Aug 20, 2009

the tale of KATAK

Once upon a time, there was a little frog named KATAK.

katak was a really special frog becos his skin glowed iridescent. katak spent his youth like any other young frogs. he played from day to night, he leapt from tree to mud, bound from slippery rocks to lily pads and dived and swam with his friends in the emerald lake near his home. but no matter how he played and enjoyed himself in the day, he would always return to his mommy when the sun sets. he would go home and tell his mommy stories about what happened in the day. he loved telling stories to his mommy. his mommy would listen patiently to his stories and smile. there is no one katak loved more than his mommy.

one day as katak was playing in his usual spot, a human man came along bearing little bundles of sweet smelling twigs. now, katak has seen twigs. after all, he loved to cling onto twigs and the back of leaves whilst soaking in the warm sun-baked air around him. but never has he seen twigs that looked so straight and smell so sweet. curious, katak made a huge leap and landed right in front of the human man.

“hello good sir … may i know what twigs are those that look so straight and smell like perfume?”

the human man smiled at katak. “those are not twigs, my little friend. those are praying sticks”

“praying sticks?”, katak asked

“yes … it is what we burn in honor of our ancestors that have passed on to the heavens. three praying sticks we would hold in our hands and three bows to our ancestors, and any message we wish to deliver to them will be taken up to the heavens by the smoke that rise from the burning incense.”

in time, katak’s mommy too passed on to the heavens. katak missed his mommy terribly. he no longer wanted to play. he just sat by the emerald lake thinking of her each day. there was no one that he could tell stories to now, and no one to smile back at him. he was all alone.

one day as katak was sat by the emerald lake, thinking of his mommy, he suddenly caught a familiar scent. it was the scent of praying sticks! he quickly looked around and saw the very same human man he had met many years ago. the human man was once again carrying little bundles of praying sticks. katak immediately made a huge leap and landed right in front of the human man. the human man was not surprised to see katak. it is as if he had expected katak to be there.

“hello my little friend, how have you been?”

“kind sir … can i ask you … no… beg you of a favor?”, katak pleaded.

“what is it my little friend, i will do whatever i can to help you”, the human man said.

“can i ask three praying sticks from you? you once told me that as long as i have three praying sticks and bowed three times, the smoke from the praying sticks would take my message up to the heavens.
please kind sir, i so want to talk to my mommy one last time … who now lives in heaven”

touched by katak’s words, the human man said,
“i could do better than that. from now forth, each time you want to talk to your mommy, wish for it with all your heart and three praying sticks will appear before you.”
with that the human man simply … disappeared.

and so the story goes … it is said that if you sit by the emerald lake, you would sometimes catch wisps of sweet smelling incense. and if you look hard enough you may even catch a glimpse of a little iridescent frog carrying three little sticks on his back as he leaps happily from tree to tree…
happy pimping! :)


  1. Luthien...this is just darling. I love the colors :)


  2. what a wonderful story! Katak has beautiful colors! Great work, i love it already.

  3. Luthien I so enjoyed this post!!! Your little frog is wonderful!! I love him!! xo

  4. Cute little froggie with such beautiful colours! Thanks for your comment on my blog. I think I need to find a nice house picture to cut out!!

  5. hey ladies :))
    thank you for your sweet comments on my little polymer frog :) LOL!! i really like him too :))

  6. Luthien,

    Your frog is beautiful! I love him!
    Thanks for the touching story.
    I enjoyed reading it! :)

  7. charming..the story and the frog!

  8. hey lisanne and kudzu :)
    thank you very much for your sweet comments :))


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