Aug 11, 2009

a new look and a 3-column footer

whoot! i am quite finished with my blog tweaking :) see ... i really have a HTML for dummies :)

for the past week i have been making aesthetic and hopefully more practical changes to pimp & paint. i'm liking it! i hope you are too :) thank you sharon for noticing it and for the sweet comment :) eternally grateful i am!!

list of what i've done:
  1. designed 3 (actually more but some were crappy) new backgrounds with my GIMP - for pimp & paint, tutorials and about me pages.
  2. designed new headers for all the 3 pages above :o) with new fantasy pictures
  3. changed pimp & paint from a 4 column to a 3 column... i decided to have 3 larger columns rather than 4 squeezie ones. i've also placed the post contents to one side for a neater look. had hell with the measurements, paddings and margins and all that's not so nice...but survived them!
  4. researched on navigation tabs and managed to make it happen on the 3 pages :0) it's so fun ... i have been clicking on them all week :p like a kid with a new toy!! sorry ... tech-tards like moi are easily delighted :)
  5. yes ... i have made a new blog just to list the few tutorial and idea posts i have written some time ago. not everyone would read all the previous posts that have been written when they first befriend you so most older posts go into oblivion. and i think it's such a waste ... so i thought that it is time that i sorted out the tutorials and ideas posts and give them a separate page, linked by ... ahemm... the navigation bar!!
  6. and speaking of waste ... i've included "links within" ... the little thumbnails at the bottom of each post that points the reader to different articles within the blog. another way to give old articles another chance :) thank you merily and sharon for the link to that! (click here to get there :) )
  7. removed some unwanted pictures and boxes on the side bars
  8. replaced "labels" tab with a cloud box ... still wondering if it's a good idea ... what do you think? i took off the labels box becos it was getting tooooo long. i replaced it with a cloud box which i thought looked cooler PLUS i discovered that i could actually put the cloud box right below my post!! isn't that fantastic!! now when visitors come to the end of my posts, i hope the cloud box would attract them to read some more :) plus when you click on a tag, it not only shows you all the articles with that tag, it even includes an image! WOWZERS!!
  9. DRUMROLLS PLEASE .... i created a 3-column footer!!! pleeeeeeease go down and check it out! (well ... i didn't exactly create it ... i snagged it off this site :) this girl's a genius!) now i have some of the stuff that i use to squeeze on the sidebars at the footer. they look "liberated" !! bigger and better ... i think it's age and deteriorating eye sight ... i want to see things bigger now :) i have also put my etsy shop and IAETeam's etsy shop at the footer. i can now display many more thumbnails esp for IAETeam's shop as we are ever expanding ;) the only dilemma is ... would they get more attention there or less attention. which brings me to the next tweak..
  10. i have changed the post settings to a 4 post display instead of my previous 10. i don't want visitors to have to scroll down as many as 10 posts to get to the footer to see the goodies there. so i'm trying 4 posts :) for now. but i guess most visitors would arrive at my blog following a post title and they would only be presented with that particular post. in this case, reaching the footer wouldn't be a problem becos there will be no break inbetween. (the post would be connected to the comments, then connected to the cloud box and finally the footer where all the goodies are)
i guess that's about all the changes i made ... i would love to hear what you think or if you have better suggestions or ideas for this tech-tard here :) also if the blog has difficulty in loading. i have had a fantastic week of "pimping" at a different level and it's pretty addictive i must say :))

happy pimping!


  1. How wonderful! I really like the new header design!!

  2. Oh wow Luthien!!! It looks fantastic! You did a ton of work here! love the new banner at the top, it's beautiful! I'm totally impressed!! xo

  3. You've been working so hard and it looks great! Ummm, I need one of those books!!!

  4. Oh my goodness!!!! This looks wonderful! You did an awesome job. I am totally impressed!!! I love the new header :)


  5. Geez girl, you're amazing and I'm in utter awe of your work - WOW!! The three footer idea is fabulous and I love it!

    The cloud thing has me confused so I'll have to ask more about that since I didn't see anything at the bottom of the post. I agree with you about the long list of words though.

    You've really done an incredible job and I can't believe all the work you've accomplished in such a short amount of time!! Congratulations!!!♥

  6. Yes, I'm back.... I found the cloud - very cool! It's only visible when you click the actual link for the posting which I hadn't done the first time. ;-)

    AND... I love the images you chose for the different links and the way you have the tutorials set up with links - SO organized and just brilliant!♥

  7. Oh my goodness your blog looks just amazing. You did a ton of work the images the background all of it. Way to go girl.

    Thanks for stopping by and adding a wonderful comment on my Sea Glass. Hugs

  8. Oh wow, your blog looks awesome! You did a great job on it!

  9. woohoo!! thank you ladies for all your sweet sweet comments :)) and thank you for loving that banner. it's one of my favorite 3D fantasy images ... of course the one before that was also one of my favorites :) this current one ... i think it's the GRAY HAVEN from LOTRs.

    sharon ... thanks for checking out my tutorial page :) ooo... gotta tell you this, i have since made all the links on the nav bar and in the tutorials page open up on a different window!! isn't that great! i personally always lose the original page when i click on people's links and sometimes can't get back to the first page at all... so i made sure the when visitors click on my nav bar, it opens up another window for them so that my original page will still be on their screen if they ever want to go back!!

  10. That's fantastic Luthien and I totally agree with you! I do the same thing all the time so I always try to have links open in a new tab on our website. It's tricky but worth helping visitors stay where you want them. ;-) EXCELLENT job!!!♥♥

  11. Great job, Luthien! HTML can be scary if you're not used to it, but it can also be fun to play with. I like the paint/water splotches on the right side. :)

  12. Gosh you have been busy! Well worth all your work though - blog's looking good! x

  13. Very impressive. Now can you come do mine? lol

  14. sharon :)
    yea... but you know what, i just discovered that the (target="_blank") thingy for the links to open in another window has been so-called deprecated(??) and is no longer W3C validated ... i dun exactly know what that means... i guess it's been voted outdated or something and some browsers dun recognize this HTML anymore. but it still works on mine... so i guess we'll wait and see :)

    catherine :)
    thank you!! it was great fun doing it!!

    julia :)
    thank you! yea... HTML looked really scary at first, but now they just look complicated!! and a mess! LOL!! i'm slowly getting use to it :)) the splotches ... those are suppose to be coffee stains... it's one of the decorative features that GIMP provides. i really like it too ... use it quite often!

    angie :)
    thank you thank you!! thought it needed a revamp... all the blogs around me are like changing image all the time and mine's like been there for nearly a year :)) so now, it'll probably be like that for another year!! lol!!

    tammy :)
    thank you!! LOLLLL!!!! but you are always changing your layout ... i remember at least 3 or 4 already! :)) lol!!

  15. Ooh, I am very much liking the new look - that's a cool fantasy kingdom you've got there. Who lives there? Can I visit? Are there any dragons?

  16. ooo thank you WS :)) now that ... is the gray haven harbor in middle earth. this is where the ship awaits the last of the elves to take them back to the ancient west ... never to return... for the age of the elves are over...
    sorry ... daydreaming again ...
    dragons??? oh i dunno ... maybe they're in hiding! come visit me anytime ... bring along your knights!!

  17. Loving the new blog look, my friend. You are better than you think you are. And you can be a dreamer and still be a great artist. Which I totally think you are by the way. Love ya! xxoo

  18. awwww.... thank you hon :))) that's so sweet! totally made my sunday :))


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