Aug 8, 2009

featuring ... an unknown artist

right ... i'm still tweaking my blogs :) note "blogs" not blog :P ... i have no idea how people attach different pages on their blogs for different things like "home" or "profile" or "tutorials", so i did it the only way i knew, in line with my "tech-tardability" ... make many blogs. now i have a blog for my profile page (that was there a long time ago) and i have just made one for my tutorials page. and i have linked them up with a navigation bar (so proud of that!! :))))). and becos these 2 pages have less things in them, i managed to "redecorate" them. at the moment i am quite pleased with the results :)

becos i have been busy creating some place else ;) i haven't done any crafts or made any art this week. but what i'm going to do today, is feature an unknown artist. she makes art mainly using color pencils, pencils, markers and crayons. but what i'm about to feature is not one of her artworks, but one of her sculptures.

i just love this one becos it's so colorful ... there is a sense of playfulness and innocence to it ... yes?

just look at the way she composes the pencils and colors, also the way the structure slants.

who would have thought that you can create a work-of-art with a couple of color pencils, a gel pen, a plastic party fork, a pair of wooden chopsticks and PLAYDOH!

LOL!!! have you guessed who my featured artist is today?

my little artist llara kaye :))

last night she came to me bearing this "sculpture" and told me it was a present for her mommy :) of course i melted :) ... having said that, i really think that her pencil-playdoh "sculpture" looked quite lovely! so i took pictures of it for daddy to see when he comes back from his film festival on monday (just in case the sculpture collapses before that!) and of course i wanted to blog about it too :P

it never cease to amaze me what my little 4 year old can do :)

happy pimping! :)


  1. Don't you just love them? You never know what is going on in their little minds but I think most young ones are very creative. She did a great job!!

  2. oh, i love this! she is precious and did a great job! left you a response on my post... thank you so very much for reading it...

  3. Oh my gosh, this is just TOO cute!! You have the most lovely family I've ever seen and you're such a wonderful mommy for posting about your resident darling artist!! Chip of the old block if you ask me!

  4. What a cutie! Worth it just to see the photo of your daughter.

  5. I need to borrow half her talent!

  6. LOL!! thank you ladies!!! she is really a joy and one of the loves of my life!! of course the other is her daddy :))

  7. What a doll to create for her momma. It is wonderful that she has your creative gene. Such a talented family you have! She is too cute!

  8. awww.... so sweet and SO SO creative!!!..... u must be damn proud... hehe...

  9. Your blog is looking absolutely AMAZING!! ♥


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