE you pendents! they are so cool!...... wish i could learn this from you... ^^

  5. WOW!!! Winnie, your polymer clay pendants are GORGEOUS!!!! Simply love the colors and design. Great job, do keep it up....and take care!! Stay healthy and creative always!


  6. Yeah me too - I want to go out and buy clay now!! They are so lovely. My colours - the sea

  7. Oh I love it! they're so pretty!

  8. hey ladies :)
    thank you so much for the lovely lovely comments! to tell you the truth i didn't expect so many positive comments becos i honestly thought they were no where near the ones i've seen on the net :) but your comments have made me a really happy girl!! thank you!!

    lisanne :)
    TQ!! i also liked the twirls of the wires ... makes them a little more fantasy-like which is "my thing" hehehe :) yes... buy clay buy clay!

    tammy :)
    hihihi! TQ o' new mighty leader!! lol!! the pearl-ex powder is like magic! i love them and you only have to use very little :) and yes... i'm just learning that stamps can be used on other things besides paper! *sly smirk*

    merily :)
    TQ!! yea... the colors are my favourites! i'm thinking that someday, without realizing it, i might just end up with everything blue and green!! well ... i'm trying air dry now ... it's absolutely fun too ... waiting for the first batch to dry then i'm going to try using acrylics on them :))

    sheera :)
    TQ!! hihihi!! hint hint LOL!!! i get your hint ... i'll try and get a simple tutorial up next post on making a simple handstamp pendant out of clay :)

    azlina :)
    TQ!! you too! we must keep making lovely things!! YAY!!

    WS :)
    TQ!! YES! buy clay buy clay buy clay!!! colors of the sea ... ABSOLUTELY!!

    cynths :)
    TQ TQ!! :))

  9. You've created some great stuff here! But you really should take better care of yourself, so I suggest a little R&R is what you should do!!

  10. hey tali :)
    thank you :)) yea... you're right, some R&R will be good *sigh*

  11. hey tali :)
    thank you :)) yea... you're right, some R&R will be good *sigh*


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