Aug 6, 2009


i have been playing ... with my blog :)

i am changing some colors here and there, and adjusting some margins. being a tech-tard, as carolyn would say :) it's not that easy for me to tweak my HTMLs. i forget keywords, dunno where to put things, ... so it's a lot of trial and error. every time i need to do something, i'll have to google and hopefully find a tutorial on it ... so its taking a looooong time :) and to add to that, today i forgot to bring my "HTML for dummies" out with me ... crap!! my HTML page is so messed up and patched up with "additions" through time that it makes frankenstein look like an angel!

i'm also trying to add a horizontal tab at the top of my post column and at the moment, i'm just going to put those 5 icons that you see ... for testing :) later i'll have to collect all my tutorial posts (which are not many actually) and find a way to transfer them to a different blog and then add a "tutorial" tab there. and for those of you who are interested, i got the tutorial to add the horizontal tab from here.

i've also been eyeing on some blogs that have little thumbnails at the bottom of their posts that link to different articles in their blog ... i wonder how that's done ... hmmm... i tried google help but as ALWAYS i cannot understand a word they say!! i can NEVER understand google help so it's not much of a help to me!!

right ... i'll continue playing now ... please bear with me for a while if the blog looks a little unruly :P ... it'll be back in working order in a couple of days! i hope ...

happy pimping! :)


  1. Looks cool to me - although it took a while for the page to load.
    I finally got around to personalising my banner this week. Wish I'd done it ages ago. Yeah, I'd like to add those thumbnail links to similar posts. let me know how you do it!! I'll try and find out too.

  2. I'm not good at all this stuff either! Tech-tard I LOVE that lol!!! totally me too! My best advice copy all the html before you start to mess with it and email it to yourself, that way in case you mess it up royally you can go back and put the original html in it! You probably thought of that alreayd though ;o)) Happy html creating!! I think it's looking great! xo

  3. wow... html! thats smthing i hardly understand and hardly ever get it right. Once I tried a whole night for one little navigation bar. Neways, Gambateh! looking forward to ur new look after the 'renovation'....

  4. Have fun playing! If you get stuck somewhere, feel free to message me. :)

  5. I can sort of help! :) I think the thumbnails that link to other posts in your blog is from
    I just installed it on my blog to try it out, but I'm not sure yet if I like it or not.

  6. I'm p.c. challenged also Luthien, so I can empathise! Your blog looks great to me already, but have fun playing around and being creative - will look forward to seeing your changes! x

  7. LOL!!! thank you my dear frens for all your encouraging comments!

    ws :)
    yea... yesterday i was tweaking it the whole day... i think that's why it's slow :) your banner looks really good! i went to take a peek :)

    michele :)
    yea... i did that!! but i put mine on notepad and saved it :) can't be tooo careful... i'm gonna cry if i have to start over :) i've forgotten most of the things i did to it!!

    shera :)
    lol!! that sounds like me too :) hey... what does gambateh mean?? oh man i hope you're not expecting too much ... cos i think that's about it... my reno LOLLL!!!

    julia :)
    hey thank you!! i know you're quite an expert ... you site always looks awesome with so many things to play with :))

    merily :)
    oooo thank you!!! i'll go check it out. thanks for the tip :))

    angie :)
    hahaha!!! it won't be a total make over, just cleaning it up and making navigation easier for my visitors :) so they don't have to go round looking for things like a headless chicken :))

  8. works in progress are always fun to follow... thanks for letting us watch! there is a blog award for you on mine if you would like it...

  9. Oh you're SO ingenious and I noticed the tab bar immediately! I love where this is going and could your entire "website" for you and your business, awesome!! Thanks for the link and good lucky with everything!

    Honestly it looks great so far, you're doing a fabulous job and I know how tricky html and css can be as I had to build our website, ugh!

    If I find the link or code for the picture links I'll let you know and send them your way.

  10. Wow, you're quick!! Those tabs are looking better each time I stop back!!

    So... as promised, here's the link thing you were looking for so you can add images to previous posts below your blog entries:

  11. wow!! thank you maire :))

    LOL!!! thank you sharon!! i will check on them links tonight! woohoo!! tweaking HTMLs can be addictive!!

  12. "gambateh" means "keep it up" in japanese :) it means 'jia you' in chinese


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